Ancient clay artifact meets the Future

Today in Special Collections, our oldest text faced the library’s newest technology.

Our cuneiform tablet, a beer token from 2,000 BCE, took a new form when DLA postdoctoral fellow Kristy Golubiewski-Davis captured it in a 3D scan.

Mounted on a tripod, a small camera photographs the tablet, on a turntable, while a small projector shines different light patterns onto its surface. In the background, a laptop shows the 3D scan as it materializes.

To see 3D scanning in action – along with the tablet and other important Special Collections objects – come to Davis Family Library this Friday! Kristy will by demonstrating 3D scanning in the library atrium from 10am-2pm, and Special Collections will host our annual Fall Family Weekend Open House from 1pm-4pm.

And stay tuned for a 3D printout made from the scan coming soon, a plastic facsimile students and researchers can inspect in their own hands!

Stacks & Tracks, on the radio. Tune in.

Stacks & Tracks.
The Special Collections & Archives radio show.

We’re back.

From the bowels of the library basement come wonders like you’ve never seen. (And still can’t, because it’s radio.)

Wednesdays, 12p-1p

91.9FM | iTunes radio | listen online | on your phone


WRMC Radio Studio, 1970. From the College Archives Photographic File.

Visit us. Monday-Friday, 1-5p. You never need an appointment, or an excuse, to stop by.

Weekly Web Updates – October 3, 2016


Fixes and Tweaks

  • Internships are now a course type in the Course Hub.
  • We’ve made the “access denied” text on the Course Hub more clear to let people know when they can log in to view course materials and when no content is available.
  • Added some emphasis to the text on the Directory advertising the “Department Directory“, which is a PDF of central phone numbers and addresses for offices and organizations.
  • Fixed an issue with the administration interface for the Middlebury homepage story bars.

Ongoing Work

Beginning this week, we’ll include some highlights of the work we’re currently doing to keep you informed of upcoming changes.

  • Adding integration with Google Drive folders for the Course Hub.
  • Building out the configuration of our CAS, GO, MediaWiki, and Course Catalog servers in Chef, which is a configuration management system. We have already completed this work for our Drupal and WordPress environments.
  • Upgrading the Drupal sites for the Davis programs, Dining Menus, and Museum of Art to Drupal 8.
  • Populating mailing lists in the MyEmma email system from Banner.

Weekly Web Updates – September 26, 2016


Fixes and Tweaks

  • The Bread Loaf School of English site has a new header.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the group permissions dialog from working on Drupal Webform “who can view data submitted to this form” screens.
  • ESL courses in the MIIS Course Hub now show links to the class roster and properly sync their rosters to linked Canvas sites.
  • The Library & ITS Internal blog will now show syndicated posts locally so that in-site navigation doesn’t bump you out to an external site. The bottom of each syndicated post will have a link labelled “Read more and comment” for those who wish to view the content at its source.
  • Removed 2016 and added 2019 as enrollment year options on the LS and MSOE inquiry forms.
  • MiddSTART now displays the total amount donated to the project, rather than the amount remaining to reach the goal.
  • The Middlebury and MIIS GO sites now use the Google Tag Manager, rather than the Google Analytics code.
  • We removed the Drupal Google Analytics module, which is no longer in use on any of our sites.

Self-Service Reservations for Group Studies and Video Viewing Rooms

Yes, YOU can book this room

Now available at the Davis Family Library for Middlebury students, faculty and staff!  Make your own reservations for group studies and video viewing rooms. It’s easy to see pre-existing reservations, pick a time, and even cancel if necessary — all online.

View policies and make reservations at:

(The group studies on the upper level of the Davis Family Library remain available on a first-come, first-served basis.)

Self-service room scheduling is available as a pilot through January 2017. Please share your feedback:

New to the library – EBSCO e-books

Students, faculty, and staff at Middlebury now have access to over 140,000 e-books on the EBSCO e-book platform.


Ranging from history, religion, and the sciences to poetry, languages, and the arts, these books are available from on-campus or off-campus to multiple simultaneous users.



Over the next few days, these books will become discoverable in Summon, and can be found in Midcat in a few weeks. Let us know what you think – contact your liaison or

Clifford Symposium at the Library – through October

Clifford Symposium at the LibraryThe libraries are pleased to support the Art and Science of Mindful Engagement during the  Clifford Symposium and beyond. Dip into a few recommended books on display, let a podcast walk you through a guided meditation, and disconnect from daily stressors in the Unplug and Recharge Room. (Or, borrow meditation cushions from the Circulation Desk and use them anywhere in the library!)

All will be available during regular library hours now through mid-October.

Library Book Display (Davis Family Library): Recommendations from faculty, students, and staff for mindfulness and meditation readings. Browse and borrow whatever you like! Located on the main level of the Davis Family Library.

