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American Retroworks

Fare Trade Recycling Intern

Opportunity generously provided by Midd Alum!

Fast-growing, 25 person company, specializing in end-of-life solutions and reuse for electronic waste. Despite our relatively small size, we are driving the “best practices” discussion on an international level.

We are looking for student interns to assist in the roll-out of our Fair Trade Recycling program. The position(s) may include travel to Mexico, Ghana, or Malaysia.

Our primary goal is to have help translating our business plans and operational documents into Spanish.

Also, we would require any intern to do at least some work in our warehouse in order to best understand the business, and to develop a rapport with our warehouse staff. Warehouse work means lifting some moderately heavy objects, and getting about as dirty as you would working in the organic garden. Past this point, the job description can be tailored to the interests of the applicant.

(** = required)
Fluency in English and Spanish or Chinese**
Willingness to travel**
10 hours+ / wk during business hours (8-5)**
Willingness and ability to do some physical labor (some warehouse work required)**
Excellent writing and composition skills
Experience with visual media (video editing, graphic design, etc)
Proficient in Word and Excel

Internship application due : October 3 (deadline extended!)

Apply via MOJO!