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Friday, October 7, 2011


Bike Shop in Adirondack Basement

Back by popular demand!


Whether you have just recently purchased a bicycle or you are just taking your bicycle out of storage for the year, it is useful, fun and economical to know how to do your own bicycle maintenance work.  This Learning Lunch will cover everything from changing flat bicycle tires to adjusting bicycle derailleurs.  Get acquainted with the fundamentals of bicycle maintenance and repair by dissecting a bicycle and learning how to put it back together in working order. Cris DiOrio ‘12, student manager of the bike shop on campus, will share his expertise on all things bike-related!


Please join us and feel free to bring your lunch.  Please post for your colleagues who do not have easy access to email.


3 Responses to Basic Bicycle Maintenance – next Learning Lunch

  1. Tricia Summers says:

    These sound great!
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  3. Lina says:

    Hi, there! Do you still organize such events? I have recently purchased a byke and want to know all the tricky things about its good maintenance. Thanks in advance for the answer.

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