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Thank you to all of you for such a wonderful place to work and live…with insightful and inspiring colleagues…and lots of exciting challenges! Thank you for a wonderful going away party as well. I will miss all of you. I will send a long a little update sometime to let you know how things are going on my life adventure! In the spirit of Mike Lynch’s comments at the party I offer this….

If you want to keep in touch….

My new email address at Bucknell:
carrie.rampp@bucknell.edu No idea yet how to login or set up this alias that will be printed on my business cards.

My new office address:
Bucknell University, 221 Bertrand Library, Lewisburg, PA 17837 No idea where this office is.

My new work cell #:
Don’t have it yet…but even when I do, I’ll have no idea how to use it as I’ll be having to make the switch from my widely-known Blackberry addiction to a WinMobile device, probably a Treo. So probably okay I’m not including it.

My new home address:
257 Chestnut Street, Mifflinburg, PA 17844 I have so much stuff exactly when I’ll be moved in is a mystery.

My new office phone:
570-577-1342 No idea how to get messages…but I never checked my voice mail much here either so this won’t be much of a change for you.
If you actually want to contact me and have hopes of reaching me…probably best to go with gmail for now: carrierampp@gmail.com

Lets keep in touch! Carrie

Administrative Systems

Submitted by Marcy Smith

Please welcome our newest team member, Rogelio Echeverri! Rogelio began employment on July 21 and is our Senior Programmer/Analyst for Admissions. He has been busy learning our environment and tools, assisting Marcy and Mike Schuster with implementing the new Financial Aid Self Service product, and participating in our Admissions planning meetings with John Nordmeyer. In addition to supporting Admissions, Rogelio will also support Student Financial Services since financial aid is directly tied to the admissions process. Rogelio brings his depth of Banner and higher education experience to Middlebury, having formerly worked at Connecticut College, Mount Wachusett Community College, and Greenfield Community College.

Cindy has been working with the Language Schools on editing summer grades and awarding graduate degrees. She has helped prepare the Bread Loaf School of English, Language School, and Fall Student reports to the National Student Loan Clearing House. As students withdraw and are replaced by students from the waiting list, Cindy is setting up their student records and monitoring the student counts for the fall 2008 term. She has created the Advances Placement letters for all the incoming first year students and sent numerous files, edits, and reports to Institutional Research, Mailing Service, the Registrar’s Office, Career Services, and Sports Medicine. She has been working on a report of student counts by entering cohort for Enrollment Planning. Cindy is also learning Banner and Oracle security to become Marcy’s backup for handling security requests.

Liane is working on getting boxes in place for all the fall students. The real challenge of the moment is supporting Karin Hall-Kolts as we try to fit the large number of first year students who are coming to Middlebury in the fall with appropriate rooms. All first year seminars are now connected to a Commons. That means that students in each seminar need to be housed in a specific Commons. With limited space, this becomes quite an interesting puzzle to be solved.

Julie has been busy helping Human Resources set up and test codes in Banner to allow shift differentials for non-exempt employees, as well as getting another major project completed. Employees in Facilities Services will now enter their time worked on BannerWeb instead of on paper timecards. This brings the last large group of Middlebury College employees into more direct use of computers on a daily basis. (Dining Services employees began entering their time on BannerWeb a couple of years ago when their time clock system on the AS/400 was decommissioned.) It is hoped that this will allow electronic communication to be utilized by more and more employees and cut down on the need to mail paper communications around. Of course, there will always be some times when a paper copy is necessary.

Dave has been working on several projects throughout the past couple of weeks. To help Susan Simmons with a new Hyperion budget report, Dave created a new Banner table and a procedure that is scheduled to run each weeknight to rebuild the current fiscal year’s data within the table. Susan can then use the table instead of a Banner view for the report. The table provides a much faster data return time than the view. Dave also has created a new grant report per a request from Jai Shankar. Jai provide a copy of a report that came from Teachers College and Dave created a Hyperion SQR program to produce a similar report for Middlebury.

