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Twitter Telelevision?

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During my two summers working at MySpace I saw a great deal of frustration towards the insular nature of the “webisode.” Try as they may, internet hits could not make the transition into successful full length television series. Why? Too … Continue reading

The Hidden Power of Cult.

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I’m always surprised when it takes me more than two seasons to catch onto a good show – yet it happens ALL the time. Arrested Development and Veronica Mars didn’t become two of my all-time favorite shows until YEARS after … Continue reading

Ross: Power to the People? Or to the Industry?

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As filmic technology improves and methods of tele-participation grow and evolve, the lines between the industry and the audience shift and blur. It seems, generally speaking, that over time, the people have gained more control in what the industry produces, … Continue reading

“It’s called breaking, and it’s unprofessional!” …poking through the fourth wall.

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Tina Fey is no stranger to the world of live television, consequently, it didn’t exactly come as a surprise when she and NBC decided to air live versions of an episode of “30 Rock” last month. This choice did several … Continue reading