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What’s Behind A Perfect Collaboration?

Explore how IBM partnered with Spotify and multi-platinum music producer Alex da Kid to create a custom Watson application for Alex to find the next artist for his upcoming single “Go” dropping May 18. The song features powerhouse female musicians H.E.R. and Rapsody, an artist discovered with the help of AI. Click here to watch the short film regarding this collaboration.


Are you interested to learn about the Music Industry?

There are several Midd alums currently working in the music industry. I encourage you to contact them to learn about the various roles and skills that you should develop to succeed in this industry.

Search for them via Middnet and/or LinkedIn. Below you will find a short list where alumni have worked or interned in the past.

Greater Los Angeles area: Universal Music, Hijinks LA, Squeak E. Clean Productions, Woofer Music & Sound, KIDinaKORNER, Elementary – CBS, Awesomeness TV – DreamWorks SKG, The Otheroom (Echo Park), Ken Rich Sound Services, Euphonic Sound Lab, LLC, Michael Dobbins Music, Inc., Elizabeth Stack with Elizabeth Music

Greater New York City area: Third Culture Group, BreakThru Radio, Universal Music, TuneCore, Wind-up Records, XL Recordings/Terrible Records, Hyperballad Music, Red Bull Music Academy, New York Philharmonic, Pulse Music, 95.5 WPLJ, ATO Records, Warner Music, Sony Music, The Artists Organization, Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater, True Panther Sounds, Beggars Group & Matador Records, The Wild Honey Pie, PureMix Studios, The Orchard, Viacom, Supro, Pigtronix,

As a student, you could continue to develop your experience and skills on campus. For example, you could work for WRMC- FM Middlebury College radio station, get involved with MCAB Concerts Committee, or work for the Gamut Room.

If you would like to discuss your interest in the music industry, please schedule an appointment with me in handshake!

Come join the Chorus!

College Community Chorus announces rehearsals for new season

College Community Chorus rehearsal

Rehbach leads students, staff, faculty and community members in rehearsal in Chorus rehearsal. Photo: Anastasiya Prokhorenko ’19

The Middlebury College Community Chorus announces a new season to prepare for its spring concerts, slated for performance in Brandon and Middlebury on Mother’s Day weekend May 12-13. Regular rehearsals are Tuesday and Sunday evenings from 7:00-8:30 p.m.  On Sunday February 11, the group will meet in the Mahaney Center for the Arts room 221. Rehearsals move to their regular location in Mead Chapel beginning Tuesday February 13.  The Chorus welcomes all who love to sing to come enjoy rehearsals and performances with us.

Conductor Jeff Rehbach notes that this concert season offers singers the opportunity to explore a variety of musical styles with texts that describe moonlit nights and sun-filled days, from classical works to spirituals and arrangements of twentieth-century popular songs for an enjoyable and entertaining program for the spring.

In a preview, he highlights this season’s program that includes music for the night written by contemporary American composers Gwyneth Walker and Daniel Elder. Walker, who lived for many years in Vermont, seeks to capture the lyricism of the E. E. Cummings poem “After all white horses are in bed.” Elder writes his own lyrics for his gentle nocturnes entitled “Lullaby” and “Ballade to the Moon.” The chorus will also prepare “Evening Prayer” from Humperdinck’s musical setting of Hansel and Gretel, and, as night turns to day, the morning chorale “Awake, bright day” from Wagner’s famous opera Die Meistersinger,  and Franz Joseph Haydn’s “Behold the sun” from The Seasons.

From world music traditions, the choir will take up a new arrangement of “Yonder Come Day”, a spiritual from the Georgia Sea Islands, as well as a traditional song from Ghana that describes children’s games beneath the bright moon. Popular tunes on the program include songs such as Lennon & McCartney’s “I’ll Follow the Sun” (as arranged for the King’s Singers, the award-winning British a cappella ensemble that performed in Middlebury just a few months ago), and lyrical choral arrangements of Dolly Parton’s “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” and Cole Porter’s “Night and Day.”

In addition to the Mother’s Day weekend performances, members of the Chorus will also enjoy the opportunity to join the Middlebury Wind Ensemble this spring at its concerts on April 20 and 21. Featured will be Pulitzer prize-winning American composer Aaron Copland’s “The Promise of Living” scored for chorus and winds, and the Vermont premiere of “Meridian,” a stirring work scored for piano solo, winds, and chorus by noted contemporary composer Ola Gjeilo, with Tim Guiles as piano soloist.

Jeff Rehbach continues as director of the College Community Chorus, and Tim Guiles returns as the choir’s virtuoso accompanist. The chorus welcomes all interested singers (high schoolers and adults) to join the ensemble during the month of February. Participants should plan to attend at least one rehearsal each week. Numbering one hundred singers, the group is open without audition or mandatory fees to all singers who can follow a musical score. Its members travel from throughout the region to participate in this 150-year-old community tradition, hosted by Middlebury College. For up to date information, check on the web at or contact Jeff at  or 989-7355.

Taste of The World 2018!

image of a wooden cart full of books

Join the Student Government Association’s Social Affairs Committee as they celebrate cultural expo “Taste of the World” from January 22nd- 26th, 2018.

Quick Announcement: This week, January 22nd- 26th, the Student Government Association’s (SGA) Social Affairs Committee is hosting a cultural expo called “Taste of the World,” featuring foods from all over the globe. This week-long event includes explorations of world cuisine, calligraphy, dance workshops, a film screening of Fruitvale Stationan open-mic night interspersed with performances by dance troupes Evolution, Riddim, K-Pop and many more! There will also be a panel addressing several types of art featuring Christal Brown (Dance), Damascus Kafumbe (Music) and Marissel Hernández-Romero (Spanish & Portuguese)! For more information, see the event’s Facebook page at go/ and stop by the Davis Family Library to see this thematic display! Event Contact: Adiza Mohammed,

African American Music Appreciation Month 2017

Literatures & Cultures Librarian Katrina Spencer kneels next to a newly installed display featuring African American musics..

I grew up in a very musical household and that identity follows me wherever I go.

Name: Katrina Spencer

Title: Literatures & Cultures Librarian

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Collaborators: Kat Cyr, Arabella Holzapfel, Amy Frazier, Terry Simpkins, Marlena Evans, Heather Stafford, Innocent Mpoki, Joe Antonioli, Sue Driscoll, Dan Frostman, Kim Gurney, Janine McDonald, Todd Sturtevant, Bryan Carson, Joy Pile, Ryan Clement, multiple student workers, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, and others. Many sincere thanks to all of the energy you all have put into this.

Whatcha got goin’ here in the atrium and on the main level of the Davis Family Library?

Of the 23,000+ CDs we have in our collection, we are highlighting over 300 works by and about African American musical artists from June 1st- 22nd. Former President Barack Obama declared June as African American Music Appreciation Month, an initiative first shaped in 1979. President Obama was able to draw further attention to the commemorative month with his 2016 proclamation and the many artists his administration invited to perform at the White House.

Generally speaking, the content spans the 1940s to the early 2000s, including artists from every decade in between. African American music started much earlier than this, but when it comes to largely accessible sound recordings, the early 20th century was perhaps a good place to start in terms of our holdings.  However, we do plan to include some very early recordings and have a few monographs that address African American music in the late 1800s- early 1900s.

What motivated you to put this together?

There were so many motivations. First, I have lived now in five states– California, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Vermont– and while the demographics, landscapes, weather, and food fare change, the consumption of African American music as an avid pastime does not. Scratch that: it’s global. People love the soulful sounds born deep in the South of our country, among pain, oppression, and affliction, within the church, in the Great Migrations to urban spaces, on stage at Harelm’s Apollo Theater, within both Motown’s and Los Angeles’ major recording studios, and shown on MTV and BET. When you tell the story of African American music, you tell the story of our nation.

Second, I attended the Posse Plus Retreat back in February when I was hired and some of the facilitators did a great job of playing music during our set-ups for activities. There I told American Studies professor (and musician) Dr. Will Nash, “I’ll give you all the money in my wallet if you can tell me who’s singing this song.” He thought for a minute and replied, “Is it Brandy and Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine?”” I wasn’t expecting a white man, some 20 years my senior, to know an R&B hit from the 1990s– and I was wrong. Thankfully I was only carrying $1.63 in cash! But that conversation made me realize even more profoundly that music transcends race, class, geography, and other markers we tend to think divide us.

Lastly (and transparently), I love to see people of color taking ownership of our library spaces, myself included. Frequently at predominantly white institutions, people of color and oppressed minorities do not see themselves systematically reflected in the curriculum, the history of their colleges, and/or in the body of faculty and staff. My efforts in the library aim to speak to that scarcity of representation. I’m on a mission to reassert esteem, to remind my audiences that we’re in the 21st century, and that “America” is increasingly and beautifully brown.

How’d you decide what to include?

We crowd-sourced. We started up an Excel file and invited various people on the library staff to add to it. The seven of us rather easily came up with hundreds of works that would fit into our theme. Ha! New recommendations were coming in while we were loading the shelves!

Can I just say that I learned so much in the process of preparing this display? I found out about “soundies,” some of the very first “music videos” of the 20th century that preserve early performances by black artists, that the ubiquitous tune,“The Entertainer,” was composed by a black man, Scott Joplin, and, perhaps most importantly for me, if you ask for help on a project, you’ll get it. This display was nothing if not a collaborative effort.

The layout of the display is a bit unconventional. Can you say a few words about that?

Sure! The idea of adorning our tables (and carrels) with display materials had been brewing for awhile, however, the opportunity to test it out only presented itself this month. The whole point of a display is to draw attention to a theme. While it’s easy to walk past shelving containing “themed” items en route to a study space, it’s harder to miss items in a display that occupy one’s study space. I call it a “guerrilla” method. It’s a more aggressive attempt to engage an audience. (And people are noticing.)

What were some of the challenges in shaping this display?

I wish the students who are normally here during the academic year could see and enjoy the display. Many of them who frequent the Anderson Freeman Center <3 would appreciate the work. However, as we prepare for Reunion, many alumni will likely have an opportunity to encounter it.

