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Did the network just get faster?

Generally LIS only hears about it when our systems aren’t responding quickly enough or aren’t working at all.  We almost never get a call saying, “Gee, the servers have been up for a very long time without crashing!” or “My gosh, our network is extremely reliable and response time has been really fast lately!”  Nevertheless, we continue to work very hard to keep everything running and at top speed.  We regularly make improvements behind the scenes to benefit the whole community.  One recent such improvement was a doubling of the size of our primary Internet connection. Continue reading

Innovative demo of Encore, a next-gen web catalog and more

Submitted by Mike Lynch

On Wednesday, April 15th Barbara Herzog from Innovtive will be here to give a demo of their Encore product.  The demo will take place in LIB 145 at 10:00 a.m.  We saw a demo of this product some time ago but it has evolved a good bit since then.

This is just one of several products we are looking at which will enhance discovery of the resources we have to offer.

Dude, where’s my Tigercat and Snowleopard?

Submitted by Mike Lynch

If you attended Carol’s budget meeting on Tuesday, you already know there are plans afoot to migrate away from Novell’s Netware to Microsoft Windows DFS (Distributed File System) for networked access to files.  Many more details will be available shortly but this post will serve as a heads-up.

To test the new system we will migrate all of the LIS/ITS files from Snowleopard, as well as all personal files for LIS staff from Tigercat (drive U:) to DFS on Thursday night, April 9th.  When you log in Friday morning you will be asked if you want to uninstall Novell — you should answer yes to this question.

As noted, more details will be available soon.  Meanwhile, please post any questions as comments to this post so everyone can see the answers.

Statistics from Library Systems

Submitted by Mike Lynch

  • How many times per hour does Midcat get searched, on average?  340
  • What’s the busiest hour of the day for the catalog? 3:00 p.m.
  • How many times did an EBSCO search refer our users to Academic OneFile for the full-text of the article last fiscal year? 378
  • How many times did users go through WebBridge to get to Project Muse last year? 284
  • Where did Mike get all these numbers from anyway? From statistics that Barbara has been compiling from various sources.
  • Can I see them for myself? Sure. Just go to O:\ORGS\LIS\LISstaff\ILS III Millennium User Materials\OPAC statistics