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MIIS Faculty Authors Collection

Submitted by Peter Liu, MIIS

As a part of ongoing process of integration into the Middlebury College Libraries, we’ll have a new MIIS Faculty Authors Collection debuting during the National Library Week: April 12 – 18. It’s the collection in development similar to the MIDD Faculty Authors practice. Here is the link to the MIIS Faculty Authors master list in PDF as of April 9, 2009:


Update from Database Applications & Systems

This will be my last post as the workgroup leader for the DAS workgroup, as we move into the new organizational structure announced by Mike Roy at the last all-LIS staff meeting.  Here are some of the projects and tasks that DAS staff members have been working on during the past month…

Mike Schuster
– Several Revisions to Room Draw SSB forms and lots of testing
– Added new student search dropdown box and removed boxes used by students to enter group member IDs.
– Modified procedures so as each student is selected, several eligibility checks are made.
– Modified message text displayed when students are ineligible.
– Modified WebTailor Infotext for links.
– Added logic to allow the group representative to remove group members when they’ve accidentally selected one.
– Created a database view of instructors to be used by new online catalog web page.
– Modified web directory script to correctly select on leave graduate students during winter term.
– Created database tables that will be used by custom Monterey web admissions applications forms.
– Assisted the registrar’s office with running the Term Student Type Update program(SHRTYPE) and the Learner Curriculum Conversion Program(SOPLCCV).
– After the registrar’s office runs SHRTYPE for a particular term, I create a population selection in Banner and run SOPLCCV with that popsel.
– Reviewed Clearinghouse Self-Service Authentication documentation and sample code.

Liz Whitaker-Freitas
– Supporting Hyperion BI+ for functional & technical users

Ian McBride (Full list at: https://www.yammer.com/users/imcbride)
– Completed MiddMedia plugin for WordPress
– Assisted with completion of RFP for Web Makeover
– Created conference registration form for VCC
– Developed payment form for Print Management
– Modified Athletics Recruiting application to remove Primary Sport
– Designed database sync script for the Course Catalog
– Launched CSO and Judicial Boards sites
– Upgraded Key Survey to version 7.1

Travis Stafford
– Troubleshooting cForms issue
– Testing cForms 10.3
– Two cforms trainings (Chemistry Department, Institutional Planning and Diversity)
– Finished first wave of BLM implementation (is now live) as well as fixed various bugs
– List Manager Configuration for newsletters / MiddCMS Newsletter support
– General support and Heat tickets

Rob Pekor
– Re-aligned parent Donor codes for “Feb” students.
– Removed obsolete region codes related to “CA Mailing”.
– Enhanced existing “pledge installment” view.
– Investigate poor query execution between databases (production and non-production).
– Created table to hold local data for the Harris Online Community project.
– Sent sample dataset to Harris thus enabling them to begin on data mapping on their side of the implementation project.
– Continued to fine tune the web pages for Phonathon segment creation
– Created new indicator for “young Alumni” (alumni for only 1-10 years) for the Banner List Manager project.
– Create stewardship project codes for Athletics (ATHSTW) and the Axinn Center (AXNSTW)
– Rewrote of slow performing fiscal data view for CA

Chris Norris
– Transition planning for organizational re-structuring with DAS staff, Area Directors, and workgroup leaders
Project Work
– Reviewed Phoenix BIA summary presentation
– Drafted spec for remote DR web presence
– Revised Banner-ListManager project requirements with DAS staff
– Revised Broadcast Email Newsletter request document
– Configured four new Broadcast Email Newsletter editions with DAS staff
– Completed work on 2008 Summary Web Statistics for Web Makeover project
– Completed work on Stakeholder Reports for Web Makeover project
– Completed work on GSA (Google Search) for MIIS sites
– Began configuration and setup of Google Apps for Education (alpha instance)
– Participated in Web Makeover project team meetings
– Met with HR staff regarding OpenHire “internal job site” project
– Met with Brett Wilhelm regarding departure considerations
– Met with members of the web subcommittee of the Sexual Assault Oversight Committee regarding a new web presence
– Participated in College Advancement Operations team meetings
– Participated in Harris online community project team meetings
– Participated in Pay for Print project team meetings
– Participated in MIIS technology team meeting
– Participated in College Data Workshop with IR, Faculty, and other LIS staff
– Conducted final DAS staff check-in meetings
Systems Administration
– Ongoing monitoring and problem resolution of online services
– Configured new GO rewrite rules
– Ongoing tuning of GSA to improve search results
– Renewals of College-owned domain names
– Transferred UWAC domains to College-managed account
Help, Support, Training, Workshops
– Updated Middlebury’s United Way web presence (campaign stats)
– Provided support for Broadcast Email Newsletters, CMS editing, BLWC Submission Manager, HEAT tix, and various ad-hoc help calls
– Conducted a Broadcast Email Newsletter training with Young Alumni staff
– Conducted a Broadcast Email (advanced) workshop for CA staff
Vendor Related Activities
– Participated in Sun-Guard/SCT Banner DBA weekly status calls
– Participated in Velaris Hyperion SysAdmin weekly status calls
– Participated in Google Apps for Education project team call with Google
– Transitioned Hyperion SysAdmin vendor (Velaris) relationship managment to Jeff Rehbach
– Provided IMA (eCommerce) details for Harris online community project