We also realize that streaming is perhaps the most popular way for young people to consume music. While we have resources for this (see “Music Online: Listening (North America” within our databases under “M” at, the CD cases and inserts make for great visuals. For those of us wanting to listen to the CDs, know that we have multiple disc drives behind the Circulation Desk to loan out.

This display will last until June 22nd as the whole campus is gearing up for Language Schools and the content includes music in the English language. However, I have made efforts to include artists from the black diaspora like Beny Moré (Cuba) for the Spanish School, Les Nubians (France) for the French School, and Seu Jorge (Brazil) for the Portuguese School.

What do you want people to take away from the display?

I want people taking in the display to think critically about the contributions African Americans have made to this country. Music is merely one of them. Our economic contributions are often hard for people to stomach because they are mired in blood, sweat, and tears. Our scientific contributions experience historical erasures as The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Hidden Figures suggest. And our political ones are often met with violence, aggression and unpopularity, as the Civil Rights Movements demonstrate, while ultimately forwarding this nation.

How else can we enjoy this effort?

Like our Facebook page. For three weeks we will be sharing videos and trivia that speak to the African American musical experience and history. The content will be loosely chronological and you can follow the evolution of African American music with us.

Last words?

This display is an act of love. We welcome students, faculty, and staff to approach library workers with display development ideas and to continue making the library spaces your own. Also, while the music CDs typically “live” behind the circulation desk, they are still accessible to you. Come check it all out.

College Community Chorus Launches New Season

We welcome all who love to sing to join in rehearsals at the start of a new season, as we prepare music for our spring concerts in early May.  You’ll have an opportunity to explore uplifting music that celebrates the wonder of star-filled nights and an awakening to new possibilities, from a rarely heard song by Beethoven to traditional African music and breathtaking new works by contemporary American composers.

community chorus singers

Community members and College staff and faculty rehearse in Mead Chapel

College faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members rehearse together on Sunday and Tuesday evenings, 7-8:30 p.m. We begin on Feb. 5, 7 & 12 in Mahaney Center for the Arts (room 221); on and after Feb. 14 rehearsals move to Mead Chapel.
Concerts are slated for Saturday evening, May 6 (Brandon Town Hall) and Sunday afternoon, May 7 (Robison Hall, Mahaney Center for the Arts). We ask singers to join no later than February 21 and to attend at least one rehearsal each week.

Here’s a preview of the program:

  • Two beautifully crafted classical works that speak of hope in the midst of grief: Elegischer Gesang by Ludwig van Beethoven and Let nothing ever grieve thee by Johannes Brahms.
  • Inspired by the legend of the phoenix, contemporary Norwegian-American composer Ola Gjeilo and poet Charles Silvestri recently wrote Across the vast, eternal sky, scored for piano and string quartet. ‘This is my grace, to be restored, born again, in flame; do not despair that I am gone away; I will appear again when the sunset paints flames across the vast eternal sky.’
  • The traditional song Shosholoza originated among migrant works traveling from Zimbabwe to work in South African mines. Featured in the movie Invictus, its meaning may come from a combination of both Ndebele and Zulu words meaning to push forward, endeavor, or strive.
  • American composer Randall Thompson creates a stirring setting of Robert Frost’s poem Choose something like a star. ‘It asks of us a certain height, so when at times the mob is swayed to carry praise or blame too far, we may choose something like a star to stay our minds on and be staid.’
  • Thirty-year-old composer Daniel Elder recently completed an energetic arrangement of Sara Teasdale’s poem May Night. ‘The spring is fresh and fearless and every leaf is new… Here in the moving shadows I catch my breath and sing—My heart is fresh and fearless and over-brimmed with spring.’
  • Two settings of a James Agee text, entitled Sure on this Shining Nightone by 20th-century American composer Samuel Barber and the second, an expressive arrangement by award-winning contemporary composer Morten Lauridsen. ‘Sure on this shining night of star made shadows round, kindness must watch for me this side the ground…’
  • The Awakening, with words and music by pianist-composer Joseph M. Martin. He portrays a dream in which no choir remains ‘to sing to change the world, only silence…’ But then we ‘Awake! All voices join as one! Let music live!’

Contact conductor Jeff Rehbach ( or 802.989.7355 with any questions, and check out the Chorus and its history at

Performing Arts Series History: 95 years

MiddPAS-profile2012In the 95 years since the creation of the college’s “Entertainment Program” in 1919, we have seen many of the world’s greatest artists perform on the Middlebury campus. Here is a chronological listing of those performances, or you can jump to a specific decade using the links below:

1919-1929 | 1929-1939 | 1939-1949 | 1949-1959 | 1959-1969
1969-1979 | 1979-1989 | 1989-1999 | 1999-2009 | 2009-2014


1919-Olive Kline, soprano

1919-1920 – Entertainment Program (lecture and entertainment course)
10/08/1919  Thomas Wilfred, performer (dramatic interpretation of ancient songs and ballads)
10/15/1919  Ernest Harold Baynes, illustrated lecture, “The Use of Animals in Modern Warfare”
11/12/1919  William Webster Ellsworth, lecture, “All the Monthly Magazines”
11/19/1919  Joseph C. Lincoln, lecture, “Cape Cod Stories”
12/03/1919  S.K. Ratcliffe, lecture (English journalist)
12/17/1919  Professor William Lyon Phelps, lecture, “The Novel of Today”
01/07/1920  Berkshire String Quartet; Miss Olive Kline, soprano
01/21/1920  Miss Agnes Futterer, drama recital
02/11/1920  John Kendrick Bangs, lecture, “America Abroad” (author and poet)
02/25/1920  Cecil Wright, baritone; E. Harold Gear, organ
03/17/1920  Professor Richard Burton, lecture, “The Drama of Today”


1921-Flonzaley Quartet

1920-1921 – Entertainment Program  
11/01/1920  New York Philharmonic Orchestra
12/01/1920  Guy Maier and Lee Pattison, piano duo
12/15/1920  Stephen Leacock, lecture (noted humorist)
01/11/1921  Reinald Werrenrath, baritone
02/25/1921  Flonzaley Quartet

1922-1923 -incomplete information available

1921-1922- Entertainment Program
10/31/1921  Honorary William Jennings Bryan, lecture
12/14/1921  Boston Symphony
01/11/1922  Pablo Casals, cello
02/09/1922  Madame Hulda Lashanska, soprano
03/28/1922  J. Stitt Wilson, lecture, “The Master Principle of History”
04/19/1922  New York Chamber Music Society


1922-Pablo Casals, cello

1922-1923 – Entertainment Program
12/06/1922  Harold Bauer, piano
01/12/1923  Reinald Werrenrath, baritone
03/07/1923  Albert Spalding, violin

1923-1924 - Entertainment Program
09/28/1923  Boston Symphony Orchestra
12/11/1923  Alberto Salvi, harp
02/20/1924  Ignaz Friedman, piano
04/02/1924  Marie Chaperone, soprano (costume recital)


1925-Guiomar Novaes, piano

1924-1925 - Entertainment Program
10/29/1924  Felix Fox, piano; Richard Burgin, violin; Jean Bedetti, cello
11/14/1924  Reszki Singers; Mildred Deeling, harpist
12/??/1924  Cecil Arden, soprano
01/23/1925  Guiomar Novaes, piano
??/??/1925  Irving Baceller, lecture (novelist)

1925-1926 – incomplete information available

1926-1927 - Entertainment Program
10/20/1926  Charles Stratton, tenor
11/02/1926  Burton Holmes, lecture (travel)
11/16/1926  Frank Swinerton, lecture, “Authors, Their Friends and Their Critics” ( English novelist, critic)
12/01/1926  Walter Mills, baritone
12/10/1926  Roy Cha an Andrews, motion picture illustrated lecture “Hunting the Bones of Adam”
??/??/1927  Dr. Sigmund Spaeth, music lecture
??/??/1927  Boston Trio; Louise Burt Wood, contralto


1928-Lowell Thomas, lecturer

1927-1928 - Entertainment Program
10/12/1927  Ethyl Hayden, soprano
10/24/1927  Commander R.E. Byrd, illustrated lecture (transatlantic flight)
11/04/1927   John van Druten, lecture, “The Modern English Drama” (author)
11/14/1927  Jean Gros Marionnettes
12/08/1927  Louis Bromfield, lecture (Pulitizer Prize-winning author)
01/13/1928  Lowell Thomas, motion picture illustrated lecture, “With Lawrence in Arabia”
01/20/1928  Hart House Quartet
03/07/1928  Madame Elly Ney, piano


1929-AndresSegovia, guitar

1928-1929 - Entertainment Program
10/30/1928  Edith Wynne Mathison; Charles Rann Kennedy, “The Chastening” (drama)
11/05/1928  The English Singers
11/13/1928  Tony Sarg Marionnettes
01/14/1929  Andres Segovia, guitar
02/06/1929  Barrere Little Symphony
02/21/1929  Alfred Noyes, lecture (English poet)
03/20/1929  Count van Luckner, lecture (famous German sea devil)

1929-1930 - Entertainment Program
12/04/1929  The Liebeslieder Quartet
01/28/1930  Russian Cossack Chorus
02/28/1930  Thornton Wilder, lecture (author)
03/11/1930  Vilhjalmur Stefansson, lecture (Arctic explorer)
04/11/1930  Myra Hess, pianist  (cancelled due to illness)


1930-Myra Hess, piano

1930-1931 - Entertainment Program
10/31/1930  Barrere Little Symphony
11/20/1930  Carola Goya, Spanish dance; Beatrice Weller, harp
12/04/1930  Myra Hess, piano
01/13/1931  Cornelia Otis Skinner, entertainer/actress
03/10/1931  Guglielmo Ferrero, lecture (Italian historian and philosopher)