Guided Meditation Station (Davis Family Library): Pick a blue chair, put on the headphones, and hit “play.” A professional will walk you through a short guided meditation exercise. Try it and see how you feel afterward! Located on the main level of the Davis Family Library.

Unplug and Recharge Room (Davis Family Library): Take a break and disconnect from daily stressors. A secluded corner of the library will be screened off to create a temporary Unplug and Recharge Room with meditation cushions and soft lighting. Located on the upper level of the Davis Family Library.

Meditation Cushions  (Davis Family Library and Armstrong Library): Thanks to the Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life, we are able to offer loaner meditation cushions for the whole school year. Check them out from the Circulation Desk, and use them anywhere in the library for 2 hours.

Library hours at

Notes for Core Team September 20, 2016

LTI Report:

  • What does ‘public’ actually mean?
  • Partial list of installed LTI’s
  • Adobe Connect, Lib Guides, Chat Room, Course Load, Andover Fulcrum
  • Khan Academy
  • Ted Ed App
  • 3D game lab
  • Amy S. noticed some were added to course she and Bob are working, but they didn’t add them.
  • Didn’t know we already had so many already installed, many related to Adobe Connect.
  • What is Ref Me? Something of Stacy’s, American Studies? Likely research guide tool.
  • Need more info on the difference between public, name only and anonymous?


What do we do with this info?

  • -Most are LTI’s been installed by faculty
  • Contact Faculty, let them know they are sharing roster info with third party service via LTI? Who should take on that notification, ODL, GLC…? Discussion.
  • We now have LTI governance and use that to work through the existing LTI’s(Sean)
  • (Joe) most concerned with the LTI’s that are public.
  • Research to see if the publics are actually sharing information.
  • Name only, Arc(Canvas internal) and Ref Me(helps with Apa citations).
  • Is Ref Me legacy? Amy F. has looked in the course and isn’t sure what is creating it. May want to check with Brian Carson.

Amy F. will check with Brian about Ref Me

Joe will inquire with Instructure (Libby) about different categories; public, name only and anonymous. Are LTI’s auto enabled when using contact YouTube, Vimeo

  • Public FERPA violation? Joe believes students need to be notified and offered option to opt out of the service.
  • Concerns about how we are going to be able to police this.
  • Many may be activated based upon content being added, not deliberately installed.
  • Joe A. concern about public and name only.
  • Do we want to be gatekeeper or turn off faculties ability to turn on LTI?
  • Faculty have agreements when doing blog posts, that informs student that work will be available for world to see. Frequently used in writing program.

Dashboard for LTI’s in evaluation process. Old Project Academic Cyberinfrastructure Project, being reengaged to take on LTI’s we don’t want multiple inventories.

Joe A. will work on it and report back in about a month.

Had used Google Fusion tables and reached limits, going to make prototype, make searchable and we will try and evaluate.

Adam had gotten inquiry about the inventory and if their were any deliverables available to share. Joe A. said Fusion tables and spreadsheet are available. People can be pointed to spreadsheet for immediate future.


ACTT Shared Values:

  • Sean, Joe and Bob had meeting with people who had been through process.
  • How do we go about creating our shared value as a group.
  • Values need to apply to work the group does.
  • Does Core Group know the work of the ACTT. If we don’t have clarity on the work, creating values will be more challenging.
  • What work, core team? Extended team? Touching work?
  • Amy S. start narrow, with recommendation process.
  • Part of work in evaluations, hard to evaluate without values.
  • Begin with core team?
  • Adequate Excellence, Legum(swedish for just enough)?
  • Adam? What is the point of exercise? Checklist for evaluations?
  • -originally context of class where working with clients, researching clients. Research context? How to do approach research ethically.
  • -Ethics for how you develop relationship with those you serve.
  • Project by project, or have overall values and apply overall to project?
  • ODL started to draft some values. For customers to know our approach. Ethics can become part of core message outward facing, can also help when doing the work.
  • Important to discuss how we would use this in our work. Perhaps each time we took on a project. And as recommendation is being finalized.
  • Bob C. having values informs the work and makes review less ad hoc.
  • Values could be part of the outward facing portion of the group. When working with us, this is how we would work.
  • Client’s values could be taken into consideration.


Next Steps:


  • Each team member identified 5 values and definitions for ACTT work
  • Focus on evaluation and recommendation work


  • Shared Google Doc for submission of values
    • Wordsmithing will occur during meeting discussion



Bob hosting Panopto intro

Four courses including Panopto, including ‘Batman unlimited’

Jamie Cloud Storage

Home directory ITS project group reshuffled. Timeline laid out December, liscense renewal for backup software due in February with monitor implications.