The Podcast Army is in Training


Submitted by Bob Cole, MIIS

The Teaching & Learning Collaborative in coordination with the Digital Media Commons at the Monterey Institute is training an army of podcasters.  The one unit, fifteen hour workshop titled Digital Media for Change meets Friday afternoons from 2-4pm.  Participants are exploring new communication skills with digital media with a particular focus on affecting change.  We’re reading and discussing the workshop text by Garr Reynolds, PresentationZen, and we have gathered online on a homegrown social network hosted by Ning: http://dm4change.ning.com.  Participants will be helping the Institute build our capacity to capture campus events, speakers, and other stories that distinguish our community and reflect our mission.  We’re building an army of graduate students, staff, and faculty to help us!  And yes, we like cupcakes.

As the workshop coordinator I am using this as an opportunity to experiment with alternative course management tools and blogging.  We welcome any and all who might be interested in what we are up to, so please feel free to join us on our Ning, or grab the RSS feed for the Dm4change blog that is being piped into the main page for workshop updates and thoughts from yours truly.

Update from Database Applications & Systems

Submitted by Chris Norris

Here are some of the projects and tasks that DAS staff members have been working on during the past month…

Mike Schuster
– Created a spec for Bookstore Upload / Course Listing Bookstore Links
– Researched problem Off Campus Study was having pushing Admissions applications
– Corrected problems with Bread Loaf, Language School, and Off Campus Study decisions processing reports, reports were broken due to System 9 upgrade
– Created SSB web package to allow residential systems coordinator to delete room draw preferences, reorder preferences, and activate/inactivate room draw applications
– Processed Fall 2008 course response form data
– Updated Feb’s MNET email addresses to “preferred”
– Fixed problem with LS & BLSE Financial Aid online web applications where bad data entry selection of dates in dropdown boxes would cause applications to get an Oracle error
– Modified custom p_assign_boxes database procedure to allow mail boxes to be assigned to students during winter term
– Worked with Liz Whitaker-Freitas and Marcy Smith to develop documents needed by Monterey staff when developing/requesting new reports

Liz Whitaker-Freitas
– Supporting Hyperion BI+ for functional & technical users
– Troubleshooting Admissions Decisions reports
– Coordinating roles to groups migration by Velaris

Ian McBride
– Added service to check GO addresses nightly
– Worked with Adam to develop web service for MiddTube
– Wrote WordPress plugin for MiddTube
– Developed Middlebury theme for WordPress
– Added a service to the Directory to automatically redirect to a user’s homepage
– Added a video icon to CMS home page news items with videos
– Developed home page for the New England Review site in WordPress
– Began investigation into Single Sign On applications
– Continued work with the Platform and Design/IA groups for the Web Makeover
– Finally launched News Portal at http://go.middlebury.edu/news!

Travis Stafford
– Created 7 new alumni event forms
– Tested WordPress CFORMS upgrade
– Upgraded all the WordPress blogs and cforms to the new version of CFORMS (13 blogs / +/- 50 forms)
– Completed porting over all the cat standard ecommunicate forms to CFORMS
– Minor changes the New England Review ecommerce form
– Troubleshot\Fixed issues with the CCAL Fundraising ecommerce form
– Added new functionality to the BLM application to show Counts by indicator flag for Banner-ListManager admins
– Added self service component to the BLM project for subscribing\unsubscribing to Newsletters and List Manager lists
– CFORMs support/training for various departments
– General support and HEAT tickets

