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May SLAC Notes

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The Student LIS Advisory Group met in May. Here are our notes:

May 2009

1. We’ll try to meet two weeks into the fall semester in order to get right to work. Pathik will contact Mike when he arrives to work on scheduling and agenda.


FLAC Agenda, March 2009

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March 2009 Agenda
1. Segue assessment
2. Feedback and discussion on divisional advisory groups
3. Print management next steps
4. Open access faculty legislation

SLAC Agenda, March 2009

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  1. Administrivia (10)
  • Review Charge and Members and establish student co-chair (5)
  • Schedule meetings for the rest of the year (3)
  • Discuss process for membership for next year (with goal of establishing this by May) (2)

2. Brainstorm possible topics (10)

3. Discuss print management and microsoft office student license: what can SLAC members do to help us better understand the issues surrounding these two programs? (25)


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This is the site where we aggregate all of the advisory groups that LIS works with to help us with our goals, priorities, policies, evaluations, etc. Stay tuned for more to follow.