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We have been busy creating a new Apple Area for a more enjoyable experience checking out our Mac’s, iPad’s, iPod’s and accessories. We now have more room for you to try out the Apple merchandise and there is more merchandise to get your hands on with the new addition of the iPod 5th Gen on display and the iPod Nano soon to follow along side the iPad Retina and the iPad Mini to check out.  Also, do not miss the chance to see the Mac Retina Display, on the New Mac Display Table, with newly discounted pricing.

mac retinaThe 13″ Mac Retina is now $1399.00 (128GB Drive) and $1499.00 (256GB Drive) dropped from $1599.00 and $1899.00 and the 15″ Mac Retina is now $1899.00 (256GB Drive)and $2299.00 (512GB drive) dropped from $1999.00 and $2599.00.


The MacBook Air 13″ (256GB Drive) price dropped to $1349.00 from $1499.00. Mac Air

Come in and check out our Great lower Pricing while you check out the new look to our store.

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