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Vision Statement Ideas: Doreen

From Doreen:
The charge for this team is to design and restructure the main LIS website, which serves the entire Midd community and non-community members with information about our services and resources. The new site will enable the user to easily locate the information they need, be directed to the various service points and resources LIS can provide, and be easily updated and maintained.

Vision Statement Ideas: Jess

What we want to accomplish: We are creating a presence for LIS within the College website. When we are finished users will easily navigate and use our web resources, and engage with library staff. When we are finished LIS staff will use the website to manage content and communicate with colleagues and users.

Why: The College website redesign; LIS requires a stronger presence on the web, one that is easily navigable and intuitive to use.

What’s in it for me: A website that allows users and staff to interact and connect with our resources and services.

Vision Statement Ideas: Carrie

We will create a new LIS web site that’s easy to use and easy to maintain.  We’ll do much of the work ourselves, but we’ll call on others when we need additional skills and expertise.  We’ll determine not only the site’s appearance, but also a workflow for creation and maintenance of content.  User testing and ongoing assessment will inform our decisions.

Vision statement: Barbara

Web team – vision statement.

The Web team will design, test and implement a new LIS Web presence.

The LIS web is used both to provide information about LIS and as a means to deliver services and provide access to resources.

The product will be tied in with the new College web design.

Our first priority will be usability. Other important considerations are ease of maintenance, and continued development.

Vision Statement Ideas: Ian

What do we want to accomplish? A website that:

  • is easy to use
  • makes it easy to find information
  • is easy to maintain
  • shows off all the great work LIS does!

Why? From the LIS vision: “We bring knowledge to you.”

  • Knowledge and information is our business
  • The web provides easy access to and creation of knowledge content.

What’s in it for me?

  • Helps you find information quickly
  • Reduced burden on you to maintain
  • Provides vehicle to let you inform colleagues of your work.