Rob Pekor
– Rolled late graduates to Alumni
– Started developing and creating tables to hold Harris Online Directory data
– Started creating scripts to load initial data for Harris Online Directory
– Started very preliminary development of process to send updates to Harris
– Corrected problem with Phonathon SSB data selection page, page would error on multiple individual years selected, problem has been corrected and is now in production
– Created new function to retrieve a list of regions for a particular person
– Corrected problem in AIA relating to updating ask amounts, if an ask amount never existed before for a person, the SSB page would not update the value, problem has been corrected and is now in production
– Created list of people that currently have access to AIA
– Corrected issue with view for the Banner List Manager relating to the indicator for students

Chris Norris
– Participated in telephone interview for open DBA position
– Reviewed Phoenix BIA reports and summary
– Worked on spec for remote DR web presence
– Participated in CA fundraising strategy meeting
– Refined Banner-ListManager project spec with DAS staff
– Completed work with CA and Communications on Organic Garden giving form
– Met with DOC and PS staff regarding new ER web presence
– Met with technical/functional staff regarding eCommerce options for “pay-for-print”
– Met with Communications staff to plan for upcoming Newsletter projects
– Met with Career Services staff to plan for upcoming Newsletter projects
– Participated in various Web Makeover team meetings
– Met with HR staff regarding Web Makeover requirements
– Met with PHC staff regarding Web Makeover requirements
– Met with PS staff regarding Web Makeover requirements
Systems Administration
– Ongoing monitoring and problem resolution of online services
– Resolved service outages for Banner and Hyperion
– Resolved server config issue for GoogleEarth version of campusmap
– Updated TouchNet server config to support additional web servers
– Upgraded SubmissionManager web application for BLWC
– Configured new GO rewrite rules
– Ongoing tuning of GSA to improve search results
– Renewals of College-owned domain names
– Met with SNS staff regarding HSF config options
Help & Support
– Provided support to CFA staff for artsmail Newsletter IA
– Provided support to HR staff for middleader Newsletter buttons
– Reviewed President’s Holiday Card for pre-sending issues for Communications
– Updated Middlebury’s United Way web presence (campaign stats)
– Updated AbroadView.org web presence (footer)
– Provided various support for CMS editing, HEAT tix, and ad-hoc help calls
Vendor Related Activities
– Participated in Sun-Guard/SCT Banner DBA weekly status calls
– Participated in Velaris Hyperion SysAdmin weekly status calls
– Continued contract re-negotiation with Hyperion SysAdmin vendor (Velaris)
– Worked with DavisProjectsforPeace.org external web vendor to grant direct database access
– eCommerce call with alumni online community vendor (Harris) to define IMA requirements
– Coordinated redirect request from MIIS staff with www.MIIS.edu web vendor (NeptuneWeb)

Update from Database Applications and Systems

Submitted by Chris Norris

Here are some of the projects and tasks that DAS staff members have been working on during the past month…

Mike Schuster
– Modifications to a Banner custom process for the Registrar’s office that creates student class codes to meet new business rules.
– Modifications to the “LS Stats- new” Hyperion report to display applications for students applying to language schools at Mills College.
– Assisting with applying the Banner financial aid SSB upgrade in the DEV2 database.
– Investigating issues with Banner custom database triggers that create “away” and “returning” general student records for students going on leave.

Rob Pekor
– Modifications to the Phone-a-thon data interface for College Advancement.
– Gathering requirements for the data feed for the Harris online community project.
– Refinement of the Banner/ListManager (Broadcast Email tool) integration model with Travis.
– Loading MIIS gift history for Monterey and College Advancement.

Travis Stafford
– Refinement of the Banner/ListManager (Broadcast Email tool) integration model with Rob.
– Transitioning the Alumni office and CSO towards use of the self-service WordPress cformsII plug-in for all “new” non-eCommerce forms.
– Clean-up of code and adding functionality to Project Tracker.

Liz Whitaker-Freitas
– Ongoing work related to the Hyperion System 9 Upgrade/Migration (one line item, but this is a BIG project).

Ian McBride
– Completed development on a News Dashboard for College Communications (http://web.middlebury.edu/systems/newsboard). This will soon replace the main Public Affairs News home page and aggregate news content from several sources.
– Supporting CMS content providers and other web-related requests.
– Participating in the Web Makeover team meetings.

Chris Norris
– Migrated GO.middlebury.edu to a more stable prod environment, implemented GO.miis.edu for Monterey.
– Refinement of service-level monitoring, including addition of escalation groups.
– Project Phoenix BIA reviews, planning, specification for remote DR web presence.
– Pre-migration configuration, testing, troubleshooting of eCommerce web forms.
– Supporting ListManager newsletters, conducting ListManager workshops (only a couple more to go!).
– Contacting various folks about outstanding FileMakerPro requests, pre-migration web forms questions.
– Working on updated SWOT analysis of the DAS workgroup.

