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Keeping up with Staff Council

In order to keep our ever growing community connected and informed, Staff Council will be reaching out in several new ways, both on this blog and elsewhere.

We now have an Instagram account, @middstaffcouncil, . We’ll use this for announcements of events, fun pictures and profiles of staff, and little news flashes to keep you informed on Middlebury.

Also new is a twitter account, @middstaff,, where we’ll be posting news and information pertaining to staff life here at Middlebury.

Finally, we are also going to be using this blog quite a bit more as well. It’s hard to stay in touch on campus, and harder still to share feedback and suggestions to staff council. There is a handy link on the left bar of this site that allows a user to subscribe to this blog, so you won’t miss any new posts. Comment threads, such as this one, can be subscribed to as well, just look for the check boxes at the bottom of the screen.

Accessing this blog is a little confusing, but worth understanding to be able to leave anonymous comments. The blog is only visible either physically on campus, or connecting remotely via VPN. If you are off campus and want to read the blog, you can log into the blog (upper right corner), but the blog will now post your comments with your name. Posting anonymous comments is possible ONLY when on campus or through Midd VPN connection.

As always, we are open to suggestions, comments, criticism, and ideas. We’d love for everybody to be in touch and a little more connected together.

Staff Council Meeting Tomorrow

Please join us at our next open meeting on Wednesday, April 11th. Our guest this month is Barbara McCall , Director of Health and Wellness Education – agenda below. Please note the room change-Davis Library 105A.


Open Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

9:00 – 10:00 AM

NEW LOCATION: Davis Library – 105A

Attendees: Staff Council Representatives, HR, Staff

9:00 AM               Open meeting and introductions

9:05 AM               Committee reports

      • HR-6
      • Events
      • Compensation
      • Safety & Environmental
      • SC Website
      • Treasurers Report

9:15 AM               Old/New Business

  • Approval of March 14, 2018 minutes

9:30 AM               Guest: Barbara McCall, Director of Health & Wellness Education

                                Subject: Are we moving to tobacco-free campus? Short presentation and video followed by staff questions and input.

10:00 AM             Adjournment

Staff Council regular meetings are open to all Middlebury College staff members. Staff members should let their supervisors know if there is a particular meeting they wish to attend. Supervisors will seek to find a positive balance between addressing operational needs and support staff request to attend these meetings.

Arbor Day Tree Planting

Middlebury College once again has been certified as a Tree Campus by the Arbor Day Foundation, and the landscape department is celebrating by planting more trees (naturally). Come join us Friday afternoon from about 1-4 just north of Battell as we plant five large shade trees. The holes will be pre-dug, so it won’t be too much work. (Sorry, can’t let you run the backhoe; I would if I could). Students, faculty, staff, children, all are welcome. Come make a permanent mark on our campus, and get some dirt on your knees.

Arbor Day Celebration 2011

Come Celebrate Middlebury College’s Arbor Day

Wednesday May 11

Take a break before Finals start and celebrate Middlebury’s new title as a Tree Campus USA, designated by the Arbor Day Foundation! After over a year of planning and coordination, Middlebury was named a Tree Campus by the Arbor Day Foundation for 2010 this February. We are one of only two schools in New England to receive this recognition.

The schedule for our celebration is the following:

1:30 pm- Tree campus tour, beginning from McCullough patio, ending at Bi-Hall, in time for—

3:00 pm- Tree planting, located between Coffrin and Bihall. Plant your legacy on campus. Planters get eternal gratitude, and an ice cream sandwich.

4:30 pm- Tree-K running race (3mi, starting from McCullough patio and following the cross country course). Touch 20 or so trees on the McCullough Quad before finishing back at the patio. Fastest Male and Female students win a gift card to the Campus Bookstore, Fastest Faculty/Staff to win a blueberry bush.

5:00 pm- Saplings kids’ race (1/4 mi loop around the main quad in front of Old Chapel, start at the McCullough Patio)-Prizes and ice cream for all kids.