1931-1932 - Entertainment Program
11/06/1931  Kathryn Meisle, contralto
12/03/1931  Ethel Bartlett and Ray Robertson, piano duo
01/13/1932  Ben Greet Players, “Hamlet”
02/19/1932  Helen Howe, actress (original monologues)
03/15/1932  Dr. Arthur C. Pillsbury, lecture, “Miracles of Nature”


1930-Carola Goya, dance

1932-1933 - Entertainment Program
11/17/1932  The London Singers
12/03/1932  Professor Will Durant, lecutre (philosophy)
01/12/1933  Carola Goya, Spanish dance
02/23/1933  Dorothy Sands, actress, “Styles of Acting”
03/22/1933  Georges Barrere, flute; Carlos Salzedo, harp; Horace Britt, cello

1933-1934 - Entertainment Program
12/05/1933  Brosa String Quartet
02/07/1934  Toscha Seidel, violin

1934-1935 - Entertainment Program
12/05/1934  Reginald Godden and Scott Malcolm, piano duo
01/11/1935  Jeanne Dusseau, soprano
04/02/1935  Hall-Johnson Negro Choir


1935-Hall Johnson Choir

1935-1936  - Entertainment Program
10/08/1935?  Dr. Everett Dean Martin, lecture, “What is an Educated Person?”
11/01/1935  Doria Fernanda, mezzo-soprano
11/08/1935  Dr. William Beebe, lecture, “Five Hundred Fathoms Down”
02/10/1936  Cremona String Quartet
03/02/1936?  Alton Jones, piano

1936-1937 - Entertainment Program
10/15/1936  Blanche Yurka, actress, “The Arc of Theatre”
12/01/1936  Ralph Kirkpatrick, harpsichord
01/27/1937  Barrere Ensemble, wind instruments
02/05/1937? Beaux Arts Singers
03/04/1937  Felix Salmond, cello
05/07/1937  Vermont State Symphony Orchestra


1938-Roland Hayes, tenor

1937-1938  - Entertainment Program 
10/02/1937  Stuart Chase, lecture, “Rich Land, Poor Land” (author and economic commentator)
10/27/1937  Orrea Pernet, violin and Bruce Simonds, piano
11/30/1937  The Westminister Choir
12/07/1937  Rollo Walter Brown, author, “Should Intelligent People Read Novels?”
01/07/1938  Curator from Tate Gallery, London, “Pictures are Like People”
01/27/1938  George Barrere Woodwind Ensemble
02/03/1938  Vienna Mozart Boys Choir
03/11/1938  John Mason Brown, drama critic, “Broadway in Review”

1938-1939 - Entertainment Program  

11/02/1938  Roland Hayes, tenor
11/03/1938  Roland Hayes, tenor
04/11/1939  Helen McGraw, piano
05/18/1939  John Mason Brown, lecture (dramatic critic from New York Post)

Trapp Family Choir

1939-Trapp Family Choir

1939-1940 - Entertainment Program
10/11/1939  Vermont State Symphony Orchestra
11/10/1939  The Trapp Family Choir
12/12/1939?  Trio of New York: Carl Friedburg, piano; Felix Salmond, cello; Daniel Karpilowsky, violin
04/09/1940  Helen McGraw, piano; Edmund Sherard, violin
04/17/1940  John Mason Brown,  lecture (dramatic critic from New York Post)

1940-1941 - Entertainment Program
10/15/1940  Miriam Winslow and Foster FitzSimons, dance
11/12/1940  Dr. Egon Petri, piano
12/10/1940?  Eva Le Galliene, actress, “The Value of Theater”
01/14/1941  Dr. Clyde Fisher, lecture, “Exploring the Heavens”
02/26/1941  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
05/14/1941  William Hain, tenor


1942- Joseph Szigeti, violin

1941-1942 - Entertainment Program
10/06/1941  Alec Templeton, piano
10/21/1941  Earle Spencer, baritone
12/05/1941  The Siberian Singers
04/22/1942  Vermont Symphony Orchestra

1942-1943 - Entertainment Program
10/21/1942  Joseph Szigeti, violin
11/17/1942  Colonel Edwin Cooper, lecture, “Behind the Lines in Wartime England”
04/02/1943  Jay Allen, lecture (war prisoner); Jose Iturbi, piano

1943-1944 - Entertainment Program
09/05/1943  Robert Weede, baritone
03/24/1944  Whittemore and Lowe, piano duo
04/25/1944  Mia Slavenska, David Tihmar, and Dance Ensemble (Russian dance)


1945-Budapest String Quartet

1944-1945 - Entertainment Program
11/03/1944  Anne Brown, soprano
12/07/1944  Eugene Istomin, piano
03/21/1945  Carroll Glenn, violin
04/17/1945  Vermont State Little Symphony Orchestra

1945-1946 - Entertainment Program
11/13/1945  Vermont State Symphony Orchestra
12/04/1945  Budapest String Quartet
01/08/1946  Foxhole Ballet Company
03/26/1946  Helen Jepson, soprano

1946-Paul Robeson

1946-Paul Robeson

1946-1947 - Entertainment Program
10/15/1946  Ethel Bartlett and Rae Robertson, piano duo
12/04/1946  Paul Robeson, bass-baritone
01/16/1947  General Platoff; Don Cossack Chorus (Russian chorus)
03/11/1947  Budapest String Quartet
04/22/1947  Vermont State Symphony Orchestra

1947-1948 - Entertainment Program
10/28/1947  Claudio Arrau, piano
12/03/1947  Boris Goldovsky, piano lecture
02/12/1948  Pearl Primus, dance
03/17/1948  Mack Harrell, baritone
??/??/1948  Vermont State Symphony Orchestra

1948-Pearl Primus

1948-Pearl Primus

1948-1949 - Entertainment Program
10/21/1948  “MacBeth”
12/08/1948  The Bach Aria Group
02/16/1949  New England Opera Theatre
03/07/1949  Iva Kitchell, satirist
04/27/1949  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director

1949-1950 - Entertainment Program
12/08/1949  Richard Dyer-Bennet, folk singer
02/02/1950  Bach Aria Group
03/21/1950  Valerie Bettis, dance
04/24/1950  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director; David Smith, piano


1951 Charles Weidman, dance

1950-1951 - Entertainment Program
10/18/1950  Cornelia Otis Skinner, actress/author
11/16/1950  Miss Margaret Bartels, piano
12/07/1950  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director; Maurice Wilk, violin
03/15/1951  Jesús María Sanromá, piano
05/08/1951  Charles Weidman, dance

1951-1952 - Entertainment Program
11/20/1951  Fuzkadi, Basque folk dancers
02/18/1952  Charles Coburn, actor
03/04/1952  Carol Brice, contralto
04/08/1952  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director


1953-Ray McKinley, drums

1952-1953 - Entertainment Program
11/16/1952  David Kinsey, piano
02/20/1953  Ray McKinley, jazz percussion/band leader
03/27/1953  DePaur Infantry Chorus
05/08/1953  Charles Laughton, reading

1953-1954 – Concert Series
10/04/1953  Don Cossack Choir
10/25/1953  Musiqua Antiqua, chamber ensemble
11/11/1953  Ruth Draper, actress
02/07/1954  Columbus Boys Choir
02/19/1954  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director


1954-Quartetto Italiano

1954-1955 - Concert Series
10/31/1954  Players, Inc., “The Would be Gentleman”
12/09/1954  Quartetto Italiano
01/10/1955  Andres Segovia, guitar
02/18/1955  Ralph Marterie and Band
03/14/1955  Gary Graffman, piano
04/25/1955  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director

1956-I Musici

1956-I Musici

1955-1956 - Concert Series
10/16/1955  The Canadian Players of Stratford, Ontario
12/04/1955  Gyorgy Sandor, piano
01/15/1956  Olga Coelho, folk singer
02/05/1956  I Musici, chamber ensemble
02/17/1956  Elliot Lawrence and Band
03/05/1956  Middlebury Choir and Orchestra
03/11/1956  Jacob Lawrence, lecture (painter)
04/23/1956  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director; Maxim Schur, piano

1956-1957 - Concert Series
10/28/1956  The Canadian Players LTD., “Peer Gynt”
01/14/1957  Quartetto Italiano
02/15/1957  Leroy Holmes with Orchestra


1958-Richard Dyer-Bennet, folk singer

1957-1958 - Concert Series
10/13/1957  Eugene Istomin, piano
11/03/1957  Alfred Deller Trio
12/08/1957  Paganini Quartet
03/02/1958  Richard Dyer-Bennet, folk singer

1958-1959 - Concert Series
10/12/1958  Julien Bream, guitar and lute
11/02/1958  Vienna Octet
11/23/1958  Margaret Webster, actress (Shakespeare readings)
01/11/1959  Walter Carringer, baritone
02/08/1959  Kenneth Amada, piano
05/18/1959  The Middlebury College Chamber Players

1960-Duke Ellington

1960-Duke Ellington

1959-1960 - Concert Series
10/11/1959  Orrea Pernel, violin; Karen Tuttle, viola; Lionel Nowak, piano
11/01/1959  The New Art Wind Quartet
01/08/1960  Josh White, folk singer
01/10/1960  Appleton and Field, piano duo
02/07/1960  Heinz Rehfuss, bass-baritone
02/13/1960  Duke Ellington, jazz piano and band leader (Winter Carnival)
03/06/1960  The Julliard Quartet
04/24/1960  Vermont Symphony Orchestra



1960-1961 – Concert and Film Series
10/23/1960  Players, Inc., “The Merchant of Venice”
10/28/1960  FILMS: “Des Ordres” and “Picasso”
12/03/1960  FILM: “The Murderers Among Us”
12/04/1960  Martial Singher, baritone; Lee Luvisi, piano
01/07/1961  FILM: “Million Dollar Legs”
01/15/1961  Paganini String Quartet
02/11/1961  FILM: “Ordet”
02/12/1961  David Bar-Illan, Piano
03/05/1961  New York Chamber Soloists
03/11/1961  FILM: “Miss Julie”
04/15/1961  FILM: “The Proud and the Beautiful”