Yammering at MIIS

Submitted by Bob Cole, MIIS

I have been personally experimenting with Twitter, the micro-blogging tool.  After nearly a year, I’ve discovered there is immense value in personal and professional learning networks.  I ‘follow’ edtech professionals, NPR news, teachers, and the humor of ICHCheezburger. With Twitter I am able to post 140 character ‘tweets’ of insight, listen to others, and crowdsource an idea or question. Now that I’ve nearly summited the Twitter adoption curve (see left), I’m evangelizing with students and colleagues here at MIIS.  Trouble is it’s an uphill battle.

This, however, changed recently when a TLC colleague, Sarah Springer mentioned a new tool in a brief conversation.  She said something about a crowdsourcing tool named Yammer.  I didn’t write it down or Tweet about it, but it did stick in my mind.  I Snapshot of recent Yammers from MIISwent and checked it out online.  Essentially, Yammer is an enterprise Twitter for in-house collaboration, and maybe a gateway tool for future Twitterers.  We’ve slowly invited like-minded staffers, students, and faculty to join in on the sharing.

An added feature that Yammer offers is the ability to tag posts with hashmarks.  So, it I share an event I could include the #event tag and my yammer msg would be added to that tag archive, very much like blogging categories or tags work as well.  I can even follow a given tag in Yammer and receive a digest e-mail of activity.

I’ll continue to tap into my Twitter network as beohbe, but am excited by the possibilities that Yammering in-house learning and sharing will bring as we continue to experiment with communication and collaboration tools here in Monterey.

Google Search Appliance for MIIS

We’ve just added a new Search interface to our Google Search Appliance, this one for the Monterey Institute of International Studies. The frontend uses a custom stylesheet to get the GSA interface to look like the rest of the MIIS site, which updated its design last week. The web applications that Middlebury hosts for MIIS (the Directory and the Online Giving Form) were updated to this new design yesterday. We index content on the following MIIS sites:


The “All” collection includes, well, all of those, while the last four have custom search collections that let you refine your query. I waited to make this post until we’d indexed enough content. We’ve got about 5000 pages indexed currently and I’m betting there will be more by tomorrow. Generally it takes a full day to reindex the content of an institution-level website like Middlebury’s or MIIS’s.

You can get directly to the MIIS search interface by going to this URL:


You can also have a form on your website that lets people search the MIIS site through the GSA. Here’s some basic HTML code that allows you to do this:

<form method=”GET” action=”http://search.middlebury.edu/search”>
<input type=”hidden” name=”site” value=”all” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”client” value=”miis_frontend” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”proxystylesheet” value=”miis_frontend” />
<input type=”hidden” name=”output” value=”xml_no_dtd” />
<input type=”text” name=”q” />


MIIS VHS Video Collection is Searchable Online Now

Submitted by Peter Liu, MIIS Library Director

For many years, the Institute’s more than 2,000 VHS video collection has not been included in the library’s Online Public Access Catalog or OPAC until recently. As a part of the MIIS and MIDD libraries’ integration process, a joint project of MIIS A/V collection enhancement to support instruction was launched during this summer. The primary purpose of the project is to convert the existing A/V Center VHS video data of Microsoft Excel into a set of the library MAchine Readable Cataloging records or often known as the MARC standards. The project intended to leverage Middlebury cataloging expertise, make a full use of the recent updated Millennium server’s capacities, preserve all useful data and present in a simple and web searchable format. After several months of hard work of librarians on both MIIS and MIDD campuses, especially through timely guidance and collaborations with Terry Simpkins and his talent cataloging staff at Middlebury, the MIIS library’s OPAC (http://monti.miis.edu) is now containing more than 2,000 VHS videocassettes from the A/V Center. As a result, MIIS faculty and students are now able to find, identify, select, and obtain A/V materials just like they search any printing books and periodicals. The project has greatly enhanced the usability of A/V collection on and beyond campus. A portion of the regularly purchased A/V materials of documentary videos, performances, performance art, and feature films will be adding into our library holdings on the largest union catalog of the OCLC’s WorldCat. Those A/V materials can be checked out at A/V Center for one day or 24 hours as usual. They will not be lent to other libraries except to Middlebury through interlibrary loan in the near future.

Copyright note:
The video cassettes and other A/V materials in the library are subject to the Revised Copyright Act of 1976, Title 17 of the U.S. Code, Sections 101-810, which took effect on January 1, 1978. The library prohibits the use of these materials in any way that violates Federal or State laws.