Mahri Poetry Archive




Exchanged Dāndān: Prophetic Poetry

Tribal Ode: A Three-Way Conflict

Tribal Ode: The Times We Live In


ʾŌdī we-krēm krēm:

Tribal Ode: Atop the Peak of Ṭarbūt

Tribal Ode: The Battle of ʾĀḳəbbōt

Tribal Ode: Conventional Invocation

Tribal Ode: The Gunfight in Niśṭawn



Collective Reǧzīt: Wedding in Mḥayfīf

Collective Reǧzīt: Wedding in Ṣaḳr

Exchanged Reǧzīt: The Purloined Slaves

Exchanged Reǧzīt: The Waning Years of the ʿAfrārī Sulṭānate



Tribal Ode: Wahība Raiders


Unmarked Genre:

The Epic of ʿAnzī, ʿĪsā Kedḥayt’s Pickup Truck

Humorous Couplets: Bir Laʿṭayṭ

Humorous Couplet: Sdōn the Fool

I Think They Ate My Cow

Legal Proceeding in Poetry: Divorce and Remarriage

The Occupation of Iraq

Poetic Exchange: Race Relations in al-Mahra

The Rebellious Son

The Rescue of Śībī


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