1961-Ravi Shankar

1961-Ravi Shankar

1961-1962  - Concert and Film Series
09/30/1961  FILMS: “The Land Without Bread” and “Le Retour”
10/15/1961  Alirio Diaz, guitar
10/28/1961  FILM: “The Set Up”
11/04/1961  FILM: “The Day of Wrath”
11/15/1961  Jeaneane Dowis, piano
12/03/1961  Ravi Shankar, sitar
01/13/1962  FILM: “Greed”
01/14/1962  Heinz Rehfus, baritone; Natalie Derujinsky, piano
02/10/1962  FILM: “Maedchen Uniform”
02/18/1962  Hungarian String Quartet
03/17/1962  FILM: “I Vitelloni”
03/18/1962  VSO and Middlebury College Choir, James Cha an, conductor
04/15/1962  Dance Drama Company
04/21/1962  FILM: “Private’s Progress
05/05/1962  FILM: “Ivan the Terrible”


1963-Beaux Arts Trio

1962-1963  - Concert and Film Series  
09/30/1962  Phakavali, Dancers of Thailand
11/04/1962  “Music in Our Time”
12/02/1962  New York Brass Quintet
02/10/1963  Paganini String Quartet
03/10/1963  Beaux Arts Trio
04/21/1963  Vermont Symphony Orchestra

1963-1964  - Concert and Film Series
10/20/1963  Netherlands String Quartet
11/17/1963  VSO, Alan Carter, conductor
12/05/1963  Hungarian String Quartet
01/12/1964  Bela Szilagi, piano
02/18/1964  Dizzy Gillespie and the Grandison Singers
03/08/1964  Juilliard String Quartet
04/12/1964  New York Chamber Soloists


1964-Hungarian String Quartet

1964-1965Middlebury College Celebrity Series 
09/26/1964  FILM: “The Goddess”
10/10/1964  FILMS: “Sweet Smell of Success” and “Finishing Touch”
10/18/1964  Festival of the Winds of New York, Melvin Kaplan, director
11/07/1964  FILMS: “Antigone” and “Leave ‘em Laughing”
12/05/1964  FILM: “Devi” and “The Music Box”
12/06/1964  Hungarian String Quartet
01/23/1965  FILMS: “Kanal” and “The Perfect Day”
02/11/1965  I Solisti Di Zagreb, Yugoslavian Chamber Orchestra
02/20/1965 FILMS: “The Last Year at Marienbad” and “Sailors Beware”
03/14/1965  Max Pollikoff, violin
03/20/1965  FILMS: “With Love and Kisses” and “Shoot the Piano Player”
04/17/1965  FILMS: “Summerskin” and “Wrong Again”

Aeolian Chamber Players

1966-Aeolian Chamber Players

1965-1966 - Middlebury College Celebrity Series
09/26/1965  Randolph Hokanson, piano
10/31/1965  American Brass Quintet
11/14/1965  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director
12/05/1965  Loewenguth Quartet
02/19/1966  FILMS: “The Pharmacist” and “Cleo from 9 to 5″
03/06/1966  Aeolian Chamber Players
03/23/1966  University of Buffalo Chorus


1967-Nikhil Banerjee, sitar

1966-1967 - Middlebury College Celebrity Series
10/16/1966  Smetana Quartet of Prague
11/06/1966  Richard Dyer-Bennet, folk singer
11/12/1966  FILMS: “The Member of the Wedding” and “Rhythm of Africa”
12/03/1966  FILMS: “Joan of Angels” and “Desist Film”
12/04/1966  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director

1967-1968 - Middlebury College Celebrity Series  
11/05/1967  Nikhil Banerjee, sitar; Kanai Dutta, tabla
02/18/1968  Albert Fuller, harpsichord
04/21/1968  The Boston Symphony Chamber Players


1969-Guarneri String Quartet

1968-1969 – Middlebury College Concert–Film Series 
09/21/1968  FILMS: “Repulsion” and “The Critic” (short subject)
10/04/1968  Betty Jones; Fritz Ludin, lecture/performance “Dances I Dance”
10/12/1968  FILMS: “Big Deal on Madonna Street” and “Perfect Day” (short subject)
10/27/1968  Melos Ensemble of London
11/17/1968  Vermont Symphony Orchestra; Alan Carter, director
11/23/1968  FILMS: “Peter the Great” Parts I and II
??/??/1968  Ashish Khan and Company, from India (Date to be announced, no program)
12/04/1968  Joel Krosnick, cello; Harriet Wingreen, piano
12/07/1968  FILMS: “Victim” and “The Seven Hundred Years”
01/11/1969  FILMS: “The Loves of Jeanne Ney” and “Below Zero”
01/27/1969  New York Chamber Soloists
02/12/1969  Diane Walsh, piano
02/22/1969  FILMS: “The Exterminating Angel” and “Brats”
03/05/1969  Guarneri String Quartet
03/22/1969  FILMS: “The Seventh Seal” and “Men O’War”

1968-1969  – Middlebury College Concert–Film Series
03/26/1969  Frederick Marantz, piano
04/09/1969  Sergiu Luca, violin
04/19/1969  FILMS: “The Pad” and “College”


1971-John Weaver, organ

1969-1970  – Middlebury College Concert–Film Series
09/27/1969  FILMS: “The Ape Woman” and “Bacon Grabbers” (short subject)
10/12/1969  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
10/16/1969  Gerard Souzay, baritone
10/25/1969  FILMS: “M” (Original version) and “The Goat”
11/15/1969  FILMS: “Kanchenjungha” and “Why Do You Smile Mona Lisa?”
12/06/1969  FILM: “Il Successo”
12/07/1969  Charles Castleman, violin
01/11/1970  Eugene Pridonoff, piano
01/17/1970  FILM: “Masculine-Feminine”
02/05/1970  Drolc Quartet
02/24/1970  Cologne Chamber Orchestra
02/28/1970  FILM: “Accatone!”
03/21/1970  FILMS: “Hunger” and “Pack Up Your Troubles”
03/25/1970  Oscar Ghiglia, guitar
04/02/1970  Frances Cole, harpsichord
04/23/1970  Raymond Des Roches, percussion
04/25/1970  FILM: “Beyond the Lab”

1970-1971 – Concert Series
10/11/1970  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
11/11/1970  Charles Rosen, piano
02/01/1971  Beaux Arts Trio
02/24/1971  Don Redlich Dance Company
03/03/1971  Koeckert Quartet
03/10/1971  Anthony Newman, pedal harpsichord and organ
04/25/1971  Francis Fortier, violin



1971-1972 – Concert – Film – Drama Series  
09/24/1971  FILM: “Sons of the Desert City”
10/15/1971  FILM: “Storm over Asia”
10/23/1971  The Rod Rodgers Dance Company
11/03/1971  An Evening of New Music
11/10/1971  John Weaver, organ
11/11/1971  DRAMA: Anton Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard
11/12/1971  DRAMA: Anton Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard
11/13/1971  DRAMA: Anton Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard
11/14/1971  DRAMA: Anton Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard
12/03/1971  FILM: “Spies”
01/07/1972  FILM: “In Cold Blood”
01/19/1972  Don Shirley Trio
02/17/1972  Ernst Haefliger, tenor
03/02/1972  DRAMA: Shakespeare’s Hamlet
03/03/1972  DRAMA: Shakespeare’s Hamlet
03/04/1972  DRAMA: Shakespeare’s Hamlet
03/05/1972  DRAMA: Shakespeare’s Hamlet
03/08/1972  Pilobolus Dance Theatre
03/09/1972  Paul Kuentz Chamber Orchestra
03/10/1972  FILM: “Nazarin”
03/22/1972  The Reger Quartet
03/24/1972  FILM: “The White Sheik”
04/14/1972  FILM: “The Sea Gull”
04/16/1972  Kenneth Amada, piano
05/04/1972  DRAMA: Thomas Middleton’s Women, Beware Women
05/05/1972  DRAMA: Thomas Middleton’s Women, Beware Women
05/06/1972  DRAMA: Thomas Middleton’s Women, Beware Women
05/07/1972  DRAMA: Thomas Middleton’s Women, Beware Women

1972-Leon Bates, piano

1972-Leon Bates, piano

1972-1973 – Concert – Film – Drama Series
10/16/1972  Les Menestriers
10/22/1972  Elly Ameling, soprano; Dalton Baldwin, piano
11/01/1972  Hasklee Thomson, organ
11/12/1972  FILM: “Portrait of Jason”
12/01/1972  DRAMA: August Strindberg’s A Dream Play
12/02/1972  DRAMA: August Strindberg’s A Dream Play
12/03/1972  DRAMA: August Strindberg’s A Dream Play
12/05/1972  Leon Bates, piano
12/07/1972  FILMS: “One A.M.” and “Sherlock, Jr.”
01/18/1973  FILMS: “Work” and “Earth”
01/21/1973  Mario Escudero, guitar
02/14/1973  Saeko Ichinohe and Company (dance)
02/26/1973  Ars Antiqua de Paris
03/08/1973  FILMS: “The Floorwalker” and “Night of the Living Dead”
03/22/1973  FILMS: “The Rink” and “The Milky Way”


1973-Ali Akbar Khan, sarod

1973-1974 - Concert – Drama Series  
09/17/1973  Bread and Puppet Theatre
09/18/1973  Bread and Puppet Theatre
11/29/1973  Ali Akbar Khan, sarod
04/10/1974  Music for a While
04/11/1974  Music for a While

1974-1975 – Concert Series
10/07/1974  Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
10/21/1974  The Esterhazy String Quartet
11/18/1974  Preservation Hall Jazz Band
12/08/1974  The Hartford Ballet
01/07/1975  Claude Kipnis, mime
01/28/1975  Jan De Gaetani, mezzo-soprano
03/17/1975  Dorian Wind Quintet
04/30/1975  Early Music Quartet


