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Sub Sandwich? Noooo Subpage (Drupal Classes and Work Sessions)

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Needing to learn how to edit your Department’s webpage? Want to know how to add sub pages, pictures and sidebars?  Checkout go/lisworkshops for upcoming Drupal Intro classes and Work Sessions.  From basic content to sidebars, the intro class will give you what you need to get started.  Join us for a Drupal intro class and, for you more advanced users, bring your challenges to a work session and we’ll help you work through them.

Are you suffering from SSDS (Sidebar, Subpage, Drupal Syndrome)?

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Is your department head asking you to update the department’s web page? Does the thought of adding a sidebar make you call the Helpdesk? Fear not, join me for a Drupal Intro class. We’ll learn the basics of Drupal so you’ll be adding links, pictures, and a host of other cool things to your page the very next day. For you more advanced users who may be struggling with needs beyond the basics, join us for a work session. We’ll help you get the job done and you’ll leave with the “know how.” You can look for upcoming workshop dates at go/lisworkshops and sign up for the class that fits your needs. See you on the sidebar or maybe in a subpage.

Helpful New Middfiles Connection Information

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Please take a moment to check out our new and improved documentation explaining how to establish connections to Middfiles and create shortcuts or aliases to get to documents more quickly.

For Windows (PC) users: Mapping a Network Drive

For Mac users:  Connecting to a File Server and Creating Aliases