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Middfiles maintenance and restructuring

Middfiles will be unavailable this Sunday June 3 from 7am- noon EST for maintenance. During this time we will be re-architecting middfiles into 4 separate servers to minimize future disruptions and speed up future recovery processes.

PC/Windows users should not experience any changes.

Apple/Mac users who have drives mapped to middfiles will need to know the names of the new servers to re-connect. We will send out the changes in a future message and we will also post them to our outage/alerts page at

Changes at the Helpdesk

There have been some changes in the Helpdesk structure that I would like to make you aware of. First, after managing the Helpdesk for over two years, Jim Beauchemin is taking a break from management and stepping into a Senior Technology Specialist role. Jim will join the team of Nate Burt, Mack Roark, Brian Foley, Lisa Terrier and Chris Tangora (who will join LIS in January). Each of the Senior Technology Specialists takes a leadership role at the Helpdesk and shares the duties of working with users in Service Requests, or second tier support. This is the group that takes on the issues that cannot be resolved during the initial phone call, walk in visit or email. In addition, each has unique projects for which they are responsible. Jim has had a tremendous impact on our complex equipment inventory and distribution process, and he will continue to shepherd those important functions, as well as continuing as a system administrator for Heat. Jim will continue to bring leadership and his excellent process management skills to the Helpdesk.

I will be assuming the management of the Senior Technology Specialist group and Service Requests, in addition to my role as Area Director for User Services.

Joe Durante, who joined LIS last year, has been supervising the Student Consultants who work at the Helpdesk. I am delighted to announce that Joe has been promoted to Helpdesk Manager – Call Center and Walk-in. Joe will manage the staff who receive initial Helpdesk calls, emails and walk in visits and resolve as many as possible during that initial contact. Joe will also continue to lead and build our Student Consultant team. Joe brings strong management experience to the management team of User Services, and I am so happy to have him in that group.

We are currently recruiting applications for the open Senior Technology Specialist position recently vacated by Dennis Hadley, and so will continue to see the team grow and evolve.
Please join me in congratulating Jim and Joe on their new roles.

Media Services Meeting Notes 110409

Dean proposed a template for any/all blogs that we submit reflecting results of the weekly meetings.
Elin Waagen will perhaps give us a few how-to’s on this.

1)Discussion of reduction in services proposals and ramifications.
With the rollout of new website in early 2010 it was determined that important service level updates be included in this
Scott will be writing draft of Videotaping guidelines with cost analysis and brought up possible charging for services
His DLA team is also looking at needs and guidelines
Stewart has been charged with writing a draft on revised screening policy
Possible training of designated students( by professor) in booth projection spaces.
Dean and Charlie will be writing a draft for equipment loans
Each of these drafts will be due on the 18th of November

2) Charlie will take responsibility for meeting with language school directors during the winter around equipment distribution needs in the past /present and future. Will be working closely with a computer tech who will oversee the distribution of computers and peripherals

3) Room 140 was discussed as an upgrade option and several ideas were discussed;
Using slim-clients and a virtual machine.
Black box?
Eliminating laptops in that space entirely and having students ( if needed) take from circ.
The future of ILC 1, 2, 3, 24 hour lab SDL 202 and possible reductions in computer lab space.

4)Emergency line coverage was discussed with the understanding that we will be down to 3 people
The importance of phone coverage from 8 -5:00 pm was discussed with an increased awareness that this is a priority of Media Services. We, as a group, must be aware that emergency phone coverage is crucial.

5)Discussion of the Arts Technical Support group and its impact on us as a group if this becomes a sanctioned process.

Library Information Desk

Submitted by Mary Backus

LIS Administration is continuing to evaluate what services we should stop as we move ahead with reduced staffing, and we have reached the decision that we can no longer offer a staffed Information Desk in the Library throughout the year. We will want to offer a human presence for the first week of each semester, and will look forward to providing more information tools at the desk for users of the library, but as of Friday, September 11th, there will no longer be staff scheduled at the Information Desk. Doreen Bernier will become the primary person to assist with room reservations in the library, and to answer ext. 2200 when Circulation Services cannot. We will continue to put a high value on providing a welcoming library with services that are easily found, but will look for ways to serve our visitors without having a staff person sitting at that desk.