Marcy is managing database administration work together with our Remote DBA from SunGard, Nipesh Saini, and his backup, Sailaja Eswara. We’re developing a great working relationship and have found their services to be very responsive and helpful! Marcy has been working to bring the lockdown project to completion to tighten security around developer access to our Production database, and the project status was reported at the annual IT audit which took place on August 14. We’re upgrading our Oracle application server infrastructure in order to run the latest version of Oracle forms, which better supports Macs for folks running INB. We’re making preliminary plans for creating a Banner 8 test environment beginning in October, alongside the new Hyperion test environment for System 9. Marcy also completed the Xtender installations in every database and is assisting functional areas with a test setup of this new document management system.

John is working on a request from Public Safety to create a citation recording and maintenance module to replace the current shadow systems for open container and fire safety citations. John is making necessary changes to the ticket maintenance form to allow changing the violation amount and then recalculating all the summary totals affected as necessary.

Have you noticed the formatting of telephone numbers on college letterhead and in MiddPoints is now using dots instead of hyphens between the different parts of the phone number? There is an updated version of the “Editorial Style Guide” for Middlebury College and this is one item that was changed when the new guide was finalized. Although it won’t happen overnight, we are making changes so telephone numbers will be displayed according to this new format. Changes have already been applied to the Outlook address book and in the directory on the Middlebury web site. Please take note of this change if you are responsible for web pages or publications where telephone numbers are listed.

Research and Instruction

Submitted by Judy Watts

Announcing: MiddTube-lite

This is a very basic interface for managing media on the Flash Media Server, affectionately called MiddTube. This interface allows streaming of .flv, .mp4 and .mp3 files. Thank you to Brett Wilhelm for all of his work in creating this interface.

Because MiddTube does not currently encode, Joe recommends MPEG StreamClip ( http://www.squared5.com/ ) and the Perian ( http://perian.org/ ) plugin.

What can I do now?

Upload a file, delete it, and update it by overwriting.


Brett has written a MiddTube plugin for our instance of WordPress MU. This will allow anyone to embed a video from MiddTube into our WP blogs using a simple syntax – For the geeks at heart, this short text line will be translated into embed code, using the FlowPlayer. The FlowPlayer will also generate an embed code that can be copied and pasted into other html pages. Adam Franco has created similar functionality for Segue, and Ian McBride is working on embedding for the CMS. Once the media has been embedded, the code in the player can be used to embed the media in any web page.

If you would like a MiddTube account, please contact Joe Antonioli (jantonio@middlebury.edu). For more information, go to the MiddTube page in the LIS wiki – https://mediawiki.middlebury.edu/wiki/LIS/MiddTube.

The Vermont Library Association’s Reference Roundtable took place on Wednesday at St. Michael’s. Look to Jean Simmons or Brenda Ellis for a report on what they learned.

On Monday, Brenda will be doing a presentation at the Mad River Writing Retreat for FYSE faculty that the CTLR puts on each year.

We’re preparing our contribution to the First-Year Orientation Information Center, to be held at the Main Library and scheduled for Wednesday, September 3. The Research & Instruction Section will provide a variety of staffed demos and a video introducing librarians. Take time to look around and to welcome new students and their families.

LIS orientation for New Faculty will take place on Friday, August 29. Watch for the new faculty faces in the afternoon.

The Research & Instruction Group offers thanks and appreciation to Carrie Rampp for able, challenging, enthusiastic, energizing, encouraging, inspirational, innovative, and patient leadership. Carrie, you did it all and you made it fun. We’ll miss your hearty laugh as much as your creative ideas. Our best wishes for success at Bucknell go with you!

Media Collection

Submitted by Patty Hornbeck

Iron Man opens the fall season of MCAB’s Free Friday Films on Friday, September 12, at 7:00 and 10:00 pm in Dana Auditorium. On Saturday, September 13, the Hirschfield International Film Series begins with Michael Clayton – screenings are at 3:00 and 8:00 pm in Dana. Schedules for both film series will be available online in September.
The College’s purchasing department is no longer accepting paper requisitions for film and DVD rentals, As of July 1, all such requests must be made online. The new Film Rental Request form is available on the Library and Media Forms page.

The 2008 Language Schools symposium focused on how national identities have been expressed, challenged and negotiated through film. Lectures in English by Professors Sinan Antoon, New York University; Romuald Fonkoua, Université Marc Bloch, Mario Domenichelli, University of Florence, and German film director Peter Lilienthal have been added to the lecture archive.

The Library has begun acquiring films on Blu-ray disc (BD). For more information about this new format, see http://www.blu-ray.com/faq/#bluray.