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Getting Help with Canvas

Instructure provides direct support for faculty and students. You can contact Instructure for help with Canvas in the following ways: Tier I Support for faculty and students 24/7/365 Call: ­ 844-­747­-2605 Email: support@instructure.com There is also a Quick Start Student Guide at h​ttp://guides.instructure.com/m/8470 and general Canvas Guides at­ h​ttp://guides.instructure.com/​ All of these resources are accessible from...

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Announcing the new LIS Help & Support site — the gateway for great help

AnnounceThanks to the hard work of the LIS Education and Training team, LIS now offers a help gateway that collects great resources from all corners of our department and makes it easy for you to find what you need.  You’re also quite likely to discover some new tools and ways to learn about technology and library resources along the way.  Don’t take our word for it — visit go/lishelp and see for yourself.  Here are just a few things you can do:

  • Search LIS web pages and wiki lore to get answers to your questions.
  • Submit a HelpDesk ticket to request assistance or search the FAQ database for answers.
  • Find who in LIS can help you.
  • Use quick links to access “how to” information tailored to different audiences.
  • Check systems status.
  • Learn how LIS can help you acquire more technology and library skills.



Did you know you can text a question to LIS?

Have a short question for LIS and your cell phone is handy?  You can text your question to us by texting a message to 66746. Be sure to start your question with the word midd (for example: midd how do I get to Midcat?).  First time users must start a question with midd or the text service will not know to direct it to our account.  You will receive a text response back to your cell phone from someone in LIS.