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Thinking About Your Future: The Era of the Four-Year Career

For those of you thinking ahead to the job search, I’ve got some interesting news for you! I recently read an article in Fast Company called “The Four-Year Career” that offered some great insight into the future of the career search with the shortening of the job cycle. It offered many suggestions on how to adapt to this shift in the career market and how you can approach your search.

According to recent statistics,  a US worker has been in his or her current job a median number of just 4.4 years, a figure that has gone down sharply since the 1970s. The shortening of the job cycle has been driven by two specific factors: 1) a significant decline in the “long job” aka the traditional 20-year capstone to a career and 2) an increase in what is called “churning”—the movement of workers who, well into their thirties, have been at their job for less than a year.

           What you should know:

The article profiles several individuals who in recent years have begun practicing a “smart strategy”, each who has found his own way to adapt to and succeed to the new career world. In the future, everything that can be collected, condensed, and routinized will eventually be done by machines, and what will set humans apart is both their social and emotional intelligence. It’s important for younger people to build harder skills in the early part of their career—it will give you much more credibility as you move up to higher positions if you’ve done the work yourself. The repackaging of existing skills, along with building new ones, is essential for successful four-year-career shifters; and as Nicole Williams, LinkedIn’s connection director explains, “So many skill sets are transferable” today. For job seekers, telling an appealing story about your career’s unusual and varied path is now an essential aspect of self-marketing.

See Adam Hassler’s background as an example:

Hasler has several of these skills in spades. His interests are transdisciplinary–he’s what might be called a “T-shaped person,” with both depth in one subject and breadth in others. He demonstrates cross-cultural competency (speaking fluent Spanish, living abroad) and computational thinking (learning programming and applying data to real-world problems). The intellectual voracity that drove him to write 50,000 words on Western cultural history while running a coffee shop is a sign of sense making (drawing deeper meaning from facts) and excellent cognitive load management (continuous learning and managing attention challenges). Above all, Hasler’s desire to synthesize his knowledge and apply it to helping people, and his ability to collaborate with those who have different skills, shows a high degree of social intelligence.


To learn more and read the full article, click here.


J Term: PAID Environmental Research Internship

It’s not too late to apply for a Winter Term internship! Check out this great environmental policy opportunity provided by a Midd alum. To get credit for your J Term internship, go to go/wtintern for more information. You’ll just need to apply for credit on MOJO and fill out an add/drop card!



PAID Data Intern Position at Brighter Planet in Shelburne, VT

Deadline: December 1, 2011

This opportunity is provided by Midd alum Robbie Adler ’05. Brighter Planet is a leading provider of carbon and energy calculations that help businesses and clients operate more efficiently, conserve energy and save money. Brighter Planet has received a Social Innovation Award from the Financial Times and was named Best Small Business of 2010 by Discovery Channel.

In this internship you will Identify and evaluate datasets relevant to calculating the impacts of business activities (energy use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.). You will also be responsible for blogging, tweeting, etc. about GHG emissions sources and developments in climate science/policy. This position is a paid internship.

To apply, go to MOJO now!

Deadline Tomorrow–J Term Internships!!

For those who want to get some career experience during J Term, or want to spend J Term exploring their passion there is a wide range of  great Winter Term internship options! Be sure to get on MOJO and apply by Tuesday, November 15th. Each of these opportunities would allow you to get outside the classroom and spend a month in an interactive and hands-on environment! Have you already signed up for a class? No worries–to get credit for your J Term internship, you’ll need to apply for credit on MOJO and then just fill out an add/drop card once you’ve been approved.  Still have questions? Go to go/wtintern to get more information about interning during J Term.

Here are just of the few internship postings up on MOJO:

1. High School Completion Coordinator at Vermont Adult Learning in Middlebury, VT

Interested in education and the non-profit world? Vermont Adult Learning seeks an intern that will help make a difference in the lives of students by providing them better access to educational opportunities. You could combine your interest in the non-profit world with your background as an Education Studies major.

2. Social Justice in Urban Education Experience at West Denver Preparatory Charter School in Denver, CO

This leadership development opportunity would allow you to expand your leadership skills through a mentorship with a teacher and administrator and provide you with insight on the instructional and administrative areas of education.

3. Research and Web Site Intern at Isea Risk in Middlebury, VT

This PAID internship in financing and banking would include constructing a website and conducting background research on essay topics and responses. Along with these responsibilities, this Midd parent has a strong sense that there is a good chance for greater learning and connecting and networking with other people in the field. Even if you are remotely interested in this opportunity, you are encouraged to apply and talk with John more about your interests and how you can contribute.

4. Writer/Blogger position at Film Annex in NYC

Film Annex, online film promotion and distribution company, offers internships to talented students who are seeking careers in film, fashion, journalism, politics, new media, and the arts at large. You will be expected to do interviews and research to strengthen your piece. What’s more you will get to learn about new media and online film distribution, one of the fastest growing and most appealing industries in today’s world. You will network with colleagues, other writers, filmmakers, and get a chance to do coverage at film festivals as well.

5. Legislative Aide at Vermont Farm Bureau in Montpelier, VT

This PAID position is a legislative aide to our lobbyist. General responsibilities include: assisting our lobbyist with agricultural advocacy at the state house, attending meetings, taking notes, analyzing bills, formulating policy positions, answering simple questions, and writing the weekly legislative newsletter that is emailed and mailed to members.


