Molly S. Costanza-Robinson

Professor of Environmental Studies and Chemistry & Biochemistry

I came to Middlebury in 2005, after completing my Ph.D. in Soil, Water & Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry at The University of Arizona and postdoctoral work in Environmental Chemistry at Northern Arizona University. My teaching and research in the Program for Environmental Studies and the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Middlebury College focus on contaminant fate and transport in environmental and engineered systems. Current projects include understanding the fundamental chemistry underlying the removal of contaminants from water by engineered clay-mineral adsorbents and testing school drinking water for lead. I advise students majoring in Chemistry and Environmental Studies-Chemistry and welcome motivated students from many majors into my research group. Click around to learn more about our work!

When I’m not working, I spend much of my time with family and friends exploring the Vermont and Adirondack landscapes while cycling, hiking, and skiing…or rehab-ing in the gym after some injury or another….

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