1974-Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

1975-1976 – Concert Series
09/14/1975  George Baker, organ
10/06/1975  Waverly Consort
11/17/1975  The Buffalo String Quartet
12/01/1975  Michael Devlin, baritone
01/21/1976  The Beaux Arts Trio
02/22/1976  Soloists of the Ensemble Nipponia
03/13/1976  The Paul Taylor Dance Company
04/25/1976  Vermont Symphony Orchestra

1976-1977 – Concert Series
10/05/1976  Utah Repertory Dance Theater
10/28/1976  Juilliard String Quartet
11/10/1976  Oscar Peterson, piano
11/15/1976  Louis Bagger, harpsichord
01/26/1977  Natalie Hinderas, piano
02/16/1977  Rolf Scharre, mime
03/02/1977  Dorian Wind Quintet
03/15/1977  Barbary Coast
03/28/1977  Margalit Dance Company
04/24/1977  Vermont Symphony Orchestra, Midd. College Choir and Midd. Festival Chorus

1977-Oscar Emmanuel Peterson

1977-Oscar Emmanuel Peterson

1977-1978 – Concert Series
09/18/1977  Vermont Symphony String Quartet
10/05/1977  Contemporary Dance System
10/23/1977  Robert Miller, piano
10/30/1977  Vermont Symphony String Quartet
11/16/1977  Oscar Peterson, piano
01/09/1978  Gerre Hancock, organ
01/11/1978  South Indian Music
02/20/1978  National Theater of the Deaf
03/06/1978  Daniel Nagrin Dance Theater
04/30/1978  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
05/07/1978  Vermont Symphony String Quartet


1979-Yo-Yo Ma, cello

1978-1979 – Concert Series
10/10/1978  Chuck Davis Dance Company
10/25/1978  Schreuder-Fanning Duo
11/05/1978  Eliot Fisk, classical guitar
12/03/1978  Vincent Corrigan, harpsichord
01/07/1979  Wolfgang Rubsam, organ
01/08/1979  Wolfgang Rubsam, organ
01/19/1979  Clamma Dale, soprano
02/17/1979  Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum
02/28/1979  Yo Yo Ma, cello
03/13/1979  Joffrey II Dance Company
03/17/1979  Howard University Chorale
03/25/1979  Ruth Geiger, piano
04/11/1979  Pamela Guidetti, flute; Karen Fuller, harp
04/22/1979  Vermont Symphony Orchestra


1980-Fischer Duo

1979-1980 – Concert Series
09/23/1979  The Aeolian Chamber Players
10/09/1979  American Ballet Theatre
11/04/1979  Robert Noehren, organ
11/14/1979  The Concord String Quartet
01/13/1980  The Aeolian Chamber Players
02/24/1980  Oxana Yablonskaya, piano
03/12/1980  The All-Tap Revue
03/17/1980  University of Wisconsin Choir
03/30/1980  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
04/15/1980  The Empire Brass Quintet
04/23/1980  Norman Fischer, cello; Jeanne Fischer, piano
04/30/1980  Amadeus Trio
05/05/1980  Richard Becker, piano


1980-John Cage and Merce Cunningham


1980-1981 – Concert Series
09/23/1980  Erick Hawkins Dance Company
10/12/1980  Elysian Trio
10/17/1980  The New Globe Theatre
10/24/1980  Murray Perahia, piano
11/19/1980  The Music Consort
12/05/1980  Composer John Cage and Choreographer Merce Cunningham in Dialogue
12/07/1980  VT Symphony Orch., Midd. College Choir, Community Chorus w/Alumni Soloists
01/11/1981  Ruth Geiger, piano
01/25/1981  Elysian Trio
02/01/1981  Elysian Trio
02/22/1981  Emerson String Quartet
03/11/1981  Meredith Monk Dance Company
03/29/1981  Christof Amtmann, piano
04/26/1981  Calliope: A Renaissance Band

1981-Emerson String Quartet

1981-Emerson String Quartet

1981-1982 – Concert Series
10/03/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “Mozart and History’s Greatest Lover”
10/03/1981  FILM: Don Giovanni
10/04/1981  FILM: Don Giovanni
10/07/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “How the String Quartet was Born”
10/08/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “The Austrian Crisi”
10/14/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “Haydn:The Quartets of the Eszterhaza Years 1785-90″
10/15/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “Haydn: The Late Quartets”
10/21/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “Mozart’s Late Chamber Music”
10/22/1981  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture, “Mozart’s First Thoughts”
10/23/1981  Emerson String Quartet
10/24/1981  Emerson String Quartet
11/03/1981  Court Dance, Theater and Music from Okinawa
11/14/1981  New Music Consort
01/16/1982  Rolf Schulte, violin; Andrew Rangell, piano, “All Beethoven I”
01/24/1982  New Music Consort
02/11/1982  The American Repertory Theatre
02/13/1982  The American Repertory Theatre
02/20/1982  Rolf Schulte, violin; Andrew Rangell, piano, “All Beethoven II”
03/06/1982  Rolf Schulte, violin; Andrew Rangell, piano, “All Beethoven III”
03/14/1982  Carlo Curley, organ
03/19/1982  New Music Consort
03/22/1982  University of Wisconsin Concert Choir
03/24/1982  Boehm Woodwind Quintet
04/25/1982  Vermont Symphony Orchestra

1981-H. C. Robbins Landon

1982-H. C. Robbins Landon

1982-1983 – Concert Series
09/24/1982  A Weekend Festival of Mainland Chinese Films
09/25/1982  A Weekend Festival of Mainland Chinese Films
09/26/1982  A Weekend Festival of Mainland Chinese Films
10/02/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Bach)
10/02/1982  New England Bach Festival
10/21/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10/22/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10/22/1982  Emerson String Quartet
10/23/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10/23/1982  Emerson String Quartet
10/24/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10/24/1982  Emerson String Quartet
10/26/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10/26/1982  Emerson String Quartet
10/27/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10 27/1982  Emerson String Quartet
10/28/1982  H. C. Robbins Landon, lecture (Beethoven)
10/28/1982  Emerson String Quartet
11/13/1982  Emerson String Quartet
11/16/1982  Emerson String Quartet
01/10/1983  Timothy Albrecht, organ
02/08/1983  Murray Louis Dance Company
02/14/1983  Boston Camerata
02/21/1983  New York New Music Ensemble
03/06/1983  Christof Amtmann, piano
03/20/1983  The Acting Company
04/16/1983  New Black Eagle Jazz Band


1984 Mummenschanz

1983-1984 – Concert Series
09/30/1983  Emerson String Quartet
10/01/1983  Emerson String Quartet
10/19/1983  Emerson String Quartet
10/20/1983  Emerson String Quartet
11/13/1983  Emerson String Quartet
11/14/1983  Emerson String Quartet
11/15/1983  Emerson String Quartet
11/16/1983  Emerson String Quartet
02/01/1984  Mummenschanz
02/19/1984  Electric Phoenix
03/04/1984  Ruth Geiger, piano
03/28/1984  Annabelle Gamson, dance
04/28/1984  Vermont Symphony Orchestra


1985-Trevor Pinnock

1984-1985 – Concert Series (Paul Nelson, director)
09/21/1984  New England Bach Festival
10/03/1984  Emerson String Quartet
10/05/1984  Emerson String Quartet
10/06/1984  Emerson String Quartet
10/24/1984  Shakespeare and Company
11/16/1984  David Finckel, cello; Wu Han, piano
01/11/1985  FILM: Richard Wagner’s Parsifal  
01/25/1985  FILM: Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata
03/10/1985  Nina Wiener and Dancers
03/23/1985  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
04/09/1985  Trevor Pinnock, harpsichordist
04/16/1985  Laura Hunter, saxophone; Brian Connelly, piano
04/17/1985  Laura Hunter, saxophone; Brian Connelly, piano
04/27/1985  Nan Nall, soprano; Glenn Parker, piano


1987-Abdullah Ibrahim, piano

1985-1986 – Concert Series
09/21/1985  Al Huang T’ai Chi Master Dancer
09/27/1985  Meliora String Quartet
09/28/1985  Meliora String Quartet
10/04/1985  Meliora String Quartet
10/05/1985  Meliora String Quartet
10/09/1985  San Francisco Mime Troupe
11/02/1985  Salomon String Quartet
11/10/1985  The American Boychoir
11/24/1985  Andrew Rangell, piano
01/19/1986  Mitchell-Ruff Duo
01/21/1986  A Sample of Great Film Scores
01/25/1986  A Sample of Great Film Scores
02/15/1986  Wu Han, piano
03/01/1986  Nancy Spanier Dance Theatre of Colorado
03/15/1986  Jan Opalach, bass-baritone; Irma Vallecillo, piano
04/11/1986  The Hilliard Ensemble
04/20/1986  New York Woodwind Quintet



1986-1987 – Concert Series
09/20/1986  National Marionette Theatre
09/27/1986  Joan Morris, mezzo-soprano; William Bolcom, piano
10/03/1986  Jennifer Muller/The Works – An American Dance Company
10/04/1986  New York Vocal Arts Ensemble
10/17/1986  Zeitgeist
10/29/1986  Gustav Leonhardt, harpsichord
11/07/1986  D’anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano; David Deveau, piano
11/22/1986  Kenneth and Jean Wentworth, piano duo
01/08/1987  Meliora String Quartet
01/10/1987  Odetta, Folk Singer
01/18/1987  Meliora String Quartet
01/28/1987  Meliora String Quartet
02/17/1987  North Carolina Dance Theatre
02/24/1987  The Boston Viol Consort; Nancy Armstrong, soprano
03/07/1987  Voice of the Turtle (instrumental and vocal ensemble)
03/18/1987  University of Wisconsin Concert Choir
03/21/1987  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
03/25/1987  Cambridge Buskers
04/11/1987  Peter Orth, piano  