J Term Non-Profit Internship: Deadline November 18

You can still apply for internships for J Term–check out this great non-profit opportunity provided by a Midd alum.

To get credit for your J Term internship, go to go/wtintern for more information. You’ll just need to apply for credit on MOJO and fill out an add/drop card!


Volunteer Coordinator at the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti in Boston, MA

Deadline to apply: November 18

The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) was established to respond to February 2004’s violent and unlawful interruption of Haiti’s democratic process. The Institute fights for the return of democracy and the rule of law to Haiti by documenting human rights violations, disseminating accurate information and pursuing legal claims in Haiti and abroad. Along with their partner organization in Haiti, the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux, they represent victims of injustice, including earthquake victims, survivors of gender-based violence, the unjustly imprisoned, and victims of political persecution. IJDH coordinates grassroots advocacy in Haiti and the US, trains human rights advocates in Haiti, and disseminates human rights information worldwide.

Responsibilities include:

In this position, you will monitor and update IJDH-BAI social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and expand IJDH’s presence on Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn,,, Flickr, Guidestar, and other sites. You will contribute ideas for IJDH’s strategic development as it relates to social media, and you will promote actions, events, speaking engagements, and fundraisers through frequent blast emails to IJDH-BAI supporters. Also, you will assist with press releases to major international new sources and work one on one with Director of Development & Communications on how to improve website.

To apply, go to MOJO now!

PAID Research Internship for J Term–Apply Now!

The deadline is right around the corner for this PAID research internship at Ironwood Capital! Check out this great, paid opportunity provided by a Midd parent.

To get credit for your J Term internship, go to go/wtintern for more information. You’ll just need to apply for credit on MOJO and fill out an add/drop card!


Paid Research Internship at Ironwood Capital in Avon, CT

Deadline to apply: November 16

Ironwood Capital provides vital growth and transition capital to growing, well-managed middle market companies. In this internship position, you would conduct marketing research to generate relationships and deal flow. This work may include research, database management and cold calls on prospective portfolio companies, other investment funds, equity sponsors, banks, finance companies, investment banks, accounting firms, law firms and other intermediaries/influencers. You would become knowledgeable of and comply with all rules and regulations, including those of the SEC and the SBA, that apply to Management and other Ironwood Capital affiliates. Additional assignments as requested by senior management will be available as well.

This opportunity generously provided by a Midd parent. To apply, go to MOJO now!

PAID J Term Internship in Finance and Banking!

It’s not too late to apply for a Winter Term internship! Check out this great, paid opportunity provided by a Midd parent. To get credit for your J Term internship, go to go/wtintern for more information. You’ll just need to apply for credit on MOJO and fill out an add/drop card!


Paid Research and Web Site Internship at Isea Risk in Middlebury

Deadline to apply: November 15

A Midd parent, who recently relocated to the area, is looking for a Middkidd who can help him create a website and do significant research. All of this work can be done from campus, averaging about 5 hours a week; he is looking for someone to start ASAP. Responsibilities would include:

  1. Construction of a secure website in WordPress or Moodle to host an online forum for financial market professionals, policy makers and academia. The website would host and facilitate an interactive discussion of participant essays and responses on global macro topics.
  2. Conducting background research on essay topics and responses. Solid research skills with the ability to organize, digest, and write up research findings are a prerequisite. Background and career interest in the subject matter is preferred. Topics over the next year would include Federal Reserve and central bank decision systems, fiscal system reforms, and political risk models.

Even if you are remotely interested in this opportunity, you are encouraged to apply and talk with John more about your interests.

In addition to the resume and cover letter, in the writing sample, please be sure to include a description of a project that you have worked on. This could be a sample of a research paper or an explanation of some work similar to this area that you’ve done in the past. A junior or senior is preferred. To apply, go to MOJO now!

PAID Urban Education Internship for J Term!

Apply Today! Paid J Term Urban Education Internship at the Paul Cuffee School in Providence, RI

This great internship provides teaching and learning opportunities at the Paul Cuffee School in Providence, RI. The Paul Cuffee School is a public charter school, currently serving 625 students in grades K-10. The majority of the school population is from the city of Providence; most are students of color and live below the poverty level and for many English is a second language. The school is one of the top performing charter schools in the state and is a model for urban school reform initiatives!

The Paul Cuffee School is seeking two interns for J Term! Each student will be assigned to work as an intern with a classroom teacher in the elementary, middle school or high school program. Tasks will vary but may include: observing classes, tutoring, directing small-group work, working with special education students, working in the computer lab and working with outreach programs.

Local housing will be facilitated through Middlebury alumni, and a food stipend will also be provided. This opportunity is organized by Midd Professor Jonathon Miller-Lane in Education Studies. For more information about J Term internships go to go/wtintern today!


Deadline to apply: Sunday, November 13

To apply: go to MOJO


*If you have already registered for a J Term class, but would rather do a Winter Term internship you can still apply for internships through MOJO! If you secure an internship you simply need to fill out an Add/Drop card. To receive credit for your internship, you must apply by November 14.