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Tuition reimbursement – reduced employment period to qualify

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The following is from Naomi Neff, Representative from District A:

Members of Staff Council wish to extend a big thank you to President Ron Liebowitz for his quick response to our request to look into the waiting period for tuition grants for dependent children of employees. President Liebowitz acknowledged that this was an area that had been identified as one to review and assured us that he would pursue our request. In less than 2 months we were thrilled to receive news that the policy had been amended to the following:

Effective 7/1/11, the dependent children of employees who have worked at the College for at least 4 full-time years will be eligible to receive tuition grants.  Currently, benefits-eligible employees/parents must have worked at the College for at least 10 full-time years to qualify for this program.

We continue to meet with President Liebowitz and he is always looking for areas of interest to staff. The above shows that he really is listening! Any requests or suggestions that staff would like us to bring to his attention, please contact your district representative or post your ideas on this blog.