Give ‘Em Hell! Bears, Bubbles, Teleprompters and A Republic

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This Sunday’s Shorts: The Bear Is On The Loose At some point in their presidency, all presidents chafe at the isolation imposed by living in the White House “bubble” and seek ways to partake in some “normal” activities, even something … Continue reading

Is The Loneliest Job In the World Getting Lonelier?

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This week we take the WayBack machine to revisit an exchange in the White House Oval Office between President Harry Truman and some public administration scholars that provides a fascinating window into Truman’s perspective on being president – and what … Continue reading

The Week’s Headlines

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Here are the week’s headlines from the News Room:

Institute Merges Art History with Digital Mapping

Graduates Celebrate at Bread Loaf School of English Commencement

View past stories by visiting the News Room page.


Join the Environmental Council

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The Middlebury Environmental Council (EC) is looking for staff interested in serving on the Council for the 2014-15 academic year. The EC is a standing committee that develops policy recommendations, initiates projects in partnership with the Office of Sustainability Integration and other departments at the College, manages an environmental grants program, and advises the President on environmental and sustainability related matters.

>> Apply to be on the Environmental Council
Deadline: August 31

About the Environmental Council
The EC is composed of faculty, students and staff and is co-chaired by a faculty member and the Director of the Office of Sustainability Integration. The Council operates through committees. This year we will (tentatively) focus on climate change adaptation (what should the College be doing post carbon neutrality); environmental, social, and governance principles (related to socially responsible investing); and land management.

Meetings are held on Mondays from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. once a month with committee meetings in between as needed.

Being an active member of the EC is a good opportunity to work closely with an engaged group of students, faculty and staff advancing the environmental and sustainability leadership of the College while developing your own leadership skills.

If interested, please submit your application here.  Applications due by August 31. Send any questions to

Learn CPR and First Aid Skills FOR FREE on August 19th

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Do you know how to save a life?  Want to brush up on your first aid skills?

All students, faculty and staff are invited to take an American Heart Association certified First Aid and CPR class, offered free of charge, on Tuesday August 19th.  The class runs from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will be held in Axinn 220.

Email to sign up.

Fenno’s Paradox, or Why You Should Ignore That Poll That Says We Hate Our Member of Congress

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This WashingtonPost/ABC poll finds that, “for the first time ever”, a majority of those surveyed disapprove not just of Congress, but of their own member of Congress.  What does this portend for the fall midterm election?  As I write in … Continue reading

Friday Links – August 15

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How Successful People Stay Calm (from LinkedIn)

  • Article explains optimal stress and includes 10 best strategies for managing stress (and emotions).

Churnalism: When Press Releases Masquerade as News Stories

  • British YouTube video illustrating “churnalism” (media articles based on press releases) with examples of how some fake press releases made it into mainstream media.  By (promotes their churnalism detection extension for Chrome and Firefox). (Shared on the ili-l listserv by Maryke Barber).

Demand Media Infographic

  • Infographic illustrating how “content mills” work based on one example.  Shows how content (matching web search terms) is written for the internet to generate ad sales. (Also shared on the ili-l listserv by Maryke Barber).

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) seeks to weed out ‘predatory’ OA journals.

… following criticism of [DOAJ's] quality-control checks, the website is asking all of the journals in its directory to reapply on the basis of stricter criteria. It hopes the move will weed out ‘predatory journals’: those that profess to publish research openly, often charging fees, but that are either outright scams or do not provide the services a scientist would expect, such as a minimal standard of peer review or permanent archiving …

More background and perspective from Rick Anderson via the Scholarly Kitchen.