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Our faculty in the news

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lse.nrMiddlebury is pleased to announce that Professor Nicolas Roussellier, who teaches civilization and social sciences methodology as well as history courses here at Middlebury in Paris, has been invited as a Visiting Senior Fellow to  The London School of Economics and Political Science.  There he will be teaching a course entitled “Crisis Decision-Making in War and Peace, 1914-2003” as well as contributing to a seminar designed to help PhD students in their work.

Congratulations, Nicolas!

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Hillary’s Emails: The Return of a Vast Right-wing Conspiracy?

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We probably should have seen this coming. As Hillary Clinton’s email troubles continue to dominate her news coverage, her faithful husband Bill, aka The Big Dawg, has jumped into the fray to fight back against what he believes is unfair media coverage. In this interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria this past weekend, Clinton resurrected the […]

Archive of materials from Reconstruction (Trial ends Oct. 27, 2015)

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Students, faculty, and staff in the Middlebury College community have free trial access to

Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the Enforcement of Federal Law in the South, 1871-1884

This Archives Unbound collection on law and order documents the efforts of district attorneys in states that fought in the Confederacy or were Border States to uphold federal laws. It includes correspondence between and among DAs, Attorneys General, marshals, judges, convicts, and citizens.Reconstruction_snip

These documents and images are cross-searchable on the Archives Unbound platform, where Middlebury has purchased access to 30 other collections.

Let us know what you think – email or contact your liaison.

Wilson Media Lab – Summer Stats

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We’ve finished tabulating the usage counts for the Wilson Media Lab which can be found in the Piktochart below or here. Some interesting differences from last year’s summer session include:

  • An increase in requests for help from 11% in 2014 to 33% of users in 2015.
  • We are also seeing an increase in graphics and video usage and a decrease in text usage

If you haven’t visited the newly redesigned Wilson Media Lab we encourage you to do so!

A Parisian scavenger hunt

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To help our Parisian undergraduate students get to know each other, Paris, and the transport systems better, we organized a scavenger hunt for which they had to travel through Paris using different types of transport and doing different tasks.  We paired them up and sent them off!   First step: take the metro for 5 stops, then get out, choose a direction and walk that way for 15 minutes.  Then they were to take the closest bus and ride that for 5 stops also, then get out and ask the first person they met where the nearest post office was located.  After a few more directions like these, we asked them, once they had reached their final destinations, to write a poem about, draw a picture or  take a photo of  their surroundings, accompanied by a clever and original caption which they were then to send to us, the Middlebury team, so we could vote for which submissions we liked the most.   The pair with the best contribution would win tickets to a play!

Well, the results are in and we have our winners: Ms. Shubha Ganesan et Ms. Laura Noerdlinger!  These two students took the prize because they went above and beyond he directions in the scavenger hunt and it was clear that they were enthusiastic and engaged in the activity.  They each now have a ticket for a play at La Comédie Française this November!


Here are some of the photos Shubha and Laura took documenting their adventure through Paris:


Laura et Shubha explorent Paris (et les arbres)

Laura and Shuba explore Paris (and trees)


“Nous avons visité une église…”

“We visited a church…”



(“Et nous avons pris une selfie!”)

(“And we took a selfie!”)



“Nous avons trouvé le bureau de poste!”

“We found the post office!”  (one of the steps of the scavenger hunt!)




“Notre destination finale était le parc Montsouris où nous nous sommes assises sur un arbre”

“Our final destination was Montsouris Park where we sat in a tree!”


Congratulations again, Laura and Shubha…and enjoy the play!



Here are some other scavenger hunt submissions!



Carmina Moorosi and Emilia Calderon

« Nous n’avons pu l’échapper. La quatrième fois c’était le charme. »

“We couldn’t escape it.  The fourth time was the charm.”



Cherish Molezion andFredy Rosales




Violet Kolzoff and Wentao Zhai

« Une californienne et un chinois sauvegardé par une anglaise au gare nommé en allemand dans le capital de France »

“A Californian woman and a Chinese man saved by an English woman at a German-named train station in the capital of France!”


Thank you to all our students who sent us these wonderful photos; it was a pleasure for us to see your great smiles and that you enjoyed the scavenger hunt!


A bientôt!











Sushi & Social Change: Careers in Social Impact for the Common Good – FFW Oct. 2

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LIFE.WORK.PURPOSE. Your invited to a unique opportunity to participate in our networking event during Middlebury’s Fall Family Weekend titled “Sushi & Social Change: Social Impact Careers in the Common Good” on Friday, October 2nd from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in Adirondack House’s

Google@Middlebury October 4-5

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Don’t miss Google@Middlebury events throughout October 4-5, 2015. Sign up on MOJO (Info Sessions) for one-on-one reviews of your resume with Middlebury alums from over six different functional areas at Google. Don’t let the word “technology” wig you out–see all