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A case for giving a year

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City Year is an AmeriCorps program that employs young people in a year (or two) of national service as tutors and mentors in public schools around the country. In light of the upcoming application deadline on November 15, City Year … Continue reading

Top interview mistakes millennials make — and how NOT to make them

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Check out this article from Forbes highlighting some 5 faux pas that millennials (yup, that’s us) tend to make in job interviews. Yikes. Are you embarrassed on behalf of our generation? I’m a little embarrassed. Don’t let this be you, … Continue reading

Career role models: from Indiana Jones to Steve Jobs

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A recent article in Fast Company makes a case for Indiana Jones as the ultimate contemporary career role model — specifically in the business world, but also as a figure of thick-skinned “work-adventure” balance, fresh thinking in a bureaucratic system, … Continue reading

Deadline for ECCD Boston EXTENDED to TOMORROW, Oct. 11!

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The deadline to apply for Eastern College Career Days in Boston has been extended to TOMORROW, Oct. 11, (by midnight).  ECCD Boston, a day-long interview event with multiple employers, will take place on Friday, Nov. 2, at Back Bay Events … Continue reading

What to EAT before an interview

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There are a few givens when it comes to job interviews that we can probably all agree on. Maybe don’t get four hours of sleep the night before an interview. Maybe don’t drink five shots of espresso that morning to … Continue reading

Midd ranked one of the top contributors to TFA

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Middlebury was recently ranked one of the country’s top contributors to Teach for America’s 2012 corps, tying with Williams College in the Small Schools division. Fifteen graduates from Middlebury’s Class of 2012 went on to serve with Teach for America, … Continue reading

TYPEFOCUS Unplugged: Workshop for you this FRIDAY!

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So you took the TypeFocus assessments and got some results. Maybe your results totally jive with the way you already viewed your tendencies, strengths, and values or maybe you’re completely confused about what they mean and you’re freaking out. Maybe … Continue reading