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Mid-Year Performance Evaluations for Staff Members

Annual written performance evaluations are conducted for staff members between January 1 and March 31 of each year as part of the College’s ongoing performance feedback process. Also part of this process, informal performance evaluation meetings are conducted at six-month intervals between the annual written performance evaluations. For most staff, informal evaluation meetings occur between July and September.

The annual evaluation process is designed to give employees and supervisors an opportunity to evaluate work accomplishments and performance during the review period and establish goals and objectives for the future. The informal evaluation provides a valuable opportunity for mid-year feedback, review of the progress in meeting goals, and plans for any necessary adjustments.

Supervisors should be making plans to meet with their staff members to conduct performance discussions if not already completed. Staff and supervisors should contact Human Resources with any questions or concerns about the performance evaluation process.

Recovery Assistance for Those Affected by Hurricane Irene

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has compiled helpful information on federal and state resources available to help Vermont business owners and employees recover from the recent floods: or

Assistance programs include:

  • Disaster unemployment
  • Renters and homeowners grants
  • Housing hotline
  • Legal services
  • Low-interest loans
  • National Flood Insurance Program

To apply for disaster assistance, visit or call 800.621.FEMA (800.621.3362).

Flu Vaccination Clinic for Faculty and Staff

The Human Resources office is pleased to once again offer on-site flu vaccinations for employees of Middlebury College. An open clinic will be held on Wednesday, October 12, from 8-11 a.m. in Mitchell Green Lounge. Pre-registration is not required. Given that there are ample supplies of the vaccine this year, we do not anticipate long wait times.

The cost will be $25 per vaccination, payable by check only to “Middlebury College”. Cash, debit cards and/or credit cards will not be accepted. Receipts will be provided should one wish to submit the expense to one’s insurance for partial reimbursement. Please complete a consent form ( in advance and bring it with you on October 12.

The clinic will be staffed by Marble Works Pharmacy. See the information statement ( for details from the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding the vaccine. Please contact your primary care physician with any questions regarding your ability to receive a vaccine.

‘The Tassel’ by Gary Margolis

It’s the last thing I look for this graduation morning, as I rush to get out the door and drive to campus. Those gold threads, to loop around the button on my mortar board. But it’s not there. I spread out my robe last night, to let a chair iron the wrinkles. I thought I left it on the window seat, where our cat sleeps, where she plays with any dangling thing. I look everywhere it might be, where it might have folded into my satin colors, or fallen underneath.

I’m known for losing things. Ask my cat, who has my keys, my wallet and anything I need.

I can’t wait. I have to be in line by Old Chapel in back of my new Emeriti sign. What difference will it make to anyone, if I don’t have that earned pendulum, swinging from my hat, if I’m wearing a flat, undecorated cap?

I’m driving down Route 30 and see the out-of-state license plates, the symphonic tent, and a sea of white, folding chairs. I’m thinking there might be an extra tassel there. I’m remembering where I am. Middlebury has been the middle of my earth.

I have an hour before marching to my seat. There’s food services handing out breakfast treats. A team of first responders are folding a blanket on their stretcher. The deans stand on the side of the path like flowers. Facilities are their facile selves. A stack of large print programs blooms on a table. Nothing has been left out, forgotten.

I must have known this when I put my tassel down somewhere at home. Probably my cat is sleeping on it, graduating, I could say, to another four years of chasing field mice.

I must have known this is Middlebury and there’s Georgia Best, my last minute savior, from the College Bookstore, with something gold in her hand, as if she knew I’d be here, as if she knew what I could forget. What I still have time, now, to tie onto my table of a hat. As the line begins to move, step, I should say, almost in unison, to that branch of leafy trumpets, a leaving song beneath my breath.

~Gary Margolis Ph.D., ’67


EFAP Offers Resources to Help Create A Will

A will is often one of those things that we keep putting off either because it seems complicated, we don’t know where to start, or maybe we just don’t want to think about actually needing one.  Your EFAP offers resources to help you create a will quickly and easily so that you can mark it off your “to do list” and get onto things that you would rather be doing.  Your EFAP offers the following resources to help you get going: resources for:

  • An Executor’s Checklist
  • Estate Planning
  • Will Document
  • And more…

Legal Counseling

  • Telephonic Consultations for Creating a Will
  • Is a Living Trust Right for You?
  • Choosing an Executor

The Wellness Corporation is just a phone call away…


24 hours/7 days a week