New to the libraries for the New Year!

Following up on successful trials, the library has subscribed to three new resources:

  • Ancestry, Library Edition – we got very positive feedback on this trial and we are pleased to enable faculty, students, and staff to use this fascinating resource for classes and scholarly and personal research.Ancestry
  • Human Rights Studies Online – both the Monterey and Middlebury campuses now have access to this archive of documents, analysis, and interpretation of major human rights violations and atrocity crimes worldwide from 1900 to 2010.HRSO
  • BrowZine – Students, faculty, and staff at both Middlebury College and the Middlebury Institute for International Studies at Monterey can get easy browsability and convenient access to most of our subscribed journals on mobile devices or through a web browser. Since our trial, the web version now has the capability to provide your own personal “bookshelf” of your favorite journals.

Fall 2015 Wilson Media Lab Stats

After compiling the fall semester usage stats for the Wilson Media Lab one trend became apparent: increased usage. When compared with the usage stats for the fall 2014 semester we saw:

  • Increase in hourly lab usage counts from 5525 to 7154 which equates to a 29% increase over the 2014 count.
  • Peak hourly usage count increased from 454 to 657 (45% increase over the 2014 count). In 2014 this occurred during the 9 – 10 pm time block, in 2015 in occurred during the 3 – 4 pm time block.
  • Increase of help requests from 884 to 1075 (22% increase over the 2014 count). In both years help requests peaked the week prior to finals (145 in 2014 and 200 in 2015). Kudos to the digital media tutors for handling all these questions!!

Below is an infographic of lab data. If you are interested in more granular information feel free to contact Heather at

Weekly Web Updates – December 21, 2015

WordPress 4.4

The key features of this release include:

  • All images are now responsive and will appear at an appropriate size for the device screen.
  • The new “Twenty Sixteen” theme is available for use.
  • You can now embed WordPress posts in other WordPress posts by just pasting the URL of the post into a post. Additionally, you can now do this with content from Cloudup, Reddit Comments, ReverbNation, Speaker Deck, and VideoPress and the sites the WordPress already supported.


Tweaks and Fixes

  • The header and footer of the MIIS Course Catalog now correctly reflect their design and we’ve corrected a typo on the Schedule Planner page for all the catalogs.
  • There is a new wrapper element that is around all video embeds in Drupal to assist with responsive display of the video player. This wrapper now has the proper markup to ensure that it aligns left or right, if you’ve chosen to align the video.
  • Several instances where we went a bit too far with output sanitization on the MIIS Drupal site have been fixed to print properly sanitized HTML rather than plain text including the Top Right Image field on stories and the Opening Paragraph field of basic content.
  • The “follow this project” link, which linked to the comments form, was removed from MiddSTART posts.
  • A contact email address was removed from the MIIS footer.

Systems Maintenance this Sunday, Dec 20th

During our regular maintenance window this Sunday, Dec 20th from 6 am – 10 am we have the following activities scheduled:


Recently, Windows 10 computers have been unable to connect to the MiddleburyCollege wireless network on campus. To address this and other issues, we plan to push a new security configuration for MiddleburyCollege wireless network. (No changes will be made to the other wireless networks.) Your device will likely prompt you to accept a new certificate and/or re-enter your credentials the next time you try to connect. If, after doing so, you encounter any connection difficulties, please contact the Helpdesk.


We appreciate your patience as we continuously strive to keep our systems functioning optimally.






Billy Sneed

ITS – Central Systems & Network Services

Middlebury College

Friday Links — December 18, 2016

Virtual Reality

Image: Shawn Whiting, Erin Carson/TechRepublic

Virtual reality in 2016: The 10 biggest trends to watch – one point of view on what to expect, and what not to expect, in virtual reality in the coming year.

The 10 most important lessons IT learned in 2015 – Before moving on to the new year it is a good idea to reflect back on lessons learned during the previous 12 months. It is also a good idea to compare our experience to that of others.

Important software updates

A vulnerability in the Adobe Flash Player software installed on many computers on campus has the potential of allowing a computer to be taken over via an email read (or even previewed) by Outlook.  Information Technology Services typically does not interrupt you for software installations and patching, but the severity of this issue requires immediate action.
ITS will be automatically patching Adobe Flash Player on college computers that have outdated versions installed.  If you are logged into an affected computer, you may see a Dell KACE pop-up window in the lower right corner of your screen indicating the update is being applied.
There are also updates to Office released December 8th by Microsoft to address this vulnerability.  These updates should already have been installed automatically as part of Microsoft Updates.  ITS will check the status of these patches.  This will slow your computer down for about 15 minutes, and you will see a KACE pop-up if your machine is being patched.
This is a good reminder that we are empowered to maintain software on computers that are assigned specifically to us.  Please install all Microsoft, Adobe (and Apple, if you are using a Mac, or Apple software on Windows) patches to keep your computer safe.  While there are occasionally problems introduced by patching, their impact is unlikely to be as severe as a virus infection, or the like.
Please contact the helpdesk if you have any questions or concerns about this update.   802-443-2200,, or create a ticket at (providing us with the “Property of Middlebury College” number of the computer).

Weekly Web Updates – December 14, 2015

New Features

There is now a view in the Middlebury Drupal site that can display a list of specific news stories. Using the following shortcode and replacing the last two numbers with the node ids of the stories to be displayed:


This is being used to compile a “top stories of 2015” list, but could also be used for lists of related stories.

We have added the Sentinel and Whitney web fonts. These will be used going forward in place of text that had to be an image file because it used the Bembo or Memphis fonts.


Tweaks and Fixes

  • A programming error prevented showing more than 19 items at a time using the Drupal RSS Page content type. We have resolve this, though you will need to edit your existing content and re-save it with the desired number of items if it is not already displaying correctly. The issue only affected RSS Page nodes where more than 10 items were to be shown.
  • All comments on the MIIS Drupal website now must be approved before being displayed. Previously, people who were logged in to the site could bypass the approval process.
  • We are in the process of retiring the “Translucence” theme from our sites. We have removed those which were not being used, including Freelance Database, Blue Landscape, Green Scholar, Classics, ShadowBox, Translucence Map, and Translucence Suite.
  • Though we have not yet had to use this, there is an emergency alert bar on the Middlebury and MIIS Drupal websites that can be used to show short messages. We have corrected this so that it will appear above the editing interface when you’re logged into the site and will stay attached to the top of the page as you scroll.
  • The results from the Online Directory’s web service are now limited to 100 records at a time. These are the results returned when you click “Directory” on the Drupal search results page.
  • The MiddSTART site theme was updated to ensure that links appear correctly in the “Media” section of project posts.
  • MIIS admissions has moved to a new online application form and we’ve updated a number of server-side redirects in our Drupal site and CDN to send people to the new system instead of the old self-service-Banner form.

Students are “Southbound for Christmas” ca. 1930, captured on film

This recently rediscovered clip from the 1930s in the College’s 16mm film archives shows the once-bustling Middlebury train station with students eagerly boarding a southbound train home for the holiday break. The footage also captures views of notable town architecture including the conical spire that once capped the Battell Block before it’s removal after a 1950 hurricane and  the residence of George Harvey years before it became the Fire and Ice restaurant in 1974.

As fall semester comes to a close, be sure to affix a Middlebury pennant onto your luggage, don your fur coat, and board the southbound train home for holidays!


Langrock, Joann. Middebury Stores and Busineses. Middlebury: Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History, 2002.