Welcome! I am Middlebury’s environmental chemist, and my teaching and research in the Program for Environmental Studies and the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry focuses on interdisciplinary environmental science and the chemistry of organic environmental contaminants. I advise students in ES and Chemistry who are pursuing the Environmental Studies-Chemistry joint major or a major in Chemistry & Biochemistry.

My research and teaching reside happily at the interface of multiple scientific disciplines and perhaps fittingly, my research itself often focuses on environmental interfaces, including the how pollutants behave at mineral-water interfaces. Students in my lab have majored in environmental chemistry, chemistry, biochemistry, conservation biology, computer science, psychology, and molecular biology and biochemistry, and even political science. Click around to find out more!

I am on sabbatical leave during Fall/Winter 2015-16, but will return in spring 2016 to direct the Environmental Studies Program and to teach

  • Environmental Chemistry (CHEM 270), an interdisciplinary lecture+lab course, in which students learn to use molecular structure of environmental toxicants (including pesticides, pharmaceuticals, endocrine disrupting chemicals) to understand and predict their environmental fate and their implications for human and environmental health. Labs introduce students to aspects of pollution source fingerprinting, air-quality monitoring, contaminant remediation and toxicology.
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