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Sophos Client Available for LIS Test

Dear LIS Colleagues:

As posted in the blog earlier this week. We are asking LIS to help us with a test of the Sophos deployment. Endpoint Protection Product. If each Windows user in LIS would please run the executable at the following link it will install the Sophos client onto your Windows system. It will also remove the Symantec anti-virus client from your system. There are some things you should be aware of in this process:

  • When Windows detects the uninstall of Symantec and that you have no anti-virus it will give you a warning. You should ignore this as you are in the process of installing a new package.
  • During the install process Windows Defender, if you have it running, may be disabled. If this occurs Windows will give you a warning. Please ignore this warning.
  • While you are at a state with no anti-virus Windows may offer you a link to install a new Anti-virus. These may also be ignored as you are in the process of installing Sophos.
  • The removal process for Symantec has been seen to take a protracted amount of time on some computers. You need to be patient. It is unusual but 10 minutes is a reasonable amount of time to allow for an install of this package. During this process some systems may stop responding at times.
  • When Sophos has been installed the Gold shield of Symantec will have been replaced with a blue and white shield of Sophos .

For additional information on Sophos check out the FAQ at http://go/itsecurity.

Please click here for the Sophos install package for LIS Windows Users: http://whitetail.middlebury.edu/SohopsUpdate/SophosLIS.exe


Ian Burke



Sophos test planned for LIS this week

Dear LIS Colleagues,

This Thursday and Friday we will have representatives from Sophos here on site. They will be helping us to develop a deployment package for the client component of the Sophos Endpoint Protection product which we are using to replace Symantec Anti-Virus. As we complete the development of this deployment package and have tested it thoroughly, we will be initiating a test across the systems in LIS to ensure that the package works on a larger group of systems and also to start a larger test of the client here at Middlebury.

Later this week you will receive a second communication about this test effort and it will also include information about how you can help us to assess the impact of the client on your system and also the install process. For additional information about Sophos please see the FAQ  at http://GO/ITSECURITY. Also, feel free to contact LIS Security at infosec@middlebury.edu or contact Ian Burke at ext. 5368. Thank you for your help and understanding with this process.


Ian Burke

LIS Network Security Administrator

Sophos Project Timeline

Dear Middlebury Colleagues:

To offer some additional information on the Sophos roll-out the following timeline has been proposed and will be followed by the LIS deployment team for this

  • Email will be converted to the Sophos solution the weekend of January 22, 2012
  • Testing will be conducted on individual systems through the month of January
  • Sophos engineers will be on site to help with a larger test group across LIS and to build a deployment agent on January 25 and 26th
  • Server deployment and will be conducted on test servers and production servers through the month of January and February
  • A second desktop test group will be identified and targeted for the end of January and beginning of February
  • Based on the conclusion of two successful tests deployment will continue to the remainder of the campus in February

If you are interested in being a part of one of the test groups, please contact LIS Information Security at infosec@middlebury.edu. If you would Iike more information about Sophos please check the Infosec web site at go\itsecurity or contact LIS Information Security.


Ian Burke

LIS-IT Security Administrator

LIS Replacing Symantec Anti-Virus with Sophos

Dear Middlebury Colleagues:

LIS is in the process of transitioning away from the Symantec anti-virus solution. We will start using Sophos Endpoint Protection to protect ourselves against viruses and malware. This is a product that has wide acceptance in Europe and is rapidly growing in  higher education and medium-sized businesses in the United States.

Sophos will initially mirror much of what Symantec offered with more thorough coverage of malware, web threats and other malicious content. We will also be offering Sophos to those students that are interested. Sophos Endpoint protection also offers an additional collection of features, such as data classification, device control, mobile device management, and patch monitoring, and we may start using those new features in the future.

Over the next month LIS will be testing installation with subsets of the campus, with a plan to then begin a campus-wide deployment in February. As we move forward additional information will be provided to the campus community. Please feel free to contact LIS Security (iburke@middlebury.edu/ x5368) with any questions.

For additional information see: http://sites.middlebury.edu/lis/2012/01/17/sophos-project-timeline/

Ian Burke
LIS Network Security Administrator