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Friday Links – September 6, 2013

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The history of favicon.ico.

Progressive enhancement is dead but also progressive enhancement is faster. PE, by the way, is the idea of ensuring that a web application is usable across a broad range of browser environments, most recently (and in the linked articles) in the case where JavaScript can’t be used.

Kids can’t use computers” and why we should be worried. “Tomorrow’s politicians, civil servants, police officers, teachers, journalists and CEOs are being created today. These people don’t know how to use computers, yet they are going to be creating laws regarding computers, enforcing laws regarding computers, educating the youth about computers, reporting in the media about computers and lobbying politicians about computers. Do you thinks this is an acceptable state of affairs?”

Australian and New Zealand virtual worlds scoping study: Final report available for download - In 2010-12, with colleagues from Charles Sturt University (CSU), the University of New England (UNE), and the University of Southern Queensland (USQ), I worked on a project that involved conducting an Australia and New Zealand-wide scoping study on the use of virtual worlds for learning and teaching in higher education. The final report from the project is now available as an open-access publication.

MOOCs Meet the Zombie Apocolypse -

How do you get thousands of people excited about an online course in math, physics, and public health that will not earn them formal credit or any kind of certificate?

First, make it a MOOC.

Second, make the central text a popular TV show.

Third, add zombies.

Down the Road, But In the Works: 3-D Video Calls From Skype -

Skype has confirmed it has developed 3D video calls.

The news was revealed by a senior executive in an exclusive interview with the BBC to mark Skype’s 10th anniversary.

Friday Links – August 30, 2013

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Tools That College Students Wish Their Instructors Used Either More or Less, 2013 – Students favored using their laptops over their smartphones to assist in classroom learning. And nearly three quarters wished that their instructors would record lectures more often, so they could be watched later.

The Future of User Behavior: “We’re now increasingly seeing SERPs that are influenced by all kinds of contextual information — the implicit queries. Will Critchlow covers what exactly that means and how it might explain why we see ‘(not provided)’ in our analytics more often than we’d like.”

A Look at PHP’s Continuing Evolution: Larry Garfield, who wrote most of Drupal’s database API, goes over some of the features that have been added to PHP in recent versions to update the programming language.

Drupal considering moving git repositories to github: There are a lot of pros and cons to this, especially with github’s somewhat inconsistent ability to stay available during repeated DDoS attacks.

A Working Demo of the new Drupal Accessibility module: This is something we’ll likely add after the Drupal 7 upgrade. You can give feedback on the module here.

Atomic Web Design: “As the craft of Web design continues to evolve, we’re recognizing the need to develop thoughtful design systems, rather than creating simple collections of web pages.” And the Pattern Lab design tool to help with this.

The Ultimate Guide to CSS Support in HTML emails

Twitter changes the conversion view on its website and mobile app

Friday Links – May 31

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Emdbedding Digital Literacies and enabling change – Report form the “Changing the Learning Landscape” London Event

The Internet of Things – The Internet of Things has emerged as one of IT’s hottest trends of 2013. We have a great set of resources to help you figure out how it can help your business.

Why is Science Behind a Paywall? – The evolution of and economics behind the current model of scholarly communications.

What’s new in MOOCs? “Coursera is recasting itself as a platform for credit-bearing courses that would be offered to students enrolled at multiple campuses within a public-university system.”

Staff matters. “Another side-effect of the executive belief that ‘life is elsewhere’ is that staff members aren’t utilized in transformational efforts. In the pigeonholing that can take place between HR and executive leaders, staff can be overlooked.”

A busy lab

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a busy lab

a busy lab

Students fill the Wilson Media Lab in the Davis Family Library, completing media projects for the end of the semester. A good number of students in this picture are finishing up posters for their theses.

Be Our Guest…

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Yes, I went there, but dancing houseware aside we are very happy to announce the launch of our new Guest System for Middlebury College. This service will allow people who do not already have a relationship with the college to create a username and password that can be used to access some of our web services.

Screen shot 2013-04-03 at 3.33.07 PMNow a guest lecturer can be added to a Moodle course. Collaboration with colleagues from other institutions can happen in a WordPress site. A resident of Middlebury can create a page that shows them the latest athletic scores next to a list of on campus events.

What guests will have access to
Course Scheduler (can create schedules, but not email them)
Portal (can customize their layout)
Commenting on WordPress (
Moodle sites open to anyone with a Middlebury login (placement tests)
Can submit and track their tickets in Web Helpdesk

What guests can be given access to
Can be made contributors/authors/editors of WordPress sites (
Can be made teacher/students of Moodle sites.
Can be made editors of wikis (

What guests will not have access to
Editing in Drupal (,,
Creating GO links
Creating a WordPress site
Public computers
Wireless internet
Course Hub
Uploading to MiddMedia
Ride Board

This list may change over time as new services are added and new needs are identified.

You may test the new Guest System yourself by browsing to and using a or email account.

Moodle Infrastructure Maintenance – Thursday, March 7

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From our Moodle host:

Dear Valued Client,

In the past few weeks, some of our clients have been the target of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks have led to outages for other clients who shared the same internet access points.

To help us detect and prevent this type of attack in the future, Remote-Learner needs to move a critical piece of security infrastructure. The reconfigured hardware will reduce the probability of a successful attack and improve access to the rest of our system during an incident.

We will implement this change during a very brief maintenance window this Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 11:59 PM CST. While the service interruption should not last longer than a couple of minutes, there is a small chance we will require up to 15 minutes.

Thank you for your understanding.


The Remote-Learner Team

Sunday Morning Maintenance

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On Sunday, February 24th, during downtime we will be changing the url of our WordPress instance from “” to “”

The following message was sent to WordPress site owners on Thursday, the 22nd:

Thank you to everyone who participated in our survey on the change from “blogs” to “sites.”

On Sunday, February 24th, during downtime we will be changing the url of our WordPress instance from “” to “”

What you need to do: NOTHING
This change only affects the url in the address bar of a browser, you do not need to move any content in your site.

Will your links still work? YES
We will be setting up a redirect so that anyone trying to visit a site using “” will be redirected to “”

Can I still track visits to my site using Google Analytics? YES
Last January we made a change to have all Middlebury web applications crawled using one Google Analytic account. You will simply need to add the “” address in your segments.

Will this change my site or url if I use another address? Like or NO
Sites that have their own url, their own subdomain, will not be affected by this change.

Please send questions about this change to Joe Antonioli.