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Zoom at Middlebury

As of July, Middlebury has been using Zoom as its primary video and web conferencing platform for one full year.  Zoom is being used for both large and small meetings as well as classes and webinars.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive and the usage metrics reinforce the positive response.

June Meeting Statistics

June Meeting Locations

Did you know?

  • Only the host of a Zoom meeting needs an account, and anyone from anywhere in the world can join.
  • Up to 100 video or audio participants can join a standard Zoom meeting.
    • By request, Middlebury has large meeting licenses available for up to 200 attendees and webinar licenses which can accommodate up to 500!
  • Zoom can be used as a telephone-only conferencing bridge, replacing existing Verizon conference lines.
  • H.323 / SIP video conferencing endpoints (Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg) can connect to Zoom meetings.

All faculty, staff and students with an address have access to Zoom.  For more information on Zoom, please visit go/zoominfo, or, to sign-in and start using Zoom, visit go/zoom.  Questions about Zoom?  Please submit a Web Help Desk ticket.

Zoom Video Conferencing Update

As of July 1st, 2017, all faculty, staff, and students across the Middlebury Institution now have full access to Zoom.  

For more information or to begin using Zoom, please visit our new Zoom landing page:, and sign in with your Middlebury credentials. 

Please email if there are any further questions.

Zoom Workshops and Online Tutorials!

Hi All,

Media services will be offering Zoom workshops in Library 145 from 2-3pm on March 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd.  We will be covering functionality, best practices and offering demonstrations.  If you’re curious about Zoom, please sign up!  Click here for the sign up sheet.  The workshops will be geared towards people in the Library 145 room but will also be open to remote participants.  The Zoom meeting URL is in the sign up sheet.

If you’d like to begin your Zoom tutelage in advance of the meeting, you can check out some of Zoom’s video tutorials here.

For more information on the Zoom project, click here.

For general questions or to request an account, send an email to  We currently have 150 host accounts which are being handed out on a first-come, first-served basis.



New Polycom Unit in Library 145

The older Polycom HDX unit in Library 145 has reached End of Life as defined by Polycom, and, after noticing a few minor issues, we’ve decided to replace it with a newer Group Series 500 unit.  Functionally, there are very few differences — users can still dial the same numbers and can use the same virtual meeting room, 710145, when using Library 145, and the microphones and camera haven’t changed.

What’s new:

  • New remote control — it’s much shinier and has fewer buttons.  Take a look here.
  • New user-interface — same functionality, different design.
  • Content sharing is automatic — to share content, place your call and then connect the HDMI cable to your computer.  Content will automatically be displayed.

If you have questions about using the new technology in the space, please feel free to check it out or send an email to  The in room instructions will be updated to reflect the changes.


Polycom Testing & Maintenance: Sunday, December 11th

During our regular maintenance window this Sunday morning, December 11th, and continuing into the afternoon, the Polycom video conferencing systems will be down.  Users will not be able to make outgoing or receive incoming calls until the work is completed.

For any video conferencing needs this Sunday, please contact to discuss alternative methods.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to optimize our systems.


Polycom Demo Units

Hi All,

We have temporarily deployed two new Polycom units for testing purposes, one to Library 221 and one to Exchange Street 109.  They both connect to the display via HDMI and are controlled with a remote control.  The necessary testing will be done internally, but I wanted to give potential users of the spaces a heads up.  Please feel free to use the equipment if you’re meeting in one of the rooms and would like to try it out!

One unit is located in Library 221, on top of the display.  It’s connected via HDMI to HDMI 1.  The number for this unit is 802221.  Virtual meeting room (VMR) number is 710221 (this should be used when connecting to more than 1 remote participant).  This is a new unit called the Polycom RealPresence Debut, which is specifically designed for smaller conference rooms.  It will be in place for the next 2-3 weeks.  For the trial, this unit will not be capable of sending content.

The other unit has been deployed to 109 Exchange Street, the small conference room next to the CSNS suite.  The number for this unit is 802109.  VMR number is 710109.  This unit is to test specifically with the Skype for Business pilot but can also be used for other meetings taking place between Exchange street and remote locations.  This unit will be in place for the duration of the Skype for Business trial.  Content must be sent to this unit using the People + Content IP program, found here.  Instructions on sending content using People + Content IP can be found here.  The IP for the unit is: (Directions for using the unit specifically with Skype for Business are forthcoming!).

Please email if you have questions or feedback regarding either of these Polycom devices.




Adobe Connect 9.5

This Sunday evening, Oct 18th, at 11p ET, Adobe Connect will be upgrading to version 9.5.  Here is information from Adobe Connect about with to expect in the new version:

  • The first thing you may notice is the new Adobe Connect logo with a fresh updated look.
  • New features include HTML content support for virtual classrooms, MP4 offline conversion, event registration on mobile devices, improved account usage reports and more.
  • For more detailed information please visit the Adobe Connect User Community site,, for an overview of new features and tutorials.
  • Adobe Flash Player 13.0 is now officially the minimum requirement for attending meetings. To receive optimal performance, we recommend that you get the latest version. Download the latest Flash Player.
  • This update will require a new Adobe Connect Add-in (henceforth referred to as simply “Add-in”) for functionality specific to meeting presenters on Windows and Mac. You will be asked to install the new Add-in when:
    • You try to start/join a meeting for the first time after the Fall release and have an older version of the Add-in installed
    • OR
    • You invoke screen sharing, application sharing, or share PowerPoint (PPTX format) files and do not have the new version of Add-in installed

You can register for a demo, hosted by Adobe Connect, here.

For more information on Adobe Connect 9.5, please check here.

For questions about using Adobe Connect at Middlebury, please e-mail the Helpdesk: