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Middfiles maintenance and restructuring

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Middfiles will be unavailable this Sunday June 3 from 7am- noon EST for maintenance. During this time we will be re-architecting middfiles into 4 separate servers to minimize future disruptions and speed up future recovery processes.

PC/Windows users should not experience any changes.

Apple/Mac users who have drives mapped to middfiles will need to know the names of the new servers to re-connect. We will send out the changes in a future message and we will also post them to our outage/alerts page at

Middfiles Problem Update

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We are still working to fully resolve the issue but if you are using a Windows computer, services to middfiles are currently available.

For Mac computers: Middfiles is also now available for Mac users

How to connect to MiddFiles via SMB on a Mac

1. Open the Finder by clicking on the desktop
2. From the ‘Go’ menu select ‘Connect to Server’
3. In the Server Address field type smb://
4. Click ‘Connect’
5. Complete the Authentication dialog box as follows (Connect as Registered User):
• In the Name field type your Middlebury username
• In the Password field type your Middlebury password
6. Click ‘Connect’

Middfiles Problem

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We have been experiencing recurring issues with Middfiles since Monday, April 2nd. We are working with Microsoft to identify the source of the problem and fix it.

Changes at the Helpdesk

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There have been some changes in the Helpdesk structure that I would like to make you aware of. First, after managing the Helpdesk for over two years, Jim Beauchemin is taking a break from management and stepping into a Senior Technology Specialist role. Jim will join the team of Nate Burt, Mack Roark, Brian Foley, Lisa Terrier and Chris Tangora (who will join LIS in January). Each of the Senior Technology Specialists takes a leadership role at the Helpdesk and shares the duties of working with users in Service Requests, or second tier support. This is the group that takes on the issues that cannot be resolved during the initial phone call, walk in visit or email. In addition, each has unique projects for which they are responsible. Jim has had a tremendous impact on our complex equipment inventory and distribution process, and he will continue to shepherd those important functions, as well as continuing as a system administrator for Heat. Jim will continue to bring leadership and his excellent process management skills to the Helpdesk.

I will be assuming the management of the Senior Technology Specialist group and Service Requests, in addition to my role as Area Director for User Services.

Joe Durante, who joined LIS last year, has been supervising the Student Consultants who work at the Helpdesk. I am delighted to announce that Joe has been promoted to Helpdesk Manager – Call Center and Walk-in. Joe will manage the staff who receive initial Helpdesk calls, emails and walk in visits and resolve as many as possible during that initial contact. Joe will also continue to lead and build our Student Consultant team. Joe brings strong management experience to the management team of User Services, and I am so happy to have him in that group.

We are currently recruiting applications for the open Senior Technology Specialist position recently vacated by Dennis Hadley, and so will continue to see the team grow and evolve.
Please join me in congratulating Jim and Joe on their new roles.

The Life Story of the Fish returns

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The life story of the fish, Curtis, Brian. 1938 was checked out of the Warner Library on November 25th, 1964, and was returned to the Davis Family Library today. Must have been quite an upstream journey.

Google Apps Evaluation Summary: Support (Microsoft/Exchange perspective)

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Support Evaluation – MS/Exchange perspective. Author: Jim Beauchemin
Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps Support

Outline for “Other” Evaluation Presentation

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Google Apps Evaluation Outline
Topic – Other Features/ Applications
Chris Norris – Exchange Presenter, Alex Chapin – Google Presenter, Mary Backus – Moderator
September 3, 2010, 11:00 – 12:00

1. Real time Chat
2. Docs
3. Marketplace
4. Wave
5. Web site creation
6. Video and multimedia