VIIIth International Virtual Forum


Join us from October 1-6, 2016 in our eighth virtual (online) conference from Istanbul Turkey. The theme of the conference is

Aspects of the Humanities in Geo-Cultural Space.

The conference program (the program):  forum forum-program-9/28/2016

Collected papers (Collection of Reports) of the conference were published.

Official opening and photographs.

A Final Report


Papers may be written and presented in either English, Russian or Turkish (the working languages of the conference). Accepted papers will be published. This is a marvelous opportunity to participate and interact with colleagues in an International Conference from the convenience of your home or office. CAN the BE sent Questions to the conference Organizers or the below the listed Directly to Prof. Thomas.Beyer 



Turkey, Istanbul, Istanbul University

USA, Vermont, Middlebury College

     Japan, Kyoto, Kyoto University-Sang

South Korea, Chung, University Sang – Myung

Slovakia, Nitra, Constantine the Philosopher University


VIII International Forum in the real and virtual mode

(1 October – 6 October 2016)

“HUMANITARIAN ASPECTS The geo-cultural space”



Actuality :

International Coordinating Council (the United States, Armenia, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Czech Republic, South Korea, Japan) continues the project “Creating a virtual educational and scientific space intellectual community” and invites scientists, educators, university professors, graduate students and undergraduates to participate in the VIII International virtual forum – Istanbul 2015: “Humanitarian aspects of geo-cultural”, which will take place on 01.10-06.10.2016 at Istanbul University.

In connection with the increasing cooperation of representatives of many cultures in various fields of science and education, there is a need to unite their efforts to discuss the existing problems and the implementation of joint projects. Unification intellectual community’s efforts to help further improve the methods of teaching the native and foreign languages and literature, conducting adaptive courses on intercultural communication, carrying out research in the field of linguistics and is a necessary factor for its development. Of particular interest is the study of languages, including Russian language in foreign language environment due to intensive processes of international migration and adaptation problems, attempt to training and education bilingual person capable of communication in a multicultural environment.


The purpose of the forum: to combine linguists, methodologists, cultural studies, literary scholars and teachers from different countries to identify and comprehensive analysis of current issues in the humanitarian activities of national societies, finding ways to enhance the effectiveness of international cooperation, a culture of communication in real and virtual formats, integration of research and teaching building professionals through the creation of innovative cross-cultural educational and scientific environment.



Research fields:

1.Inostrannye languages and methods of teaching them. Intercultural Aspects of pedagogical activity.

2.Innovatsii in philological science.

3.Vozrastanie role of bilingualism in modern society: bilingual education.

4.Informatsionnye technologies and smart technologies in education. E-Learning Methodology. Multimedia .

5.Literaturnye horizons.

6.Sotsiokulturnye international migration.


The official languages of the Forum: English, Russian, Turkish

The Forum will take place in the mode ADOBE CONNECT PRO MEETING and Skype


Forum is planning to hold discussion platforms 6 with the connection of computer equipment, during which will be discussed innovative areas of theory and practice of training, cross-cultural adaptation and migration issues, bilingual education, smart technology, philological and literary problems. Intensive work will be carried out: at every discussion platform being discussed under the leadership of co – chairmen, together with the participants of the forum teachers of the leading universities and schools, connecting virtual participants. At the end of the discussion forum will be summed up at each site, put forward innovative proposals for discussion in subsequent forums.

The following virtual conferences have been held for seven years:

  1. Educational cultural space of the CIS and Europe: Information technology in learning Russian language in not language high schools, Yerevan, 2008
  2. Information educational space: The International Planet “Russian Language”, Yerevan, 2009
  3. Information and communication technologies in Russian studies: current status and outlook, Yerevan, 2010
  4. Educational technologies in virtual linguistic and communicative space, kollezhd Middlebury, Vermont, United States, 2011 edu / mesiv / files / 2014/01 /
  5. International Education Summit “at the crossroads of cultures.” Creative, a discussion seminar of heads of departments of the Russian language for the webinar, October 14, 2011 the www . Mesi . Am , the www . Mesi . Ru , the www . Rurik . Se , the www . Russian . Mir , the www . Russian . De
  6. Virtual World Congress of Russian philology and culture of the “Planet” Russian Language “in the linguistic and communicative space”, Armenia, Italy, the USA, South Korea, the Linguistic Centre of CLA, Forli, Italy, 2012 http : // mesi . Cliro . Unibo . it
  7. International virtual forum in Japan 2014: Socio-cultural and philological aspects of the educational and scientific context, Kyoto University, Japan, September 25-29, 2014,  http : // the www . Kyoto the su . Ac to . By jp / english / A school of / location The . The html

As a result of virtual forums were co-written monographs, textbooks, articles and an exchange of experience between universities (lectures, organized workshops, webinars, etc.).



Requirements for registration materials .


Text volume – 4-5 pages

  • The text is done in Microsoft Office Word 2003 editor
  • font Times New Roman
  • the main text – font 12 pt, line spacing – single;
  • width adjustment;
  • page size – A4, portrait orientation;
  • margins: top – 2 cm, bottom – 2,5 cm, left / right – 2 cm;
  • indent (paragraph) is five marks (1.25 cm);
  • page numbers are not put down
  • in the presence of tables, their width should be equal to 10.8 cm, font size 10 pt in the table, with no padding.

All references to sources are given in the text in brackets after the quote (first specified number of the source, and then, after the decimal point – the page number), for example: [1, 98]. References at the end of the article titled “References” in alphabetical order (size 10 pt). The electronic sources you must specify the address and date of treatment.

Title of the article – kegl14 pt. bold.

Specify the name, academic degree, title, position, name of the university, city, country – size 12 pt.


Articles written in Russian decorate abstract and keywords in English, English-language articles – draw up the summary and key words in Russian, articles in Turkish -oformlyayut abstract and keywords in English and Russian language .


The application and the report are recovering in a separate file (application-Andropov Andropov-LM article LM) by e-mail:

The E- mail address: ifistambul @ a gmail. Com

The E- mail address: eminar @ mail address . Ru

The forum participants will receive certificates .

The deadline for applications for the sacrifice of up to 10  mA I 2016 for ochnikov and external students.



Registration fee: for the full-time participation 100 $

For participants in absentia $ 70


The cultural program includes a tour of the ship.


Application form:

International Virtual Forum

Humanitarian aspects of geo-cultural



1-6 on October 2016 the year , Istanbul , Turkey



  • the applicant’s profile


Full name :
Direction (heading)
Academic degree
The main place of work (study)
Address (postal code, city, street, house.)

Full-time or part-time








Date of application: Number   Month   Year 2015
Please send this form to two e-mail:

Acceptance of applications and articles for participation in the forum:

April 15 201 6 g




Phone point is valid, it is desirable for fast mobile connection







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