1988-Tallis Scholars

1987-1988 – Concert Series
09/19/1987  PS 122 Road Show (Cabaret)
09/20/1987  Trinity College Chapel Choir
10/02/1987  National Theatre of the Deaf
10/03/1987  Jean Redpath, folk singer; Abby Newton, cello
10/16/1987  Abdullah Ibrahim, jazz piano
10/30/1987  Western Wind, vocal ensemble
11/11/1987  Hopkinson Smith, lute
11/21/1987  Los Angeles Piano Quartet
01/06/1988  Ridge String Quartet
01/08/1988  Jaime Laredo, violin; Sharon Robinson, cello
01/09/1988  Ridge String Quartet
01/11/1988  Ridge String Quartet
01/15/1988  Odetta, folk singer
01/16/1988  Wendy Perron Dance Company
01/18/1988  Brattleboro Music Center Opera
02/11/1988  Kronos Quartet
02/20/1988  Pearlman/Allen, dance
03/05/1988  Margie Gillis Dance Foundation
03/09/1988  Panayis Lyras, pianist
03/12/1988  Pan Asian Repertory Theatre
03/18/1988  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
04/09/1988  Tallis Scholars (vocal ensemble)
04/27/1988  Andrew Rangell, pianist


1989-Marian McPartland, piano

1988-1989 – Concert Series
09/30/1988  David Parsons Dance Company
10/01/1988  New Black Eagle Jazz Band
10/14/1988  Elizabeth Swados, composer/musician
10/15/1988  New World String Quartet; David Shifrin, clarinet
10/19/1988  Stars of the D’oyly Carte Opera Company
10/28/1988  The Hilliard Ensemble
11/13/1988  Lydian String Quartet
11/18/1988  Tafelmusik Soloists; Malcolm Bilson, piano
02/02/1989  Mitsuko Shirai, mezzo-soprano; Hartmut Holl, piano
02/10/1989  Anderson-McLellan, guitar duo
02/14/1989  Negro Ensemble Theater
02/19/1989  Quink (Dutch vocal ensemble)
03/05/1989  Marian McPartland Duo
03/10/1989  Arditti String Quartet
03/17/1989  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
04/07/1989  Eugene Friesen, cello; Paul Halley, piano and organ
04/14/1989  Sanford Sylvan, baritone; David Breitman, piano
04/22/1989  Mark Kaplan, violin
04/23/1989  Mark Kaplan, violin


1989-Trinity College Choir, Cambridge

1989-1990 – Concert Series
09/11/1989  Evensong by Trinity College Choir, Cambridge
09/12/1989  Evensong by Trinity College Choir, Cambridge
09/13/1989  Evensong by Trinity College Choir, Cambridge
09/14/1989  Evensong by Trinity College Choir, Cambridge
09/15/1989  Evensong by Trinity College Choir, Cambridge
09/15/1989  Roadside Theatre
09/16/1989  Trinity College Choir, Cambridge
10/13/1989  Jay McShann and Friends, jazz piano
10/14/1989  Anne-Marie McDermott, piano
10/28/1989  Alexander String Quartet
11/11/1989  The Davydov-Fanning Duo
12/03/1989  The Tallis Scholars
01/17/1990  Consort of Musicke Trio
01/25/1990  Wu Han, piano; Pamela Frank, violin; David Finckel, cello
02/16/1990  Aulos Ensemble; Julianne Baird, soprano
02/18/1990  Richard Marlow, organ
03/03/1990  Claudio Jaffe, cello; Elizabeth Sawyer, piano
03/17/1990  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
03/22/1990  Trevor Pinnock, harpsichord
04/01/1990  New York Woodwind Quintet; Orion String Quartet
04/21/1990  Orford String Quartet


1991-Urban Bush Women

1990-1991 – Concert Series
09/14/1990  Paul Winter Consort
09/26/1990  Laredo Dance Theatre
09/29/1990  Dave McKenna, jazz piano
10/05/1990  Jay McShann and Friends
10/27/1990  New England Bach Festival
11/11/1990  Emory Fanning, organ
11/16/1990  Sanford Sylvan and The New Arts Trio
11/30/1990  The Da Capo Chamber Players
01/08/1991  Wu Han, piano; Pamela Frank, violin; Yeesun Kim, cello
01/10/1991  Wu Han, piano; Pamela Frank, violin; Yeesun Kim, cello
01/12/1991  Wu Han, piano; Pamela Frank, violin; Yeesun Kim, cello
01/20/1991  Daniel McKelway and Friends
02/17/1991  Mozart’s Requiem
02/20/1991  A Traveling Jewish Theatre
03/01/1991  Urban Bush Women, dance
03/02/1991  Smithson String Quartet
03/16/1991  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
04/11/1991  The Theatre of Voices
04/12/1991  The Theatre of Voices04/20/1991  Emerson String Quartet; David Shifrin, clarinet


1991-Harlem Spiritual Ensemble

1991-1992 – Concert Series
09/20/1991  Aequalis (chamber music ensemble)
09/21/1991  Glasnost Ballet Tour
09/22/1991  The King’s College Men’s Choir
09/23/1991  Evensong with The King’s College Men’s Choir
10/06/1991  The Lhamo Folk Opera of Tibet
10/12/1991  Dick Hyman, piano
10/26/1991  Harlem Spiritual Ensemble
11/10/1991  New Orchestra of Boston
11/23/1991  The Maggini String Quarte
12/05/1991  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
01/12/1992  Wu Han and Friends
01/13/1992  Shakespeare America – Actors from the London stage
01/14/1992  Shakespeare America – Actors from the London stage
01/15/1992  Shakespeare America – Actors from the London stage
01/16/1992  Shakespeare America – Actors from the London stage
01/17/1992  Shakespeare America – Actors from the London stage
01/18/1992  Shakespeare America – Actors from the London stage
01/19/1992  Wu Han and Friends
02/27/1992  Consort of Musicke
03/07/1992  The Middlebury Festival Chorus and Orchestra
04/04/1992  Sanford Sylvan, baritone
04/12/1992  Dubravka Tomsic, piano
04/24/1992  The Crofut/Brubeck Ensemble


1992-Pieter Wilspelwey, cello

1992-1993 – Concert Series (does not include CFA opening gala events)
09/12/1992  Glen Velez Ensemble
09/24/1992  Blondell Cummings, dance
09/25/1992  Blondell Cummings, dance
09/26/1992  Abdullah Ibrahim, jazz piano
10/06/1992  Artek with Gwendolyn Toth, director
10/23/1992  Tatiana Nikolayeva, piano
10/24/1992  Stoney Lonesome (bluegrass band)
11/07/1992  Peter Wispelwey, cello
11/21/1992  Dmitri Pokrovsky Ensemble
01/16/1993  Harlem Spiritual Ensemble
01/31/1993  Brentano String Quartet
02/07/1993  Ysaye Quartet
02/12/1993  El Teatro Campesino (Latin American theater)
02/14/1993  Menahem Pressler, piano
02/20/1993  Leontovych String Quartet
03/05/1993  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
04/04/1993  Orion String Quartet
04/17/1993  Ali Akbar Khan, sarod


1993-Marcus Roberts

1993-1994 – Concert Series
10/20/1993  Marcus Roberts, jazz piano
10/03/1993  Rumillajta, Music of the Andea
10/14/1993  John Wustman, Schubert Liederabend
10/16/1993  Ruggieri Chamber Soloists
10/17/1993  Ed Trickett, Gordon Bok, and Ann Muir (folk singers)
10/30/1993  Pinkas and Hirsch, piano duo
11/14/1993  Christopher Trakas, baritone; Glenn Parker, piano
12/05/1993  The Sixteen
01/09/1994  David Finckel, cello; Wu Han, pianist
01/22/1994  Mosaic
01/30/1994  St. Lawrence String Quartet
02/18/1994  Jomandi Productions (drama)
02/27/1994  The Borromeo Quartet
03/04/1994  Vermont Symphony Orchestra
03/05/1994  Creach/Koester, dance
03/06/1994  Creach/Koester, dance
03/11/1994  Evelyn Glennie, percussion
03/13/1994  Harlem Spiritual Ensemble
04/14/1994  Takács Quartet; Christof Amtmann, piano
04/22/1994  Auryn Quartet
04/30/1994  Pamela Frank, violin; Claude Frank, piano
05/08/1994  Middlebury Colleg Chorus and Orchestra


1994-Bebe Miller Company

1994-1995 – Concert Series
09/12/1994  Collegium Regale of the King’s College Choir, Cambridge
09/28/1994  The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
10/02/1994  Torlief Thedeen, cello; Stefan Bojsten, piano
10/07/1994  Walk and Squawk Productions (drama)
10/08/1994  Mitchell-Ruff Duo, jazz
10/22/1994  Meridian Arts Ensemble
10/23/1994  Musicians from Marlboro
11/02/1994  Bebe Miller Company
11/05/1994  Lee Luvisi, piano
12/03/1994  The Klezmatics
12/16/1994  Boston Camerata
01/08/1995  Diaz Trio
01/14/1995  Acappellafellas
01/20/1995  Orlando String Quartet
01/28/1995  Harlem Spiritual Ensemble
02/17/1995  Ladysmith Black Mambazo
02/26/1995  Tricia Park, violin
03/10/1995  The Locke Consort
03/11/1995  Art Bridgman/Myrna Parker: “The Bare-Bones Circus”
03/19/1995  Balanescu Quartet
04/09/1995  Tokyo String Quartet
04/21/1995  Charlotte Blake Alston, storytelling
04/30/1995  Brentano String Quartet


1996-Ivan Moravec

1995-1996 Concert Series
09/23/1995  Kevin Locke
09/25/1995  Trinmen
09/29/1995  Mark O’Connor, Folk Fiddler
09/30/1995  Doug Varone and Dancers
10/05/1995  The Takács Quartet
10/07/1995  The Takács Quartet
10/15/1995  The Raphael Ensemble
10/28/1995  Gene Bertoncini Trio
10/29/1995  Terezin Project: Hans Krasa’s “Brundibar” and Viktor Ullman’s “The Emperor of Atlantis”
11/08/1995  Shahid Parvaez Khan, sitar
12/16/1995  St. John’s College Choir
12/17/1995  St. John’s College Choir, Evensong
01/23/1996  Palladian Ensemble
01/28/1996  Miami String Quartet
02/16/1996  Ivan Moravec, piano
02/21/1996  Transylvan String Quartet
02/29/1996  Benita Valente, Soprano; Mitsuko Shirai, Mezzo; Hartmut Höll, piano
03/09/1996  Rinde Eckert, The Idiot Variations
03/12/1996  Dubravka Tomsic, Piano
03/21/1996  Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, David Shifrin, Artistic Dir.
04/05/1996  Shivkumar Sharma, santoor
04/13/1996  Weslia Whitfield, cabaret
04/20/1996  Meridian Arts Ensemble


