MIIS Email confusion

Email addresses from the Monterey Institute of International Studies can have one of the following three formats:

  • jantonio@miis.edu
  • Joseph.Antonioli@miis.edu
  • jantonio@exchange.miis.edu

With regards to MIDDBlogs, any of the email addresses can be used to register for a blog. The catch is that you have to remember which one you used. If you registered and created your own blog, you will need to use the same email address when someone adds you to their blog.

One thought on “MIIS Email confusion

  1. Lynn McDonald

    If you sign up with a miis.edu email, do you use that password? I have a blog with exchange, but I’d love one for the new digital media commons here on campus under dmc@miis.edu email account. Is this possible? Thanks so much!!!


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