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Stats You Can Use (Heating Oil & Propane Prices)

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Wondering about the retail prices of heating oil and propane this winter season? Check out EIA’s Heating Oil and Propane Update (updated weekly). Get prices specific to Vermont for heating oil and propane from the More Price Data section.

Bibliography of children’s and young adult books set in Vermont

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The Green Mountain Sampler,” has been updated. On this fifty-page list are all the books that the Department of Libraries owns that are set in Vermont, or about Vermont or Vermonters. This is not a selected, recommended list, but rather an all inclusive one. It is here. (From VTlibraries listserv).

Several New Library Database Trials

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The Library currently has access to the following databases on a trial basis:

E-Books: Ebrary and EBL collections
Films on Demand

Access information and details are available on the New & Trial Databases page.

Celebrate Constitution Day, September 17th

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You don’t have to be taking a class on constitutional law to reflect about the importance of the US Constitution or debate the issues.   There are library databases, publisher, government, and other websites that feature articles and other content to highlight or debate aspects of our Constitution.  Here are a few:

U.S. National Archives Constitution Day page
Also see their electronic version of the Constitution of the United States

NewsBank (publisher of the library database Archive  of Americana) Special Reports: The U.S. Constitution page

Find addtional library databases on the library subject guides.

JSTOR Journals – 2 new collections added

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JSTOR – Collections V & VI added
Collection V title list. Description: “…important literary reviews and state historical journals. It will also widen the scope of core disciplines in the arts and humanities, such as philosophy, history, classics, religion, art and art history, and language and literature.”

Collection VI title list. Description: “…extends JSTOR’s coverage in disciplines across the social sciences, with clusters focused in economics, education, linguistics, political science, and area studies.”

See other library resources added recently here.

New Library Databases and Resources

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The librarians often wait to select new database purchases or subscriptions until the end of the fiscal year, when it is more clear how much money is available.  So far this year, we were able to add the following databases/resources:

ProQuest Historical Newspapers – Added 3 black newspapers:  Chicago Defender; Pittsburgh Courier; Atlanta Daily World . Also added Boston Globe.

Latin American Newspapers, 1805 – 1922

Readers’ Guide Retrospective, 1890 – 1982

Scientific American

Social Explorer (premium edition)

Periodicals Archive Online ( more journals added)

For full descriptions with links, see the New and Trial Databases page: or http://go/trials

A few other resources will be announced, once they become available.

Featured Library Resource: CQ Researcher Offshore Drilling Report

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Interested in weekly reports that analyze current issues?  Check out the latest CQ Researcher Report:

Offshore Drilling: Is tougher federal oversight needed?”

Each CQ Researcher report provides an introduction to an issue along with overview; background; current situation; outlook; pro/con; chronology, and more. Other recent reports include Water Shortages; Health Care Reform; Jobs Outlook; and U.S. – China Relations.  To see other reports use the go shortcut http://go/cq and choose CQ Researcher.  Add as RSS feed for the reports or sign up for weekly email alerts from the left menu bar. Additional library resources can be found listed by subject on the library Subject Guides found on the library homepage or using the go shortcut http://go/subjectguides.