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Start up in San Fran with alum wants you

Quid, a startup in San Francisco, is looking for a highly analytical grad to work in the Enterprise Client Services division.  This essentially does strategy consulting for clients using their software.

Quid builds software that augments human intelligence. We’re defining a new market and pioneering technology that helps strategic thinkers make decisions in a fraction of the time. Quid algorithms reveal patterns in large, unstructured datasets and then generate beautiful, actionable visualizations.

Our mission: We power human intuition with machine intelligence, enabling organizations to make decisions that matter.

Learn more here and if interested, let me know and I can introduce you to the alum.

Practice case interviews this summer! Apply now for the case buddy program to be matched with an alum

MiddMentoring “Case Buddy” Student application: Consulting case interview preparation summer mentoring program

Midd Mentors provide a significant leg-up in preparing for the critical case interview as part of the hiring process for consulting jobs.

This program is for rising seniors who plan to go through the recruitment process this fall for full time positions after graduation.  You do not have to be interning at a consulting firm this summer to participate.

How it works:  Selected students will be matched with a Middlebury alumnus/a to work together over the summer of 2018. During this time, you and your assigned alumni mentor will engage in a minimum of 3 practice case interviews.  You will together identify goals and expectations, and review and discuss areas of improvement.  You have the option of meeting in person, by video chat, or by phone.  This should all take place during June, July and August.

Please apply here by Sunday, April 29th, 11:55 p.m.  Matches will be introduced in May.

Questions?  Contact Tim in CCI

Innovative start up wants you to intern and change the way the social sector operates

Amplify Civic Advisors designs and builds Pay for Success Projects that bring together social impact organizations, innovative government agencies, and impact investors to radically change the way the social sector operates and is funded.

The projects we build allow governments to pursue innovative social impact projects that will benefit those most in need, without the financial risk of failure. It allows impact investors to invest in innovative social impact projects, with financial returns, if the projects are successful.

Amplify Civic Advisors is a startup consulting firm with people in Chicago and DC.

Learn more here:


The Career Ladder Myth (and Why You Should Pursue a Career Adventure Instead)

I think this article shares some wise advice from the founder of ProFellow.  She has done lots of different things in her life, and the insight she has gathered is valuable.  Such as:

“Our cultural definition of “success” is still deeply rooted in the career ladder myth. Big titles and high salaries are prized possessions we pursue despite the fact that our happiness, health and personal life may suffer in that pursuit.

But think about this – if we cared less about traditional career ladders and more about having a career adventure, we might focus our 20’s gaining the wide variety of skills, experiences, networks and resources needed to create our own jobs in our 30’s.”

Check out the full story HERE.

China Careers Summit in DC May 30. Apply now.

“How Can I Use My China Knowledge? Where Are the Jobs?” Young people who have invested time, energy and resources to study China and its language often ask these questions as they contemplate entering the job market. As part of its mission to strengthen American capacity to understand China, the US-China Strong Foundation, in cooperation with the Sigur Center for Asian Studies at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs, is launching a new initiative to address an important, practical problem commonly faced by talented young people: how do they put their China skills to use in their careers?

We will be inviting 125 college juniors, seniors, and graduate students with China studies backgrounds to join us on the campus of the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. from May 30 through June 1, 2018. Successful applicants for this inaugural CHINA CAREERS SUMMIT will participate in a jam-packed program that will introduce them to the full array of careers in which their skills and China knowledge can be useful.

A glance at the CHINA CAREERS SUMMIT <> will give you an idea of the rich, interactive, and practical event that we are designing.

Southern Poverty Law Center job as Re-enfranchisement Outreach Fellow

Southern Poverty Law Center is seeking to hire three organizers for a one-year commitment to restore voting rights to tens of thousands of Alabamians with felony convictions. The Re-enfranchisement Fellows will provide direct voting rights restoration services, train community leaders on the new law, and engage in a broad public education campaign. Direct services tactics will include hosting clinics and street canvassing.

Check out the full details HERE.

Jeff Stauch ’05 works at SPLC now and alerted me to this opportunity.  Let me know if you’re interested and I can put you in touch.

US State Dept Visit on April 18

Come learn from Diplomat in Residence Jon Danilowicz and other guests about the Consular Fellows Program for graduating seniors and also plan ahead for the early fall deadline for summer 2019 internships.

Wednesday, April 18 at 12:30 pm in Adirondack House Library.

Also, if you’re interested in a short 1:1 20 minute chat with a State Dept rep, click HERE to apply.  You’ll need to submit your resume, then select your interview time.  The first 9 slots filled up, and we added more that morning of April 18.  First come first serve.