Mac Protection!

There are creatures of habit out there who just know what is best for their Mac to help protect it from scratches, getting dirty or gooey!  We get plenty of Mac’s in here for repair whose owners are clearly not the “creatures of habit” a fore mentioned.  The Mac’s are scratched, dented and grungy or the keyboards are encrusted with unknown particles.  These Mac’s have a shorter life and die an early, sad death.  To help preserve the life of your Mac, new or otherwise, keep it in a Neoprene or Case and get a keyboard cover to keep the crumbs out when your cramming during finals in a few weeks!

Inevitably, we get a few Students (Faculty and Staff too) who come in saddened or distressed that their Mac is “dying” during finals weeks due to issues related to liquid damage that may have been thwarted by a keyboard cover.  Often liquid can “destroy” the logic board which will rust up due to any liquid nearing it.

We sell keyboards in many colors including clear which makes it almost impossible to see one is the doing the job of saving your Mac!  Find them on the link below!

Keyboard Covers

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