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LIS & Music Day: Rock On Dude!

Thanks to everyone who attended my humble presentation on Monday.  The presentation (without my comedic asides, of course) is available at: http://prezi.com/nyazdtf-1z0o/ (Flash 9 or better is required)

The URLs for the various sites I mentioned are clickable from within the presentation itself.  Please feel free to let me know if you encounter problems or would just like to talk about cool music sites (or cool music).


PS – if you have a favorite “free, legal” music site to add, why not post a comment?

Staff Development on a Shoestring Conference

Bryan Carson and I recently presented our Fall ’08 Tasty Tech Tidbits series at the Dartmouth College 2009 October Conference
We used a new web presentation tool called Prezi (thanks Joe A!) to deliver our talk. Our presentation was one of several for the 1-day conference – and it was nice to see the friendly faces of Brenda, Terry, Joy and Karen (spouse of Mike) Lynch in the audience.  All presentations are now posted on the Dartmouth Conference site.  Check it out – there are some interesting ideas – including using Jing to develop tutorials and a learning 2.0 program using the 23 Things concept.