1996-Rinde Eckert

1996-1997 Concert Series
09/28/1996  Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center
10/02/1996  Russell Braun, baritone (Marilyn Horne Artist)
10/04/1996  Diavolo Dance Theatre
10/05/1996  Diavolo Dance Theatre
10/12/1996  St. Paul’s Knightsbridge Choir
10/26/1996  Nathaniel E. Kachadorian Memorial Jazz Concert
10/30/1996  Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Sukhvinder Singh Namadhari
12/15/1996  Aulos Ensemble
01/15/1997  Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Piano Trio
01/22/1997  The Caribbean Dance Co. of the Virgin Islands
01/25/1997  Charles Rosen, piano
02/14/1997  Black Voices
02/15/1997  Black Voices
02/19/1997  Emerson String Quartet
03/15/1997  Pamela Frank, violin; Claude Frank, piano
03/21/1997  Tommy Flanagan Trio
04/16/1997  Takács Quartet
04/18/1997  Takács Quartet


1997-Eiko and Koma

1997-1998 Concert Series
09/18/1997  Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Piano Trio
09/26/1997  Margaret Lattimore, mezzo-soprano (Marilyn Horne Artist)
10/03/1997  Eiko & Kima: River
10/04/1997  Eiko & Kima: River
10/14/1997  Peter Serkin, piano
11/08/1997  “Shakespeare’s Kings: The Exercise of Power” by Oliver Ford Davies, actor
11/15/1997  Orlando Consort
11/23/1997  Emanuel Ax, piano
01/11/1998  David Finckel, cello; Wu Han, Piano
01/22/1998  Aurora Nova
02/14/1998  Cyrus Chesnut Trio
03/10/1998  Tokyo String Quartet
03/13/1998  Ian Bostridge
04/07/1998  Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Piano Trio
04/19/1998  Angeles String Quartet
04/25/1998  Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, sarod



1998-1999 Concert Series
09/18/1998  Potomac Theatre Project: Good  
09/19/1998  Potomac Theatre Project: Good  
09/23/1998  Leila Josefowicz, violin; John Novacek, piano
09/28/1998  Bebe Miller Company
09/29/1998  Bebe Miller Company
10/07/1998  Takács Quartet: Bravo Beethoven!
10/09/1998  Takács Quartet: Bravo Beethoven!
11/04/1998  Ewa Podles, contralto; Jerzy Marchwinski, piano
11/11/1998  Ghazal Ensemble
11/15/1998  Romanesca
01/21/1999  Takács Quartet: Bravo Beethoven!
01/23/1999  Takács Quartet: Bravo Beethoven!
01/28/1999  I Fagiolini
02/12/1999  Mary Phillips, mezzo-soprano (Marilyn Horne Artist)
03/05/1999  Canadian Brass
03/13/1999  Cyrus Chestnut Trio
04/08/1999  Takács Quartet: Bravo Beethoven!
04/10/1999  Takács Quartet: Bravo Beethoven!
04/26/1999  Quatour Mosaiques


1999-Cyrus Chestnut

1999-2000 Concert Series
10/06/1999  Mehr & Sher Ali
10/13/1999  Mark O’Connor
10/19/1999  Weston Playhouse
10/30/1999  Emmanuel Pahud, flute
11/13/1999  Music from China
11/17/1999  Clerks’ Group
01/15/2000  Vermeer Quartet
01/21/2000  Ivan Moravec, piano
02/04/2000  Horacio Gutierrez, piano
02/11/2000  Sari Gruber, soprano (Marilyn Horne Artist)
02/19/2000  Wu Han Trio
03/02/2000  Sanford Sylvan, baritone
04/05/2000  Steve Reich & Musicians
04/16/2000  Garrick Ohlsson, piano  


2001-St. Margarets Choir

2000-2001 Concert Series
09/23/2000  Cyrus Chestnut Trio
10/06/2000  Emerson String Quartet
10/08/2000  Emerson String Quartet extra
10/21/2000  Raphael Trio with Desiree Halac, mezzo-soprano
10/27/2000  Theatre of Voices
10/28/2000  Pilobolus Too
10/29/2000  Pilobolus Too
11/11/2000  Lilya Zilberstein, piano
01/19/2001  Arnaldo Cohen
01/24/2001  Takács Quartet
01/27/2001  Takács Quartet
02/17/2001  Scott Hendricks, baritone (Marilyn Horne Artist)
03/02/2001  Trio Fontenay
03/06/2001  Huelgas Ensemble (cancelled due to blizzard)
03/11/2001  Musicians from Marlboro
04/03/2001  Gertrude & Alice by the Foundry Theatre
04/04/2001  Gertrude & Alice by the Foundry Theatre
04/17/2001  Stephen Kovacevich, piano
04/19/2001  St. Margaret’s Choir, Westminster Abbey – Evensong
04/20/2001  St. Margaret’s Choir, Westminster Abbey – Paul Nelson Tribute


2002-Emerson String Quartet w/Paul Nelson

2001-2002 – Performing Arts Series
09/28/2001  Cyrus Chestnut Trio
10/02/2001  Takács Quartet Preview: Janacek’s String Quartets, with Stephen Donadio
10/04/2001  Takács Quartet
10/05/2001  Chavasse Dance & Performance
10/06/2001  Chavasse Dance & Performance
10/12/2001  London Theatre Exchange: “Elizabeth Rivals: Art or Money”
10/13/2001  London Theatre Exchange: “A Century on Stage: from Shaw & Wilde to the Present”
11/18/2001  Ivan Moravec, piano
01/25/2002  Takács Quartet
01/31/2002  Andrew Manze, violin; Richard Egarr, harpsichord
02/13/2002  Kandia Kouyate: The Soul of Mali
02/15/2002  Claude Frank, piano
03/07/2002  FILM: “Summer in Ivye” by Tamar Rogoff
03/08/2002  “Daughter of a Pacifist Soldier” by Tamar Rogoff
03/09/2002  “Daughter of a Pacifist Soldier” by Tamar Rogoff
03/17/2002  David Daniels, countertenor
04/05/2002  Tokyo String Quartet
04/19/2002  Wu Han, piano
04/04/2002  Gidon Kremer, violin  


2003-David Finckel; Wu Han

2002-2003 – Performing Arts Series
09/27/2002  Rinde Eckert, “An Idiot Divine”
10/12/2002  Emerson String Quartet
10/13/2002  Emerson String Quartet
11/08/2002  Brentano String Quartet “Bach Perspectives: Ten Composers React to the Art Of Fugue” (Middlebury Co-Commissioner)
11/15/2002  David Dorfman Dance
11/16/2002  David Dorfman Dance
11/17/2002  Thomas Trotter, organ
12/06/2002  Gerald Finley, baritone And Julius Drake, piano
01/25/2003  Takács Quartet (Premiere of Life in Wayang, by Middlebury faculty Su Lian Tan)
02/14/2003  Anne Bogart (Lecture)
03/07/2003  Paul Lewis, piano
03/14/2003  Piotr Anderszewski, piano
03/18/2003  Belcea Quartet (cancelled)
04/04/2003  Steven Isserlis, cello; Pascal Devoyon, piano
04/25/2003  Arnaldo Cohen, piano



2003-2004 – Performing Arts Series
09/19/2003  Wu Han, piano; David Finckel, cello
10/03/2003  Brenda Dixon Gottschild and Hellmut Gottschild: Tongue Smell Color
10/04/2003  Mamadou Diabate, kora player and ensemble
10/24/2003  La Venexiana
10/26/2003  Ghazal
11/06/2003  I Fagiolini
11/09/2003  Julia Fischer, violin; Robert Kulek, Piano
11/23/2003  Muir String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art; Dr. F. William Sunderman, director)
01/16/2004  Belcea Quartet
01/17/2004  capsize by sprung
02/13/2004  Ivan Moravec
03/11/2004  Ronald K. Brown/ EVIDENCE (dance)
03/12/2004  Ronald K. Brown/ EVIDENCE
03/13/2004  Florestan Trio
04/16/2004  Takács Quartet
04/27/2004  Krystian Zimerman, piano
05/02/2004  Gidon Kremer/Kremerata Musica

2004-Mamadou Diabate

2004-Mamadou Diabate; Paul Nelson; Balla Kouyate; Cheick Hamala Diabate

2004-2005 – Performing Arts Series
09/17/2004  An American Revolution, By Jay Parini, Performed by Oldcastle Theatre Company
09/18/2004  Emerson String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art; Dr. F. William Sunderman, director)
09/24/2004  Mamadou Diabate, kora and ensemble
10/02/2004  Concertante
10/04-10/12/2004  Project Bandaloop in Residence: Celebrating the New Middlebury College Library and Inauguration of President Ron D. Liebowitz
10/22/2004  Cyrus Chestnut Trio
11/13/2004  Pieter Wispelwey, cello; Dejan Lazić, piano
12/10/2004  Henning Kraggerud, violin; Helge Kjekshus, piano
01/11/2005  Richard Goode, piano
02/11/2005  Vienna Piano Trio
02/18/2005  Paul Lewis, piano
03/11/2005  Steven Osborne, piano
04/08/2005  Takács Quartet
04/23/2005  Artemis Quartet
04/26/2005  The Hilliard Ensemble


