Weekly Web Updates – September 28, 2015

New Features

We are now using the “Monster Menus Field Permissions” module in production on the Middlebury Drupal site. This module allows us to define not only who can edit a type of content, but who can edit a field within that type of content. Right now this is being used for a custom tag field that will only apply to one area of our site, but it is a feature that we see as potentially useful in other areas.

We reviewed a couple of options to integrate accessibility checks into the WYSIWYG editor in Drupal, but neither seemed as easy to use as the SiteImprove accessibility reports. If you’re unfamiliar with this tool, you can review their video tutorials. Lynda.com also has helpful courses on Foundations of UX: Accessibility, Improving SEO Using Accessibility Techniques, Creating Accessible PDFs, and Creating Accessible MS Office Documents.


Tweaks and Fixes

  • The width of the header of LinkedIn profiles shown by the WordPress Social Media Badge Widget will now match the width of the badge.
  • The “description” field on Drupal webforms will no longer be shown both above and below the field when the “select or other” option is used.
  • The header of the Drupal Language Schools site has changed to replace the link for the Centennial with a link to the Language Pledge.
  • The Course Hub now displays its 404 pages without error.
  • Images in content on the Middlebury Drupal site will now include “float-left” or “float-right” as classes if they’ve been aligned to one side of the content. Additionally, videos on all Drupal sites will be wrapped in an extra element with a “video-filter” class applied to it. These changes will help ensure that these items resize appropriately when viewed at different resolutions when we add responsive stylesheets.

ForeignPolicy.com (trial ends Oct. 19, 2015)

All members of the Middlebury College community will have full access to Foreign Policy for the next 30 days. FP

In addition to articles published in Foreign Policy magazine, this includes:

  • direct, seamless access to all content on foreignpolicy.com, which is added to many times per day and covers all regions of the world,
  • Advanced search capabilities,
  • All content from daily alerts,
  • Full archive of the magazine back to 2010, and coming soon, a 45-year archive.

Let us know what you think – email eaccess-admin@middlebury.edu or contact your liaison.

Write Your Thesis with Scrivener: Open Workshop

scrivener-poster-fall-2015-650Write Your Thesis with Scrivener
Thu, Oct. 8th
4:30 – 5:30 pm

Are you working on a large writing project? Scrivener can help! Scrivener is a software program that breaks down your writing into manageable “chunks” and brings your research and writing together into a single conceptual work space. You will learn how to create a new writing project in Scrivener, import existing work, and how to outline, research, and write with Scrivener’s unique features. A limited number of free licenses can be obtained by thesis students who participate in the Middlebury pilot. Instructor: Stacy Reardon. To sign up, visit go.middlebury.edu/scrivenerworkshop.

FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals (Trial ends Oct. 31, 2015)

Until the end of October, members of the Middlebury College community have free access to FIAF, an international index of film periodicals.FIAF_snip

This is a bibliographic resource covering the foremost academic and popular film journals up to the present day. Many of these key titles are available in full text.

Let us know what you think – email eaccess-admin@middlebury.edu or contact your liaison.

Is there a resource you think the library should consider? Let us know at go/requests.

Ancestry Library Edition (Trial ends Oct. 21, 2015)

For the next thirty days, the Middlebury College community has free access to Ancestry Library Edition – the library’s version of ancestry.com. AncestrySearch census records; birth, marriage, and death records; city directories, and much more.

Let us know what you think – email eaccess-admin@middlebury.edu or contact your liaison.