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The Persistence of Memories: Art as Portkey

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We humans have a habit of storing memories and feelings just about everywhere. The house, the car, the cat, articles of clothing, coffee mugs, lost teeth, and locks of hair. Really, anything will do as a repository for the moments … Continue reading

Rackstraw Downes, Unfinished

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“The artist who searches for subject matter is like someone who can’t get out of bed without understanding the meaning of life.” –Fairfield Porter When I think about pencil drawings my mind inevitably wanders to Robert Frost’s Mending Wall. “Something … Continue reading

Being Richard Dupont

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As I watched our preparators put the finishing touches on the installation that now occupies the museum’s upper balcony—four heads by New York artist Richard Dupont, generous and timely loans from a private collection—my mind was overrun with clichés about … Continue reading