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TV vs. Film

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I’ve been watching a great deal of television as of late – by which I really mean to say, the past three years. I used to think that I only wanted to work in film, to make grande acrylic opus’ … Continue reading

Fuller… Chapter 6: The Movie Fan

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I challenge you, or anyone for that matter, to find someone in this country who doesn’t like movies – aside perhaps from some 97 year-old evangelical woman with clinical cinephobia who lives in the middle of the desert. Or the … Continue reading

Fuller…Chapter 5: The Picture Palace

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It never ceases to amaze me how thin the veil of class divisions are, how alike we all really are, that, at the very heart of things, everyone wants to experience the same fundamental feelings and exercise the same natural senses. … Continue reading

Fuller… Chapter 4: Alternative Viewing.

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I remember being in elementary school and praying for the teacher to be out sick or too tired to deal with us – anything that might result in a sacred hour and a half of staring at that small fuzzy … Continue reading

Lulu in Hollywood: the Quest for Veracity.

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Something that has always amazed me is how differently stardom is approached today than in was in the first half of the century. What makes “Old Hollywood” so damn glamorous? It certainly isn’t just the clothes and the hair and … Continue reading

Fuller Chapter 3… the Power of a Nickel

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When I was a little girl, I would make my grandfather tell me about his parents. The idealized and dewy eyed six year old me imagined them to be much like the immigrant animated mice in Feviel goes west, except … Continue reading

Fuller Chapter 2… the Geography of Viewership

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Too often I forget how incredibly massive the United States actually is; how diverse it’s people and opinions and tastes. No, I’m not a total idiot, I just live in the pleasantly opaque bubble of an East Coast Liberal arts … Continue reading

Prague’s Secret Son… Laterna Magika

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No need for a paternity test, Laterna Magika is indeed the illegitimate child of socialism! Yes, Laterna is a healthy, thriving, baby boy… with split personality disorder and a mild case of OCD. Highly functioning, but not your textbook definition … Continue reading

Buster Keaton: from Vaudeville to the Dirty Sheet

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So I forget who said it, obviously, because the brain is an imperfect sieve of imperfect thoughts…. But some important film theorist, be in Bazin or whomever, called the medium of Film the “intersection of the plastic and the rhythmic … Continue reading

Fuller’s “Boundaries of Perception”

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“Audience participation,” something most frequently thought reserved for Raffi concerts and midnight screenings of “Rocky Horror,” is a much broader concept than generally imagined. Archaic thoughts of “active” and “passive” viewing are too heavily contingent on the physicality of of … Continue reading