Weekly Web Updates – May 15

We now support SoundCloud embeds in our Drupal sites using the shortcode used for other multimedia embeds.


Fixes and Tweaks

  • Ensured that the R25 Promotional Calendar content is still displayed in sidebars where it is the only piece of content.
  • The college shield is now used in lieu of a photo on profiles when the user isn’t found in the directory (had been incorrectly using the old college seal in this case).

Ongoing Work

  • Creating a new website for the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.
  • Archiving Moodle.
  • Building out the configuration of our CAS servers in Chef, which is a configuration management system. We have already completed this work for our Drupal, WordPress, MediaWiki, GO, Omeka, and the Course Catalog services.
  • Upgrading the Drupal sites for the Davis programs, Dining Menus, and Museum of Art to Drupal 8.
  • Integrating Panopto (streaming videos) and Canvas (LMS).

Student Org Profile: Page One Literacy Project

Since 2001, the Page One Literacy Project has worked closely with Addison County elementary schools to provide after-school reading programs and seasonal events focused on promoting literacy.  Small groups of volunteers design their own programs, engaging with students through reading, crafts, games, and other activities to inspire a love of reading and learning.  Our partnerships with local schools help build relationships between the College and the community, and our enthusiastic volunteers are positive role models who show the importance of education and give students something to aspire to, just as our founder, Bonnie Greenwald McCardell, envisioned while her husband, John McCardell, was President of the College.

To learn more about Page One’s mission, positive impact on Addison County, after-school programs, and one-time events, check out our Facebook page and our website (go/Page1) or email us at pageone@middlebury.edu.  We look forward to having you join our team of passionate Midd Kids making a difference in our community!

-Conner M. Gilbert ’19

Student Org Profile: MiddCAM

Middlebury College College Access Mentors (MiddCAM) is a student organization that pairs college students with local high school juniors and seniors from Middlebury Union High School (MUHS). Our goal is to provide information and support to students as they navigate towards their post-graduate plans and apply to colleges. We hope that our mentors can act as positive role models for our mentees’ lives beyond simply academics, and also serve as a resource to relieve unnecessary stress from the college process.

I joined MiddCAM during my sophomore year, and am currently mentoring my second high schooler. I really enjoy hanging out with my mentee, getting to use my college experience in a purposeful way, and hearing stories from other mentors. Not only have I enjoyed spending time with my mentees, but I have also had the privilege of gaining a deeper connection to MUHS and their fantastic guidance department!

–Jack Petrillo ’18

Host an International Student

Our Friends of International Students (FIS) host program recruiting and matching process for the recently admitted Class of 2021 has begun! As in previous years, we expect that the Class of 2021 will include more than 70 international students, including some U.S. students who have lived abroad and international exchange students. Please contact us if you’re interested in hosting in the fall and spread the word in our community.

International Student & Scholar Services will hold a series of information meetings about the program beginning on Thursday, May 18 from 12:15-1 p.m. on the second floor of the Service Building. We ask that new hosts attend a meeting so that we can meet them and share more information about the program. If you are an experienced host, we welcome you to join us as your stories and insights are vital to friends who are new to FIS and trying to decide if they would be a good fit for the program. We will also hold additional information meetings throughout the summer to be announced soon.

To express your interest in hosting this fall or to register for our meeting on May 18, please email ISSS at isss@middlebury.edu (subject line: FIS Host Program) or call us at 802.443.5858. Feel free to bring your lunch to our meeting.

You can learn more about the FIS Host Program on our website at:http://www.middlebury.edu/international/isss/fis .

Please share this information with friends and family who do not work at the College.

We invite all who are interested to become a part of this wonderful program and we look forward to hearing from you!

Student Org Profile: MAlt

MAlt is Middlebury’s alternative break program. Each year, students design and plan six trips during February Break (national and international destinations) and one Vermont-based trip during Fall and Spring Breaks. The goal of the trips is to engage Middlebury students with communities across the nation and the globe in order to share an experience, provide service where service is needed, and learn about the systems that shape community realities around the world.

My favorite thing about MAlt is that it allows students to immerse themselves in the complexities of an issue or theme that they are passionate about, engaging with the issue on a deeper level than the classroom can provide. As a former trip leader and participant and current board member, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to experience the sense of authenticity and accomplishment that comes with engaging in strong direct service, the satisfaction of successfully planning the logistics and itinerary of a trip I was passionate about leading, and now to support new leaders in the development of their trips. I think an invaluable aspect of MAlt is the ability students have to connect with communities across the country (and beyond) and find the similarities between our different cultures, identifying the ways in which we are privileged as Middlebury students and the ways in which the communities we serve are also privileged.

-Hayley Howard ‘17

The Library Responds to the Charles A. Murray Visit

The Middlebury Libraries are sensitive to the discord on campus surrounding Charles A. Murray’s recent visit. Given our core role of providing access to as wide a range of information as possible, as well as teaching the skills necessary to interpret and assess that information, we thought it might be useful to outline some of the ways we have responded to the controversy.

  • We have purchased additional copies of core titles by Charles A. Murray in order to meet the heightened interest from the community.  The library also holds multiple copies of works that respond to and/or dispute Murray’s conclusions, such as William Wilson’s The Truly Disadvantaged, and Stephen Jay Gould’s The Mismeasure of Man;
  • In response to the Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life’s email message recommending specific books about conflict resolution, we purchased titles we were lacking and highlighted these works with a display in the library atrium.  This display remained in place for over three weeks and was also highlighted in The Campus;
  • Special Collections has been identifying, collecting, and preserving a variety of Web-based content relating to the controversy and protests. This material includes blogs and social media feeds created by student political action groups, as well as local news articles covering the events. We hope that these Web archiving efforts — in addition to our growing collection of donated images and video — will enable future researchers and generations of Middlebury students to understand the Murray visit and the March protests in a fuller context, and ensure that student voices continue to be heard more clearly than they might be if relying solely on secondary, mainstream sources;
  • Special Collections also received a donation of digital photographs, videos, articles and responses to the Murray protest from August Hutchinson ‘16.5.  These materials, which the donor has called “The Middlebury Moment,” are now held in our digital repository along with other student-created materials documenting the event.

We continue to seek ways to provide thorough information about Murray’s work, the various responses to it in the literature, and the recent protests relating to his visit to Middlebury.  If there are additional titles that might speak to any these themes, we encourage you to submit them at go/requests/ (or go.middlebury.edu/requests/ if off-campus).  Finally, please feel free to email us with other ideas for the Libraries to consider as we continue to respond as a community to these challenging issues.