2005-Paul Lewis, piano

2005-2006 – Performing Arts Series
09/24/2005 Kirill Troussov, violin, Alexandra Troussova, piano
09/26/2005 “Hip-Hop Theatre: The Lecture”, with Will Power
09/27/2005 Flow, written and performed by Will Power
10/06/2005 Rajeev Taranath, sarod
10/14/2005 Pierre-Laurent Aimard, piano
10/28/2005 Paul Lewis, piano
10/30/2005 Fischer-Ishizaka-Chernyavska Trio
11/03/2005 Dance Lecture/Demonstration with Bill Young
11/04/2005 Bill Young and Dancers
11/05/2005 Bill Young and Dancers
11/06/2005 Muir String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art; Dr. F. William Sunderman, director)
01/27/2006 Dejan Lazic, piano
02/21/2006 David Finckel, cello; Wu Han, piano
03/03/2006 Mihaela Ursuleasa, piano
03/12/2006 Belcea Quartet
03/16/2006 Paul Lewis, piano
04/02/2006 Tallis Scholars
04/08/2006 Takács Quartet
05/12/2006 Paul Lewis, piano


2006-Bebe Miller Dance Company

2006-2007 – Performing Arts Series
09/15/2006 Tokyo String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art; Dr. F. WilliamSunderman, director)
09/25/2006 SITI Company:A Midsummer Night’s Dream
10/03/2006 Bebe Miller Dance Company
10/03/2006 Bebe Miller Dance Company
10/13/2006 Paul Lewis, piano
10/20/2006 Florestan Trio
10/25/2006 Krystian Zimerman, piano
11/17/2006 Pei Yao Wang, piano and Friends
12/03/2006 Paul Jacobs, organ
01/19/2007 Christianne Stotijn, mezzo-soprano; Joseph Breinl, piano
01/26/2007 Paul Lewis, piano
02/16/2007 Pieter Wispelwey, cello; Dejan Lazic, piano
03/09/2007 Paul Lewis, piano
03/18/2007 Ingrid Fliter, piano
04/08/2007 Julia Fischer, violin; Milana Chernyavska, piano
04/13/2007 Takács Quartet
05/02/2007 Lise de la Salle, piano
05/11/2007 Paul Lewis, piano


2008-Takács Quartet

2007-2008 – Performing Arts Series
09/15/2007 Cyrus Chestnut Trio
10/08/2007 Rinde Eckert: Horizon
10/13/2007 Christian Gerhaher, baritone; Gerold Huber, piano
10/26/2007 Polina Leschenko, piano
11/01/2007 Alpha Yaya Diallo and the Bafing Riders
11/02/2007 Emerson String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art; Dr. F. William Sunderman, director)
11/09/2007 Nugent+Matteson Dance
11/10/2007 Nugent+Matteson Dance
11/16/2007 Claremont Trio
12/02/2007 Paul Jacobs, organ
01/11/2008 Takács Quartet
02/14/2008 Xuefei Yang, guitar
03/01/2008 Tallis Scholars; Peter Phillips, director
03/07/2008 Albers Trio; Pei Yao Wang, piano
03/08/2008 Dance Elixir; Leyya Mona Tawil, director
03/09/2008 Dance Elixir; Leyya Mona Tawil, director
03/14/2008 Florestan Trio
04/01/2008 Kate Royal, soprano; Roger Vignoles, piano
04/19/2008 Pavel Haas String Quartet
04/23/2008 Dubravka Tomsic, piano
05/02/2008 Paul Lewis, piano


2008-The Kite Runner (Arian Moayed)

2008-2009 – Performing Arts Series
09/19/2008 Vladimir Feltsman, piano
09/28/2008 Takács Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art; Dr. F. William Sunderman, director)
10/05/2008 Ken Cowan, organ
10/06/2008 The Kite Runner
10/07/2008 The Kite Runner
10/17/2008 Kartik Seshadri, sitar; Arup Chattopadhyay, tabla
10/24/2008 Lisa Gonzales ’94 and Darrell Jones Dance
10/25/2008 Lisa Gonzales ’94 and Darrell Jones Dance
11/02/2008 Keller Quartett
11/07/2008 Pieter Wispelwey, cello; Alexander Melnikov, piano
11/14/2008 Cedric Tiberghien, piano
01/10/2009 Sophie Shao & Friends
01/16/2009 Bernarda Fink, mezzo-soprano ; Anthony Spiri, piano
02/14/2009 Christianne Stotijn, mezzo-soprano; Joseph Breinl, piano
03/06/2009 Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE Dance One Shot
03/07/2009 Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE Dance One Shot
03/13/2009 Arabella Steinbacher, violin; Robert Kulek, piano
03/19/2009 Johannes Quartet with Theodore Nelson, cello
04/19/2009 Ivan Moravec, piano
05/08/2009 Paul Lewis, piano


2010-Sophie Shao

2009-2010 – Performing Arts Series
09/18/2009 Aaron Diehl Trio
09/22/2009 Classical Theatre of Harlem: Waiting for Godot
09/23/2009 Classical Theatre of Harlem: Waiting for Godot
10/02/2009 Emerson String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
10/16/2009 Inspirit Dance
10/17/2009 Inspirit Dance
11/06/2009 Pavel Haas Quartet
11/12/2009 Alina Ibragimova, violin
01/15/2010 Rustem Hayroudinoff, piano
02/13/2010 Sophie Shao & Friends
02/27/2010 Philip Hamilton, voice
03/05/2010 Jean-Guihen Queyras, cello; Alexandre Tharaud, piano
03/11/2010 Guillermo Gómez-Peña
03/12/2010 Hugo Wolf Quartett
04/04/2010 Richard Goode, piano
04/14/2010 Takács Quartet
04/23/2010 Hong, Xu, piano


2010-Jupiter Quartet

2010-2011 – Performing Arts Series
10/09/2010 Till Fellner, piano
10/12/2010 Paul Lewis, piano
10/29/2010 Sophie Shao and Friends
10/29/2010 Tamar Rogoff Performance Projects: Diagnosis of a Faun
10/29/2010 Tamar Rogoff Performance Projects: Diagnosis of a Faun
11/11/2010 Jupiter String Quartet
11/12/2010 Diana Fanning, piano; Jupiter String Quartet; Dieuwke Davydov, cello
(courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art) (1,000th series performance!)
11/30/2010 Christianne Stotijn, mezzo-sop.; Joseph Breinl, piano
01/21/2011 Nareh Arghamanyan, piano
02/15/2011 Paul Lewis, piano
02/27/2011 Nathan Laube, organ
03/04/2011 Sophie Shao and Friends
03/12/2011 Abbey Theatre, Dublin: Terminus
03/18/2011 Big Action Performance Ensemble: Everyone Can Dance
03/19/2011 Big Action Performance Ensemble: Everyone Can Dance
03/24/2011 Belcea Quartet
04/13/2011 Dubravka Tomsic, piano
05/01/2011 Paul Lewis, piano 


2012-Balla Kouyate and World Vision

2011-2012 – Performing Arts Series
09/15/2011 PTP/NYC: Territories
09/16/2011 PTP/NYC: Spatter Pattern: or How I Got Away with It
09/17/2011 PTP/NYC: Territories/Spatter Pattern: or How I Got Away with It
10/14/2011 Paul Lewis, piano
10/28/2011 Hugo Wolf Quartett (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
11/18/2011 Alexander Melnikov, piano
12/02/2011 Christianne Stotijn, mezzo-soprano; Julius Drake, piano
01/13/2012 Rustem Hayroudinoff, piano
02/17/2012 Balla Kouyate/World Vision
02/21/2012 Xuefei Yang, guitar
03/02/2012 Steven Osborne, piano
03/09/2012 Sophie Shao; cello; Ieva Jokubaviciute, piano
03/61/2012 Abraham.In.Motion: The Radio Show
03/17/2012 Abraham.In.Motion: The Radio Show
03/21/2012 Elias String Quartet
04/13/2012 Pavel Haas Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
05/04/2012 Paul Lewis, piano 


2013-Inspirit Dance

2012-2013 – Performing Arts Series
09/29/2012 Emerson String Quartet (final Middlebury concert w/Finckel)
10/02/2012 Takács Quartet
10/26/2012 Paul Lewis, piano
11/10/2012 Gallicantus
11/29/2012 Jupiter String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
11/30/2012 Jupiter String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
01/11/2013 Cyrus Chestnut Trio
01/18/2013 Rude Mechanicals: The Method Gun
01/19/2013 Rude Mechanicals: The Method Gun
02/13/2013 Shai Wosner, piano
03/08/2013 Escher String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
03/15/2013 Inspirit Dance Company: The Opulence of Integrity
03/16/2013 Inspirit Dance Company: The Opulence of Integrity
03/21/2013 Nathan Laube, organ
04/06/2013 Sophie Shao & Friends
04/23/2013 Rafal Blechacz, piano
05/06/2013 Rajeev Taranath, sarod; Anindo Chatterjee, tabla (courtesy of the Rothrock Residency program)


2013-Xuefei Yang, guitar

2013-2014 – Performing Arts Series
09/20/2013 The Living Word Project: Word Becomes Flesh
09/21/2013 The Living Word Project: Word Becomes Flesh
10/10/2013 Imogen Cooper, piano
10/11/2013 Catherine Cabeen–Hyphen, dance
10/12/2013 Catherine Cabeen–Hyphen, dance
10/29/2013 Benjamin Gosvenor, piano
11/10/2013 Singer Pur
11/23/2013 Jupiter String Quartet; Kim Kashkashian, viola (courtesy of the Institute for
Clinical Science and Art)
12/06/2013 Xuefei Yang, guitar
01/12/2014 Jung-Ja Kim, piano
01/23/2014 Isabelle Faust, violin; Alexander Melnikov, piano
02/23/2014 Alexander Melnikov, piano
03/13/2014 Elias String Quartet (courtesy of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art)
04/04/2014 Paul Lewis, piano
04/09/2014 Heath String Quartet
04/16/2014 Wu Han, piano; David Finckel, cello
04/25/2014 Sophie Shao; cello; Soovin Kim, violin (Opening Bach Festival Concert)