An Internship a Day….Communications Winter Term Internship Still Available!

For those who missed the Oct. 9th deadline, no need to worry–there are still a bunch of exciting J Term internships that you can apply for today! Every day this week I’ll be posting a new Winter Term internship opportunity that is still on MOJO. Stop by MOJO to learn more or find other J Term opportunities. Remember, the deadline to apply for credit is October 28.


Today’s internship: Animal Planet TV 101 at Discovery Commuications

Spend your J Term in NYC with “Animal Planet TV 101″  at Discovery Communications. Discovery Communications is the world’s number one nonfiction media company. The program will spotlight different stages of the creative process each week, giving you exposure to research, casting and field work, production, and programming. You could be behind the scene of television programming at every level! You will also have an opportunity to work on an independ project under the guidance of an executive mentor who you can consult about the project and your career goals.

Deadline to apply via MOJO: Friday, October 14