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Google Analytics for Higher Education Workshop on March 3, 2014

I’ll be hosting a workshop to discuss how you can use Google Analytics to get information about and improve the Middlebury website. You can sign up for the workshop on Monday March 3 from 1:30-2:50pm in LIB 105. Registration is limited to 10 persons to ensure there will be adequate time to answer your individual questions.

If you want to attend either session and don’t already have access to Google Analytics, please submit a Helpdesk ticket for “Other Software Issue” so that I can make sure you’re set up prior to the session.

Description: We can give you access to our Google Analytics reports so that you can look at traffic patterns for your website, but in order to get the most from this tool, you’ll need to do a bit of set up work and understand the basics of the platform. If you do not yet have a Google Analytics account, please indicate this in your sign-up.

What we’ll cover: Google Analytics tips & tricks, what number you should care about, search engine optimization, and getting your account set up.

What we won’t cover: Goals, conversions, AdWords, and on page events. If you need help with these, please send a note to and ask for a one-on-one meeting to discuss Google Analytics.

Format: The workshop will last an hour with additional time for questions and discussion, as needed.

Materials: Available ahead of the workshop at and hard copies will be made available at the session.

More information about LIS workshops is available at go/lisworkshops.

Friday Links – February 7, 2014

10 ways alternative energy is about to change the way tech gets powered – Solar-powered laptops, edible battery power, spray-on solar panels, mini windmills: This may be a game-changing year for clean technology.

Solar Powered LapTop

Apple was just awarded a patent for a possible solar-powered MacBook display. Image: Apple/USPTO


Microsoft Names Satya Nadella Its New CEO: Nadella is the third CEO of Microsoft, and is expected to continue developing its cloud services.

BuzzFeed Style Guide: If you’ve ever wondered about style guidelines for the “language of the web,” Buzzfeed specifies writing google in all lowercase when used as a verb, inserting a hyphen in live-tweet, and writing smartphone as one word.

Two perspectives on how a scholarly journal – Cultural Anthropology – goes open access: “The PR side” from the Chronicle, and a deeper exploration of the economics and philosophy from Scholarly Kitchen.

Photos from the Archives showing the area around Twilight Hall

President Harry Truman once said “The only thing new in the world is the history you do not know.”  Because the site around Twilight Hall and the Middlebury Municipal Building has recently been a topic of community conversation, we thought people might be interested in these photos from the Middlebury College Archives.   For more information on the history of the site and adjacent buildings, see pages 11 and 12 of A Walking History of Middlebury.

Click on the photos to enlarge them and see more detail.

View of Academy Park from Old Chapel.  Notice the building site of the Academy (now Twilight Hall) that replaced the previous wooden structure.

View of Middlebury from Old Chapel in 1867. Notice the building site of the Academy (now Twilight Hall) that replaced the previous wooden structure.

Academy Building in 1893, seen from the east end of the park between College and South Main St.

Academy Building in 1893, seen from the east end of the park between College St. and Main St.

Graded School in 1900 seen from College St. just west of Weybridge St.

Graded School in 1900 seen from College St. just east of Weybridge St.

The Academy Building in 1900 seen from the corner of South Main St. and Cross St.

The Graded School in 1900 seen from the corner of Main St. and Cross St.

Moodle Update on Sunday, February 2, 2014

On February 2nd at 11pm EST, Remote-Learner will be updating our Moodle instance. This is a minor upgrade that includes updates to performance and security, as well as the following feature enhancements:

  • Option to auto-save during quiz attempts (administrative setting)
  • You will be able to search the list of users enrolled in a large course
  • Drag and drop file upload progress indicator in filepicker
  • New forum setting ‘Display word count’

For a user-friendly comprehensive list of changes please visit:

Please expect Moodle to be unavailable for a short time between 11pm and 1am.

Exhibit– A People’s History of Middlebury College: Student Resistance and Social Change

People's History of Middlebury Exhibit

In conjunction with an ongoing student project and J-term class, Special Collections has mounted an exhibit drawn from the College Archives–  A People’s History of Middlebury College: Student Resistance and Social Change.   From an uprising of students in 1822 asking for the dismissal of a professor, to the student strike in 1970 to protest of the war in Vietnam, through the formation of diverse activist groups like the Black Students for Mutual Understanding, the exhibit draws on primary sources in the College Archives.  These resources have been heavily used by Hanna Mahon ’13.5 and Kristina Johansson ’14 as they’ve worked on the People’s History of Middlebury project over the past year, and used by the students in the J-term class that Hanna and Kristina are teaching.  See the exhibit in the front vestibule, and the Harman Periodicals Reading Area of Davis Family Library.

