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Reunion ’13: Tell Us One Thing

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At this year’s Reunion, MiddMag recruited a group of alums at the Saturday evening dinner to tell us one thing they just had to see when they came back for Reunion. Here’s what they told us:

Removal of “Bubble” Clears Way for New Field House

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Middlebury Athletics said goodbye to a popular local landmark this week with the removal of its inflatable field house, a.k.a. “the bubble.” But now the campus community is looking forward to a new permanent field house. For more details about this project and the new squash facility under construction see this story in the Middlebury News Room.

Academe: The Fellowship Frontier

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Each spring we learn about Middlebury students who have landed prestigious international fellowships—and their ambitious plans for travel and study after college. This year we sat down with a few of these students to hear what’s on their minds as they begin this exciting new chapter.

Sights and Sounds of Commencement 2013

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Middlebury just celebrated its 212th commencement, welcoming the class of 2013 to the alumni family. Though forced inside after days of pounding wind and rain, the ceremony was warm and festive. International best-selling author Jonathan Safran Foer delivered a gripping talk to the 557 graduates, and student speaker Bronwyn Oatley spoke with humor and insight to her classmates. Full coverage, including more photos and video, is available on the college web site. But to whet your appetite, here’s a short video by Brendan Mahoney ’11, which captures the excitement, emotion and energy of a day packed with traditions. Enjoy!

Academe: Science on the Brain

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Academe is Middmag’s occasional check-in on what students and faculty are talking about.

Last week President Obama announced an ambitious plan called The Brain Initiative—a $100-million project to study brain function. The goal is for scientists working in the field of brain research to further their understanding and continue to develop resources that will lead to breakthroughs in treating conditions such as Alzheimer’s, autism, and stroke.

That announcement got the attention of some neuroscience faculty and student researchers here on campus. Middmag caught up with Professor Tom Root and Stephen Lammers ’13, Ben Wagner ’13, and Deirdre Sackett ’13 during a break from their studies. Here’s what they had to say about Obama’s plan—and what it might mean for the future.

Solar Decathlon ’13 Team Kicks Off Spring Construction

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Middlebury’s Solar Decathlon ’13 team gave students, faculty, staff, and the community a first look at their solar-powered home this week, and MiddMag was there for the fun.

Drawing On the Wall

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The American artist Sol LeWitt was widely known in the 1960s for the temporary wall drawings he devised for others to produce per his instructions as part of a growing Minimalism movement.

In what might be the epitome of hands-on learning, a group of art history students installed LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #394 last week as part of their class, “Minimalism: Art, Objects, and Experience,” with professor Eddie Vazquez.

The drawing came to Middlebury’s Museum of Art with a detailed set of instructions, including specifications for materials used and orientation of lines. Museum designer Ken Pohlman and preparator Chris Murray created the pencil grid guidelines, and each student could choose from a limited selection of lines to draw. The whole process took about 50 hours to complete, and the finished product will be on view in the Overbrook Gallery through April 21.