Tuition reimbursement – reduced employment period to qualify

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The following is from Naomi Neff, Representative from District A:

Members of Staff Council wish to extend a big thank you to President Ron Liebowitz for his quick response to our request to look into the waiting period for tuition grants for dependent children of employees. President Liebowitz acknowledged that this was an area that had been identified as one to review and assured us that he would pursue our request. In less than 2 months we were thrilled to receive news that the policy had been amended to the following:

Effective 7/1/11, the dependent children of employees who have worked at the College for at least 4 full-time years will be eligible to receive tuition grants.  Currently, benefits-eligible employees/parents must have worked at the College for at least 10 full-time years to qualify for this program.

We continue to meet with President Liebowitz and he is always looking for areas of interest to staff. The above shows that he really is listening! Any requests or suggestions that staff would like us to bring to his attention, please contact your district representative or post your ideas on this blog.

Former Gov. Douglas to present a Learning Lunch!

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Staff Council is very pleased to announce that Executive in Residence and former Vermont Governor Jim Douglas will be presenting a Learning Lunch on Wednesday, January 19th at noon.  The location is nearly certain to be McCullough Social Space, but we are awaiting confirmation before sending an all-staff message.

Another “Learning Lunch” – Admissions and Athletics Recruiting

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Is there a young athlete in your life that you are or soon will be helping navigate the NCAA admissions process? Staff Council is very pleased to offer an opportunity for you to learn more about it.

Erin Quinn, Director of Athletics has generously volunteered to help demystify how NCAA recruiting works, and help prepare parents and friends of athletes in that process. Bring your lunch and learn how it works from the inside!

Wednesday December 1st, 12:15-1pm, Kenyon Lounge.

Please join us!

Open meeting – SRC update

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For those who could not attend, click here to listen to the audio from the presentation.
With deep gratitude to David Kloepfer for recording and to Scott Witt for editing.

Upcoming Learning Lunches

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Is your high school student considering college, but boggled by the admissions process? Staff Council invites staff members to attend an informational talk that will help you understand how it all works!

Please bring your lunch and join us for one of our Learning Lunch series “Demystifying the College Admissions Process.” Bob Clagett, Dean of Admissions, and Jacqueline Davies, Student Services Director for Student Financial Services, have kindly offered to help take the mystery out of the process! Staff Council is sponsoring these two opportunities for you to talk with those who know!

Demystifying the College Admissions Process
Presented by Bob Clagett
Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 12:15
Emma Willard Conference Room

Demystifying the College Financial Aid Process
Presented by Jacqueline Davies
Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 12:15
Emma Willard Conference Room

Seeking Your Input – Your Voice Matters

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Following up on Arabella’s post about MCSC seeking input from Staff to present at the October meeting with the Trustees, Staff Council has published a short survey to allow staff an opportunity to raise their voice.  The data collected will be used to prioritize the issues that Staff Council discuss with and present to the Trustees.Currently, there have been nearly 200 responses to the survey since it was distributed to staff earlier this week.  The data and comments shared thus far are proving very informative and will certainly help our efforts to focus the conversation with the Trustees upon the issues and concerns of the staff as a whole.  MCSC is working on a method to present to staff the findings of the survey.

So if you have already responded to the survey thank you. 

If you have not responded you still have until September 30th to do so.  Click here to link to the survey

Lastly, please encourage other members of the college staff to find the time to raise their voice show their satisfactions and concerns via the survey.  

 Please talk it up and encourage your coworkers to fill it out.

October meeting with the Trustees

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It’s not even August, but we’re already formulating our agenda for our meeting in October with a committee of the Board of Trustees. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far. Please let us know if you have additional concerns!
1. “The New Normal”: the number of staff has been reduced, “things not to do” are (sometimes) identified, but then some months later they get put back on the “to do” list. Many staff members feel that expectations have not been lowered even though the administration has said they should be. (We have specific examples from across campus.)
2. Committees (the Benefits Advisory Committee and the SRC’s Wage and Salary Committee) that were established in the last couple of years to participate in policy discussions related to compensation and benefits are either no longer convened or have been reduced to a role of “approving” policies established without their participation. MCSC feels it is appropriate that we have a more active role in these important policy discussions.
3. Is the previously stated target of 850 staff still a valid number given a) no apparent decrease in expectations of services (see item number 1) and b) improved budget forecasts?
4. Staff morale is very low for a number of reasons:

    Staff numbers have decreased but expectations and requirements for their work have not (see item number 1).

    Units that have lost the most staff are also the units who have had to relocate to smaller, less functional office space, or they are the ones performing the moves (Facilities Services). Further, the compressed timeframes required for these moves (in order to bring dorm space online for Fall) made it logistically overwhelming for Facilities and also difficult or impossible to modify the new spaces to function appropriately. Yet the staff affected by these moves are still trying to meet the same level of service that was expected of them three years ago.

    The ERPs and VSP has not only resulted in the loss of valuable institutional memory that affects work units and the college as a whole, but also the loss of long-time colleagues who have become close friends over the years makes many of the work environments on campus less congenial than they were a year or so ago.

    Minimal, flat raise levels over the last two years, while economically understandable, have coincided with the most stressful times for employees. This has further lowered morale.