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Agenda 8/19

Proposed agenda for 8/19 (feel free to edit as needed)
Meeting to start at 10:15 in Lib 221 (if available)
Meeting notes:?
Moderator: Elin
Doreen will be out

Updates or announcements?
Web makeover – Drupal training
Library Forms
Student Survey
IA – Offices and Surveys
AD meeting report

Team approves Recs doc, prepares for meeting with sponsor
Possible further discussion of meetings with PCs

Agenda for 8/6

Agenda for 8/6 (feel free to edit as needed)
LIB 221
Carrie and Elin away the next 3 meetings

Meeting notes: Jim
Time Keeper?
Moderator: Barbara

Any announcements, etc? (5 min)

Review Outline for AD Team Update (10 min) – Ian

What’s next with Primary Contacts? (20 min)

Wrap-up, agenda for next meeting etc. (10 min)

Upcoming timeline items:
8/3 – Web Makeover Meetings with Primary Contact and Project Manager
8/5 – Complete gathering MOST input (more will trickle in throughout process).
8/10 – Web Makeover Follow-up meetings with Primary Contact and Project Manager – discuss and respond to WW recommendations for IA/Content
Week of 8/17 – Web Makeover – check in – roles and timelines are due
8/17 – Present roles and timelines for LIS at web project managers meeting
8/20 – Proposed recommendations presented to sponsor

Future topics:
Continue brainstorming recommendation
Primary contacts for content
Building coalition
Evaluate information architecture and corresponding list of LIS website contacts for current LIS site
Review permissions list and make recommendations for content providers

Recommendation/proposal for AD’s
Action plan to achieve key deliverables
Analyze survey results and usage data
Finalize measurements/metrics – what does success look like; what metric will define our success?

New Website Design

I really liked it.   I stayed after and asked Janie about the possibility of using mini equalizers within the sub-sites.  She was hoping that we would use them.  She also told me that they would be willing and interested in working with the LIS Website Team to help us organize our site as well as making suggestions for the actual design.   Glad I stayed to ask a question!

The LIS Web Site Team

The LIS Web Team has been charged with creating a new, vibrant, interactive, intuitive, inviting and easy to access, easy to use and easy to maintain LIS web presence. No problem! :-)
In order to facilitate communication within the team, and with colleagues, work groups, work areas, the College community and our users, we created a new blog – the LIS Website Project – in the Middlebury Blogsphere . Check us out!

From presentation to LIS 7/6

In the ppt sent around today. This has our charge and priorities looking a bit different:

Charge: To create a brand new LIS web presence that has the following characteristics: is easy to find (things,) is easy to use, is easy to maintain, is user centric, has more self-service functionality.


•Involve end users: develop & test [Beta test 11/09, Public beta test 12/09, Public launch 1/04/10]

•Develop LIS staff workflow, content management, protocol procedures & apply to new web presence [Test 11/09, In place 12/09]

•Assess/evaluate new LIS web presence ( involve end users) [April 2010 & ongoing]

•Develop “site-refresh” strategies [Aug 2010]

Barbara’s notes

I’ve been gathering links etc. that might be useful to me & perhaps to others. A lot is concerned with library pages, but some is more general. Let me know if you think this isn’t how the blog should be used.

http://www.library.cornell.edu/ – highly recommended (Worldcat)
http://ithaca.edu/library/ – see “virtual reference desk”
http://library.salve.edu/ – example of common lib page format, nicely done
http://www.dickinson.edu/ – has merged LIS. LIS has a “home page” but separate library & tech homepages linked from college home page

Merged schools
http://www.rhodes.edu/barret/ (nice looking merged page, but long lists of options)
http://www.earlham.edu/is/ (see Info services with options on college home page, but no search on lib page)
http://www.mtholyoke.edu/lits/ (much like us currently)
http://www.conncoll.edu/Libraries/ (OK – cat search & “ask a librarian” on many LIS pages)
http://macalester.edu/infoservices/ (info services from college home page, but not much there – no searches) not unified theme.

Features I want (library) –

Google search of website – all Midd, just LIS

hours for today,

catalog, reserves, journals, media searches

contact live help

search documentation – researching, citing etc.

Questions for team to decide:

How to get ideas, needs, input from interested LIS staff?

Where to get good ideas from other organizations?

What do we need on a LIS home page? OR do we want library & tech home pages (with big link to “about LIS” on both)?

Overall “look and feel” constraints? – maximum freedom for all contributers.

Content constraints? – no gatekeepers! Responsibility at point of service! From WhiteWhale:

Workflow should not take the place of accountability. Too often, we feel, complicated workflow setups (Dave enters an item which is modified by Sue, sent back to Dave, then finally approved by Jim) removes a sense of accountability from the content management process. Whose page is it? For every page of the Midd site, there should be a clear understanding of who’s in charge, and that person ought to consider him/herself personally accountable for its accuracy and effectiveness.