Welcoming Incoming Feb’s!

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Mac Family

Mac Family

The College Bookstore would like to welcome all of the incoming students! Congratulations on a job well done in getting here!

We want to let both students and parents know about the educational savings the students get here at the College Bookstore on Mac’s as well as AppleCare and other Apple merchandise like the Time Capsule which is a Wireless external hard drive that backs up automatically so students never loose there important work or photos!

There are extra savings to be had for purchasing your Mac with us.  Purchase a $1000 Panther Gift Card that you can use toward the purchase of your Mac and receive the additional $50 from Panther Points up front on the Panther Gift Card which would then be worth $1050.  That is good dollar sense!Panther Gift Card

Along with receiving the educational pricing on the Mac and other Apple merchandise, the student receives a free download of Microsoft Office as well. Just another benefit the Middlebury College provides.


A Reminder to Graduates

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With graduation for the Febs just around the corner, we wanted to remind you of all of the deals you are eligible for as a student at Middlebury-once you graduate, you are no longer eligible!

As a student, you receive education pricing discounts on Apple computers and ipads. Additionally, when you purchase your computer at the college you receive a free download of the Microsoft office suite. And, if you are looking for more professional software, the bookstore also has education on the adobe suite as well! These make purchases from the apple desk make the perfect graduation gift, either for the Feb in your life or for yourself before entering the next step of your journey beyond Middlebury!

Thinking about getting an iPad?

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iPad 3rd GenerationIf you have been thinking about getting a new iPad because you are seeing so many others working with them, you have great luck.  Apple is having a special sale on them from January 13th though January 26th.

iPad 3rd Generations Sale!

$20 off black iPad 3rd G 16GB Verizon  Wireless Discounted at $579.00,

 now $559.00

$40 off White iPad 3rd G 32GB Discounted at $549.00,

now $509.00

$40 off White iPad 3rd G 64GB Discounted at $649.00,

now $609.00

$60 off Black iPad 3rd G 32GB Verizon Wireless Discounted at $679.00,

now $619.00

$60 off Black iPad 3rd G 64GB Verizon Wireless discounted at $779.00,

now $719.00

$60 off White iPad 3rd G 64GB AT&T Discounted at  $779.00,

now $719.00 

iPad Give-a-Way

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iPad Give-a-wayWe gave away a brand new iPad 3rd Generation during our Student Appreciation night before the Holiday break to a very grateful Senior.  When asked if she was going to give that as a gift, she replied that she thought she would like to keep the iPad for herself.

The iPad is a light-weight alternative to bringing your Mac to class.  You can take notes, check email, write your papers and give a presentation by hooking up directly to overhead projectors with them.   We have many selections including the iPad Mini which was the hottest new item for the 2012 Year.

Look for more student appreciation events in the future.

News for our Apple Authorized Tech, Ark Lemal-

We are seeing many laptops coming in with water and/or “sticky substance” damage which could have been prevented by purchasing a keyboard cover to help reduce the possibility of liquid getting at your keyboard when cramming for finals.

Ark Lemal’s hours will remain Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons this semester.

iPad Mini Demo Display is Here!

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Come in and take a look at just how great this new addition to the iPad family really is.  We have both the White iPad Mini, which has the Silver aluminum back and the Black iPad Mini, which has the charcoal-gray Slate back.  Both enclosures are created from a solid block of aluminum for a sleek and durable finish.  These iPad Mini’s weigh less, and are only 3/4 of the size of its larger relative, but it has all the same features as the iPad 3. You can read a book, listen to your music, write a novel, take pictures and record videos, email or video talk with FaceTime  and all the other incredibly amazing things you can do with the larger version.

Check them out- they will make a great holiday gift!


iPad Mini available now!

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We now have available for purchase, the new iPad Mini which with a 7.9″ display, is about 3/4 of the size of the regular iPad giving the owner the full iPad experience in a smaller, more compact and portable way.  Perfect for the person who didn’t want to carry around the iPad because it wouldn’t fit in your pocket. It has a smaller price tag starting out at $329.00 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model. We currently have the 32GB iPad Mini in stock with more styles arriving daily. For your shopping convenience, we are including a link below to the iPad Mini’s to see for yourself the price tags.

iPad Mini link

New 13″ MacBook Pro With Retina Display

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In addition to the 15″ Macbook Pro with retina display, apple has releases a 13″ version of the Macbook Pro with Retina display. With a multi-touch trackpad, lightweight body, and flash storage, not to mention the retina display, it makes for a wonderful student computer. We are now carrying them in the campus store, so stop by today to get one for yourself!



New iPad Mini

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This new addition to the Apple family will be in the College Bookstore by next week.  This mini is now only 7.9 inches compared to its larger sibling which is 10 inches.  Apple wants the owner to experience the beautiful screen and enjoy all the capabilities of a regular iPad, so their screen is larger than a tablet for better viewing of movies, pictures and documents…and it is easier for reading and interacting with than on a tablet.  These new iPad mini’s also make the iPad more affordable now with the starting price of $329.00 for a 16GB WiFi only model versus the starting price of the regular iPad is $499.00 for the 16GB WiFi only model.  We can take pre-orders on them so you are guaranteed one as soon as they are in. The Holidays are Coming! Call us at 802/443-2038 for options.