Mahri Poetry Archive

by Region


The regional divisions listed below follow the official administrative districts (mudīriyyāt) of al-Mahra.  The administrative districts of al-Mahra reflect general geographical and socio-economic “blocs”; their boundaries occasionally track along tribal and linguistic distinctions as well.


al-Ghaydha (central coast and inland districts)

Ḥawf (eastern coast and coastal mountains)

Ḥaṣweyn (Jabal Fartak and surrounding foothills, coasts and coastal plains)

Qishn (southwest-central coast and inland districts)

Dhofār (Ṣalālah and surrounding mountains)

Sayḥūt and Wādī Masīla (far western al-Mahra)

Shiḥn/Ḥāt/Manʿar (northern and eastern inland steppe)

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