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What Happened to Women in Computing?

This is an older article, but still great information!

Although women once dominated the field of computer science, there are now very few women in computing. According to Lana Verschage, the director of Women in Computing at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the gender gap in computing is in fact widening. “Since 1990, the percentage of female computing professionals has dropped from 35 percent to about 24 percent today, and according to Girls Who Code, if that trend continues, the share of women in the nation’s computing workforce will decline to 22 percent by 2025,” she said. RIT has taken many approaches to this problem, including sending its students and faculty to the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) as a way to encourage them to stay in the field.

Read the full GoodCall article.

Princeton in Africa, Asia and Latin America Applications Open!

Princeton in Africa, Princeton in Asia, Princeton in Latin America fellowships provide year-long fellowships working in non-profit and community settings in multiple countries. Young alumni and graduating seniors from any college or university accredited in the United States are eligible to apply (all citizenships). Prior experience in country is not a prerequisite. For more information, application process […]

Mass Green Careers Conference

Massachusetts Green Careers Conference: Clean Energy & Environmental Sustainability

Careers. Clean Energy. Sustainability.

Delve into clean energy, sustainability, and career development for a day. Enjoy cross-sector dialogues with stakeholders from government, business, education, and nonprofits, and career-ready candidates. REGISTER EARLY to reserve a place! Mass Wildlife will provide conference space in their new, nature-friendly, LEED platinum headquarters this year. Parking and seating are limited to ~100. Food and beverage will be local and/or organic.

Thursday, October 5, 2017 at 8:30 AM in Westborough, MA


  • Connect with stakeholders from business, education, government and nonprofits, green-career-ready candidates, and learners – all in one place.
  • Engage in cross-sector dialogues
  • Learn about current employment trends, best practices, opportunities
  • Take home ideas, connections, resources


  • Everyone interested in clean energy and environmental sustainability
  • Green-career-ready candidates
  • Education/Training:  career services professionals, workforce development, staff, faculty, students
  • Business:  owners, representatives
  • Government:  state, local officials
  • Nonprofits:  administrators, members
  • Diversity encouraged:  race, age, gender, economics

How On-Campus Recruiting Works in Handshake

When you apply for an opportunity that involves an on-campus interview you will be notified through Handshake when the employer makes their selections (e.g. primary, alternate, declined).

If selected as a primary or alternate candidate, you will have an opportunity to sign up for an interview slot at the designated time mentioned in the notification.  After you apply, a timeline is available in the posting’s left margin.  All interview slots are available on a first-come first-serve basis.  You will not be able to schedule an interview until you have completed the Student Code of Conduct Survey.

The Code of Conduct in Handshake

The Student Code of Conduct survey establishes the guidelines by which you may access and apply to opportunities posted in Handshake.  In order to schedule an on-campus interview, you are required to complete the Student Code of Conduct.  Please complete this survey as soon as possible, so that you are not delayed or blocked from scheduling an interview.  To take the short survey, go to Handshake and after logging in, click Career Center -> Surveys.