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Survey – Intro

Suggestion for change to the intro:
“To do this we need your help! Please answer the following questions about the LIS Website to the best of your ability. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer! What you do and do not know about the LIS Website will help the LIS Website Team design a better website. Please feel free to tell us what you think! Your name will not be associated with this survey. Please do let us know who you are if you want us to contact you. Many thanks!”

Survey – Suggestion for 2 Additional Questions

I propose that we add 2 additional questions at the end of the survey.

Please rate your overall experience in navigating the LIS website while taking this survey.
Pleasant, Slightly Frustrating, Extremely Frustrating and Comment box.

Is there anything else you’d like the LIS Website Team to know about?
Comment box

Survey – Question 6

Question 6 – What pieces of the LIS website work, aren’t present or could be improved?
I think this is an important question – and will help us design a better LIS website – but it may need to be tweaked a little to clarify intent.

Can we change “aren’t present” to “does not work” or “not there”? The term “aren’t present” caused confusion during testing.
Change the word “pieces” above to “features”?
Maybe add “(optional)” to the comments column?

Can we clarify the category terms/text? There is some confusion about intent/meaning.

Library guides – change to library research guides and catalog?
Service availability – change to system availability alerts?
Technical documentation – change to computing guides or how-to guides?
Multimedia – what are we asking?
Hours – change to library hours/hours of service?
Project updates – define intent?
Staff accomplishments – this is clear – and important (is it part of staff info?)
Emergency procedures – this is clear – and important
Organizational information – Combine staff stuff, org goals and info into 1 category? Or was the intent to ask about each one?
Tagging – change to tags, reviews, ratings?
Calendars – what are we asking about?
Search – change to search box?
Organizational goals – see above
Staff information – are we asking about the directory?
Is location information referring to buildings and/or people?

Add the following categories?
Wiki and blog?
Help, who to contact for what?