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Advice for Ǧwāher

Asking A Mother’s Permission

The Charm of Old Age

Collective Reǧzīt: Wedding in Mḥayfīf

Collective Reǧzīt: Wedding in Ṣaḳr

The Dog Days of Summer

The Desire of the Four Poets

The Epic of ʿAnzī, ʿĪsā Kedḥayt’s Pickup Truck

Exchanged Dāndān: Prophetic Poetry

Exchanged Poems: Race Relations in al-Mahra

Exchanged Reǧzīt: The Purloined Slaves

Exchanged Reǧzīt: The Waning Years of the ʿAfrārī Sulṭānate

Fed Up With Mahri

Fuṣḥā Mahri: A Short Lyric Poem

The Girls Have Abandoned Their Honor

Hays and the Saudi Prince

Homesick in Hyderabad

Homesick in Najrān

Humorous Couplets: Bir Laʿṭay

Humorous Couplet: Sdōn the Fool

I Have a Little Lady

I Think They Ate My Cow

Jamīla and the Sulṭān

Legal Proceeding in Poetry: Divorce and Remarriage

Little Jewel Said

A Message from Sinǧēr

Poems from the Dīwān of Ḥājj Dākōn

Poem in Hobyot?

A Prayer for a Favor

The Rebellious Son

The Rescue of Śībī

She’s a Work of Art

A Slippery Father

Snakebite Chant

Tea With Milk

The Trials and Rewards of Fieldwork

Tribal Ode: Atop the Peak of Ṭarbūt

Tribal Ode: The Battle of ʾĀḳəbbōt

Tribal Ode: Conventional Invocation

Tribal Ode: Gunfight in Niśṭawn

Tribal Ode: A Three-Way Conflict

Tribal Ode: The Times We Live In

Tribal Ode: Wahība Raiders

Wedding Night Song

Work Song for Stitching and Repairing Fabric

Yearning for Baḳlīt


Poems from The Dīwān of Ḥājj Dākōn:

1. Šī meyken w-ḳeyt (“For A Long Time”)

2. Kel yawm w-hōh ḏ-aśeyk (“Everyday I Come Complaining”)

3. Ḥōm lešaḫber bōlī ʾārs (“I Want to Ask the Wedding Party”)

4. Wā mḥab w-lū tdā (“O My Love, If Only You Knew”)

5. Ġwē ḏe-lṭōf (“A Passion For Beauty”)

6. Kōbī maḫḫəlīḳ yṣawber (“I Used To Think That Man Could Endure”)

7. Hēt wkōh brēk ezēḫī (“Why Are You Working In A Dust

8. Ḥōm lektēb ḫaṭ (“I Want To Write A Line”)

9. Śawḳ (“Desire”)

10. Wrīt w-Fāten (“Fāten and the Moon”)

11. Śēnī we-ḳders ǧīd (“Her Looks and Figure Are Beautiful”)

12. Mawtī we-ḥyōtī hēt (“You Are The Death Of Me and My Life”)

13. Ḫīh ḳalbī ḫīh (“Enough, My Heart, Enough!”)

14. Ġābem ġōlī leʾeśśōḳ (“Leave My Darling To Her Heart’s

15. Zeyn w-kellek zeyn (“Beautiful, Everything About You Is

16. Heḏḥ w-ḥeḏḏūr (“Watch Out And Be Warned”)

17. Hōh lī lawm lɛ̄ (“I’m Not To Blame”)

18. ʾĀynī hōh hībōh tšekf (“O My Eyes, How Can They Sleep?”)

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