To listen to an audio recording of the related panel discussion “Middlebury in the 1960s” see this blog post.

People's History of Middlebury Exhibit

Also on display in the Davis Family Library Atrium–  Antique wooden toys produced in local toy factories.


Spring Term Course Reserves

With Spring Term around the corner, Library Reserves is processing print, media, and electronic materials for course work. We encourage you to submit your requests as soon as possible! We’re happy to generate a list of previously used reserve materials from past semesters, and we can also easily restore old EReserve pages — please let us know if these options will be helpful.
Email Library Reserves with requests and questions: This is the best way to ensure a timely response to all Reserve needs. For more information on submitting reserve requests, please visit the Reserves Information for Faculty wiki page. Please don’t hesitate to be in touch!

December 2013 Web Stats

For trend comparison, the previous month’s statistics are included in parentheses.


  1. 352,885 (448,980) visits from 204,353 (260,230) people
  2. 40,595 (67,394) visits from 34,798 (56,212) people
  3. 20,399 (21,648) visits from 19,207 (20,454) people
  4. 19,311 (35,255) visits from 7,884 (19,571) people
  5. 9,462 (12,424) visits from 5,118 (7,069) people
  6. 7,819 (12,768) visits from 6,083 (10,206) people
  7.*: 6,700 (10,729) visits from 6,145 (10,094) people
  8. 6,471 (15,181) visits from 4,852 (12,254) people
  9. 4,905 (36,063) visits from 4,643 (28,608) people
  10. 3,803 (4,356) visits from 3,262 (3,817) people

* Note: The Online Directory was moved from to on December 19.

Top Pages

  1. 178,969 (215,158) pageviews
  2. 22,618 (36,457) pageviews
  3. 19,854 (25,351) pageviews
  4. 19,378 (37,042) pageviews
  5. 19,032 (15,889) pageviews
  6. 13,359 (8,793) pageviews
  7. 12,819 (20,709) pageviews
  8. 12,346 (15,930) pageviews
  9. 10,951 (20,147) pageviews
  10. 8,549 (7,939) pageviews

Search Terms

  1. Search Midd: 378 (438)
  2. academic calendar: 237 (259)
  3. middfiles: 180 (313)
  4. mojo: 150 (80)
  5. moodle: 125 (243)
  6. menu: 70 (103)
  7. 64 (109)
  8. webcam: 53 (51)
  9. interview: 50 (48)
  10. jobs: 46 (77)


  • Safari: 33.09% (34.73%)
    • Desktop Safari: 18.79% (20.70%)
    • Mobile Safari: 13.24% (13.07%)
    • Safari (in-app): 1.06% (0.96%)
  • Chrome: 30.51% (30.90%)
  • Firefox: 16.98% (16.70%)
  • Internet Explorer: 15.27% (15.24%)
    • IE8: 7.72% (7.55%)
    • IE10: 2.36% (4.04%)
    • IE9: 2.17% (2.05%)
    • IE7: 1.67% (1.56%)
    • IE11: 1.31%*
    • IE6: 0.04% (0.03%)
  • Android Browser: 1.29% (1.11%)

* Note: This is the first month that Google Analytics has been able to identify IE11 traffic, starting on December 17.


  • Windows: 43.39% (39.81%)
  • Macintosh: 37.92% (42.35%)
  • iOS: 15.04% (14.84%)
  • Android: 2.58% (2.16%)
  • Linux: 0.38% (0.35%)
  • BlackBerry: 0.09% (0.09%)
  • Windows Phone: 0.09% (0.09%)

Busy start to 2014 in Special Collections

Special Collections has enjoyed a busy start to 2014 with several J-term classes visiting this week to use our collections for coursework. Prof. Peter Lourie’s class Adventure Writing and Digital Story Telling came to see 17th to early 20th century examples of travel and adventure writing, as well as to view photos from the College Archives of students engaging in their own adventures over the years.

And below see some photos from Prof. Kacy McKinney’s class Space and Place in the Graphic Novel. Students learned about the history of illustrations in books, viewing everything from a 1484 illuminated Latin text, to recently published graphic novels.


Students looking at a wide selection of illustrated books


Special Collections Director Rebekah Irwin shares a large format art book.


Prof. McKinney and students view illustrated books from the 16th to the 18th century.