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LIS Web Site

Thanks for your attention and questions today in the LIS staff meeting.

As promised, here’s a link to the new LIS page, which links to all other LIS content.  We’re almost done!  Of course, all pages may be tweaked, updated, revamped or revised after usability testing.  In other words, our site still will be a work-in-progress even after the launch…

Please post any comments or questions here in the blog.

LIS Website Banner Image

Each department and office site will have a banner image which identifies it. For the sites managed by people in LIS (the Library, Helpdesk, Curricular Technology, Telephone Services, etc.) the LIS Website Team decided that each site should use a banner image that identifies it as part of LIS which, when clicked, will bring the user back to the LIS landing page. Pam Fogg in College Communications prepared some examples of this graphic. These aren’t the final versions (they need a bit of touch up work), but they’re very close.

Which should we use?





Changes to left-hand menu in new (draft!) library site

We’d like to get some quick feedback on 2 potential changes to the left-hand menu in the new library site.  If you go the library site in Drupal (under development!), you can see how these changes would look.

  1. Change the name “Library Departments” to “Contact Us.”  The purpose of this page is to give users quick access to departments like Reserves, Interlibrary Loan, Collection Management, etc.  Using the word “Contact” in the name of the page brings more attention to the page, we think.  It also might allow us to remove the long list of contact info that otherwise could be needed on the library collections pages.
  2. Create a new subpage under “Library Collections” called “Collections,” and nest pages like College Archives, Government Documents and Digital Collections in it.  This decreases the number of subpages under “Library Collections” to 6.  White Whale recommends no more than 8 subpages, and without this change, “Library Collections” has 11.  We considered nesting some of the collections under “Main Library,” but we think that nesting them under “Collections” gives them a little more prominence.

We think these changes will make it easier for most users to find what they’re looking for.  Do you agree?

Curricular Technology website

The members of the Curricular Technology team would like to get some feedback from the rest of LIS on our new website, if you are so inclined. The basis for the information architecture is a three-pronged approach: what you can do (Uses), what you need to do it (Tools), and how are other people doing it (Stories). Not everything is fleshed-out yet, but for examples, see: Uses>Audio>Music notation or Tools>Voice recorders or Buzzwords> Blog. Here are some of the points on which we are waffling:

– The labels / descriptions under the various Uses. Are they too wordy? Can a user find what they are looking for?
– The left-hand menu under Uses – should it appear at all?

We welcome your comments, thoughts, suggestions, accolades, applause, donations, etc.

LIS Website

Thanks for your time yesterday at the all-LIS staff meeting. I know that your time is an extremely valuable resource , and I appreciate that you took time away from other pressing work to learn a little bit about what the web team is doing.
I have listed below the link to the Information Architecture site – I hope you’ll take a closer look.
LIS Website
It is a work in progress and we welcome your thoughts and ideas. You best know who your users are – and your feedback will help build a fabulous place for our users to discover LIS and all the resources and services we provide. Many thanks to those of you who filled out comment cards and asked questions at the meeting. We will take your comments and questions to heart and carefully evaluate them as we further develop and test the usability of the site.

We have some very exciting web tools and platforms to work with in developing the site. We hope that the intersection of multiple platforms on the LIS web site will give our users the best possible experience in navigating and accessing our services and resources – and also give LIS a chance to feature the great work we do.
Please be in touch. We can reached by blog, phone, email, and also in person. :-)
Elin, on behalf of the web team Ian, Barbara, Carrie, Liz, Jim, Jess and Doreen

CT Team Meeting Minutes 10/27/2009

Topic 1: Segue v1 shutdown notice.

Team ok with Alex sending out the notice he presented. Team decided that the notice should be sent to all faculty rather than a limited group. Team decided that Segue 1 should be made unavailable at the end of Fall 2009 classes and not postponed until later.

Topic 2: CT Site IA.

Team looked at the Uses categories started by Alex. After much discussion and a few changes, we agreed to use the following IA as a starting point for our build-out:
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