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WordPress for Course Sites

(Cross-posting from WordPress @ Middlebury):

WordPress and Moodle are the primary alternatives to Segue for course sites at Middlebury.  A number of workshops have been scheduled on how to use WordPress for course sites and how it is integrated with the Course Hub.

  • 11:00 am -12:00 pm, Wednesday, August 31, Library 105
  • 11:00 am -12:00 pm, Thursday, Sept 1, Library 105
  • 4:00-5:00 pm, Tuesday, Sept 6, Library 105
  • 3:00-4:00 pm, Wednesday, Sept 7, Library 105

To attend one of these sessions, please fill out our sign up form, see:
WordPress / Course Hub Workshop Sign Up

These sessions have been scheduled before or after similar sessions on Moodle, Middlebury’s new learning management system (LMS).  To learn more about how these platform compare, see: Curricular Technologies Platform Overview. If you’d like to attend one of the Moodle sessions, there is still time to sign up: Click to sign up for a Moodle Workshop.

August LIS Staff Recognition

The LIS Recognition & Recreation Crew is pleased to announce the recipients of the LIS Employee and LIS Crew of the Month for August 2011:

  • Jun Chen – LIS Student Employee of the Month
  • Lisa Terrier – LIS Employee of the Month
  • LIS Website Team – LIS Crew of the Month (Jim Beauchemin, Richard Jenkins, Matt LaFrance, Barbara Merz, Jess Isler, Team Leader)

The comments submitted by nominators in support of these awards were read aloud at the August all-LIS staff meeting. Congratulations to Jun, Lisa, and the LIS Website Team!

Nominate your colleagues for recognition at the web form here: Staff Nomination form

Wondering what to say in the “Scenario / Justification for Nomination” field? Use this to explain why the nominee deserves recognition. Include a few details about the work that was accomplished and the way in which it was accomplished.

Library hours post-Language School

The Davis Family Library will close this Friday at 8 pm, and be open 9-5 on Saturday and Sunday. Armstrong Library will close at 5 pm on Friday and be closed this weekend. Starting Monday, August 15th, the libraries will be open 9-5 M-F for the rest of the month. Full hours can be found here.

In related news, the Wilson Café will be closed for the remainder of the month after August 12th. The Grille and Midd Express will remain open.

July LIS Staff Recognition

The LIS Recognition & Recreation Crew is pleased to announce the inaugural recipients of the LIS Employee and LIS Crew of the Month for July 2011:

  • Mike Schuster – LIS Employee of the Month
  • LIS Space Team – LIS Crew of the Month (Kellam Ayres, Peggy Fischel, Hans Raum, Lisa Terrier, Joseph Watson, Team Leader)

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Friday links roundup 7/15

The State of Millennials = a compendium of recent data outlining behavioral statistics of the Millennial Generation on slideshare, from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project:

Loading the Wikipedia homepage on a 300 baud acoustic modem from 1964:

Discussing failed experiments . Making a case that we should discuss our failed experiments (along with our successes). – from the Scholarly Kitchen

Friday links roundup

An occasional, or perhaps even weekly, list of interesting articles, videos, etc., gathered by LIS staff.


From The Chronicle of Higher Ed – the newest “library space invaders” – video game rooms.


Conflict minerals: Genocide in your gadgets?


The “flash mob” at the Spring Student Symposium in McCardell Bicentennial Hall on April 15th: