* indicates thesis student               ^ indicates co-author

 Current research students

Betty Kobia (Chemistry, 2016)

* (Katilin) “Finky” Fink (Chemistry and Economics, 2016)


 Former research students & what they’re up to

Mary Richards (Environmental Chemistry, 2015) GIS Intern, The Nature Conservancy, Juneau, Alaska

* Jack Kerby-Miller  (Environmental Chemistry, 2014.5) Environmental Consulting at the Stone House Group, Bethlehem, PA

Emily Auran  (Environmental Chemistry, 2014) Medical School, Columbia University, New York, NY

Connor Stoll (Biochemistry, 2014) Medical School, Baylor University, Waco, TX

* Elaine Dellinger (Biochemistry, 2014)  Research Assistant, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY

Kiya Vega-Hutchens (Environmental Chemistry, 2014)

Kristina Conroy (Pyschology, 2014) Research Coordinator, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Alyssa Kronen (Environmental Biology 2013) Medical school, University of Washington

*^ Malcolm Littlefield (Environmental Chemistry 2013) Environmental Consulting, SunBug Solar, Somerville, MA

* Annie Mejaes (Environmental Chemistry 2013) Outreach Intern, Oceana, Washington, DC

Angela Todd (Environmental Chemistry 2013)

Bianca Dragone (Environmental Chemistry 2012). Environmental Technology Consulting,  Lucid, Oakland, CA

Amy Prescott (Environmental Chemistry 2012). Medical School, Georgetown University

Ali Siegel (Environmental Chemistry 2012). Program Empowerment Director at DREAM (Village mentoring program)

^ David Fouhey (Computer Science 2011). Ph.D. candidate in Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University

Eleanor Horowitz (Environmental Chemistry 2011)

* Alice Wisener (Environmental Chemistry 2011).  Staff at EnerNOC (energy management)

*^ Zheng Zheng (Environmental Chemistry 2011). Ph.D. candidate in Analytical Chemistry at University of Michigan

^ Bobby Levine (Molecular Biology & Biochemistry 2010). Ph.D. candidate in Bioengineering at University of Michigan

 Emma Johnson (Environmental Chemistry 2010). Medical student at University of New Mexico


 *^ Benjamin Estabrook (Environmental Chemistry 2009). M.S. candidate in Environmental Policy & Economics at Georgetown University

 Elizabeth Kelley (Environmental Policy 2009). Senior research analyst, applying to graduate school in public health

Emily Picciotto (Environmental Chemistry 2009). Veterinary student at Tufts University

Ryder Musselman (Geology 2008). Environmental (geology) consulting

Laura Kuhl (Conservation Biology and Sociology/Anthropology 2007)

 *^ Ross Lieb-Lappen (Environmental Chemistry 2007). Ph.D. candidate in Engineering at Dartmouth College

  ^ Katie Harrold (Environmental Chemistry 2006.5). Ph.D. candidate in Environmental Chemistry at University of North Carolina

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