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Meeting Agenda Wed 9/9

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Agenda 9/9
Notes: Jim
Moderator: Liz?
Ian will be away; Carrie may be out
Announcements etc. (10 min)
One blog – discuss when and how; decide on categories (bring your list of possible categories); private v.public; external v. internal use (30 min)
Timeline – set freeze date/s for changes/additions to current LIS site. (10 min)
Agenda for Thurs? (5-10 min)

Upcoming/continuing project timeline items:
9/1 (continuing) – Build non-drupal content as time allows
9/1 – Middlebury finalizes homepage (+ top-tier) designs
9/2 – Work with LIS website contacts to complete Web Makeover Workbooks (and incorporate supplemental sources of input) for LIS website. Set freeze date/s for changes/additions to current LIS site.
Week of 9/7 – Web Makeover Start Building Site (Content Build Out)
Week of 9/14 – Web Makeover Follow-up meetings with Primary Contact and Project Manager
9/15 – Finalize platform improvement recommendations
9/28 – Web Makeover Check-in with Project Manager
9/28 – Drupal Training for Project Managers
October 2009
10/1 – Design staff workflow for moving content. Get feedback.
Week of 10/6 – Web Makeover – completed workbook due

Meeting Agenda Wed 9/2

Feel free to edit! :-)
Proposed agenda for Wed 9/2
Meeting notes: Elin
Moderator: Jess?
Announcements etc. (5 min)
Update/review timeline? (5 min)
Primary Contacts – updates, questions, new page on wiki (10 min)
Recommendations – review meeting with AD’s – any edits based on AD feedback? Ready to post on LISt blog? (30 min)
Set agenda for Thursday (10 min)

Agenda Wed 8/26

Proposed agenda Wed 8/26 – feel free to edit as needed
Map out new information architecture

Upcoming timeline events:
8/26- Map out new information architecture
8/27ish – Share new (proposed) IA with sponsor
8/27 – Assign project managers for LIS content, create folder structure for content in middfiles
8/31 – Initial discussion with primary contacts should happen by this date

Agenda for Aug 20 meeting with Jeff

Note taker? Time keeper?

Recommendation Highlights  – 10 minutes

1. Parature recommendation

2. Key concepts as shown in contents

3. One blog concept with trust and openness as design basis

Developments in media services and their impact on our project – 5 minutes

Recommendation discussion – 30 minutes

What message is Jeff going to take to ADs? Identify, clarify. – 10 minutes

Agenda 8/19

Proposed agenda for 8/19 (feel free to edit as needed)
Meeting to start at 10:15 in Lib 221 (if available)
Meeting notes:?
Moderator: Elin
Doreen will be out

Updates or announcements?
Web makeover – Drupal training
Library Forms
Student Survey
IA – Offices and Surveys
AD meeting report

Team approves Recs doc, prepares for meeting with sponsor
Possible further discussion of meetings with PCs

Meeting agenda for 8/12

Agenda for Wed 8/12:

  • Liz will moderate meeting
  • Ian will give an overview of the AD meeting and reactions
  • More discussion of meetings with primary contacts/working with them if needed
  • Finalizing recommendations on the wiki; we want buy-in by the meeting, so please contribute on the wiki!
  • Going over student employee survey feedback

Agenda for 8/6

Agenda for 8/6 (feel free to edit as needed)
LIB 221
Carrie and Elin away the next 3 meetings

Meeting notes: Jim
Time Keeper?
Moderator: Barbara

Any announcements, etc? (5 min)

Review Outline for AD Team Update (10 min) – Ian

What’s next with Primary Contacts? (20 min)

Wrap-up, agenda for next meeting etc. (10 min)

Upcoming timeline items:
8/3 – Web Makeover Meetings with Primary Contact and Project Manager
8/5 – Complete gathering MOST input (more will trickle in throughout process).
8/10 – Web Makeover Follow-up meetings with Primary Contact and Project Manager – discuss and respond to WW recommendations for IA/Content
Week of 8/17 – Web Makeover – check in – roles and timelines are due
8/17 – Present roles and timelines for LIS at web project managers meeting
8/20 – Proposed recommendations presented to sponsor

Future topics:
Continue brainstorming recommendation
Primary contacts for content
Building coalition
Evaluate information architecture and corresponding list of LIS website contacts for current LIS site
Review permissions list and make recommendations for content providers

Recommendation/proposal for AD’s
Action plan to achieve key deliverables
Analyze survey results and usage data
Finalize measurements/metrics – what does success look like; what metric will define our success?